Familiar with the Bible?

For those of you familiar with the Bible, I have produced a subsidiary blog to this one titled A Bible Reader’s Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom.  In it, I write about the same subjects covered in the primary blog but with much greater use of biblical language. 

Some of you are Christian leaders.  You may carry the title of pastor, minister, elder, preacher, teacher, director, bishop, pope, missionary, overseer, worship leader, youth leader, evangelist, president, CEO, or any one of innumerable other titles given to leaders in the movement of Christ.  For this reason I can assume your famililarity with the Bible and speak in its terms.

Others of you hold no positions of authority in formal Christianity but are nonetheless familiar with the Bible.  I include you, too, in the audience for this subsidiary blog.  You will understand the language I use. 

A Bible Reader’s Guide to Jesus and His Kingdom will provide additional material to help you assimilate the truths of the primary blog in the language of the Bible.  If you already know these truths He has provided, then this additional blog will merely be an encouragement to your faith.  If, however, some of these ideas sound new to you, then they will further help you understand them.  If you are a Christian leader, you will find your position of authority challenged by my positions; I hope the provision of the biblical material in this subsidiary blog will give you an even clearer expression of them.  I owe you that.

Most of all, I hope that all of you who read the Bible will continue to do so guided by the Holy Spirit.  If you do that, reading my blog (whether the primary one or the subsidiary one) will be superfluous.

To our Lord Jesus Christ be the glory…now and forever.

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  1. “To our Lord Jesus Christ be the glory…now and forever.”


    And with each passing day enduring on our way forever’s breath will stay…

    Thanks for providing your blogs and letting me post whatever comes to my mind, Mike. Very kind and gracious! But honestly, I am still a bit confused since I saw no other links, except these two above, between your five (?) blogs as you mentioned recently [I have only known four blogs]. Also, the Recent Comments section (here) and the Top Posts section on your blogs are gone with the wind. Perhaps due to the new web hosting provider…?

  2. Susanne,

    Yes, these problems are a consequence of my recent migration from one web hosting provider to another. Thanks for bringing the shortcomings to my attention. I’ve repaired the ones you mentioned, at least the ones on this blog. Please don’t hesitate to tell me how I can make the blogs more helpful now or at any time in the future. I am aware of some of the issues and can fix them, but others come to my attention only if someone brings them to my attention. For example, here’s a case where content that was produced in 2010 was affected adversely.

    The five blogs are:


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