God Has Planned Your Escape from Death

You will have to die.  I don’t know when, but sometime – sooner or later – you will have to die to the physical body that houses you.

When this happens, however, God will rescue you.  He has planned your deliverance from death for a long time – in fact, since long before you were ever born.

There is no movie you have ever seen which has a rescue of the hero more dramatic than the one you will experience when God takes you to heaven when you die.

Would you like to know who to thank for this?  Thank Jesus Christ.  How do you do that?  Turn to Him in faith right now and speak from your heart to His heart.  He will hear you…and answer you.

Live the rest of your life practicing the process in which you just engaged.  That’s all you need to do to stay close to Him.  Through that process He will guide you in the paths of morality (the Bible calls it “righteousness”).  Peace and joy will be your daily portion from Him.  The world will give you grief, but take heart – He has overcome the world.  And so will you!

Bible notes on this post.

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