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Christians:  Repent, and follow Jesus Christ our Lord!

I write this blog to draw attention to the Lord Jesus Christ, our need to repent in His sight, and the wonders of having a personal relationship with Him.  That’s it in nutshell.  For more explanation on any of these three subjects, you can read, respectively, the pages 1)  Jesus Christ Is God, 2) We Must Repent to Righteousness!, or 3) God Wants a Loving Relationship with You – or all three for a broad elaboration.

Another summary, one page in length, would be True Christianity.

I write this blog for your edification.  I have nothing for you to join, donate to, or buy.  What you do with the information you read on this blog is strictly between you and God.  My fondest hope for this blog is that it will contribute to your coming to fully know the depth of His love and commitment to all of us.  Beyond that, I hope you’ll forget about me and this blog…but never forget Him.

Comprehensive Overview

To receive an even fuller view of the summary above, you can read any or all of the following 17 posts.  I wrote them with this purpose in mind, and I have listed them below.  (Parenthetically, I have shown the category into which each post falls – Jesus Christ, Repentance, or Relationship with God.)  Each post is self-contained, and does not take long to read.  You can read them selectively, and you can read them in any order.  Together they constitute a comprehensive overview of the message of this blog.

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  1. I saw your post on the WH website. I’m not sure if you ever attended WH church but it really does focus on Jesus and is not organized christianity in any way which is why I love it. I think relationships were very important to Jesus and very important in our walk with Jesus.
    As far as everyone goes to Heaven; I didn’t have time to read all of this yet, so I’m not sure if you touched on this, but Ddoes hell not exist then? The bible does have references to Hell also, so I was curious what your thoughts were on that.

  2. Jill,

    Yes, hell exists on this earth in this life. When Jesus spoke of hell, He was speaking of judgment for our sins. The Greek word for this state is “Gehenna.” I cover this in the book The Biblical Case for Everyone Going to Heaven.

    I agree that relationships are very important.  They start with God, and then extend to our families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and so on.  The kingdom of God means loving God and seeking the best for others at all times and in all places.  This is what is meant by Practicing the Presence of Christ.

  3. Mike I just visited your blog and love it for its sincerity of purpose. However there are things I pray God will reveal his program to you concerning the kingdom and Heaven for the scriptures read, without the revelation of the Holy Spirit to the man, kills. Continue to build the relationship with the King Jesus and what he has prepared for those who love him. Regards John-Noble

  4. Kingdom age program is real,I am a living testimony, remember d bible says dat d world awaits d manifestation of the sons of God,so cue into d sonship program n manifest d Lord’s glory.practical Christianity all d way.

    1. I am not quite sure if you know English, or if you just choose to use ‘common slang’ because you are trying to reach the “common reader”. If you so choose to “shine your light”, so to speak, then ‘good for you!’ But forcing yourself to ‘witness’ or ‘testify’ as a “religious observance” to how a “Church” and its instruction (read: “program”) has NOW CHANGED YOU FOR THE BETTER will NOT convince me, or most people, to “change their lives” at all! Yes, Practical Christianity is a Living Faith. But, it all depends on where your heart is! Is it for Jesus Christ, as His humble disciple? Or is it to “prove” how “a Church Institution” has now “convinced” you to “act and be” a certain way, so as to please them? Live for Jesus, in RELATIONSHIP to Him, and not just to “prove” to others, that somehow “the Church” has saved you!

  5. My question is this What are your Personal Revelations and understanding as a Newman in the kingdom Age programme

    1. We are born from God’s new heavens we live in God’s new earth we have a new law and a new priesthood we are God’s new creation Kings and priest in the earth.
      We are in the world not of the world we come from heaven God’s sews us into the earth the planting of the Lord trees of righteousness that he might be glorified

    2. Edited: “My question is: Are these statements that you make here on your blog your own Personal Revelations and understanding, as ‘a New Man’ in the Kingdom Age program? (read: “Kingdom Age” as announced by those of His modern day disciples who wish for us to “get with the program”, so to speak.)

  6. We are born from God’s new heavens and we live in God’s new earth we have a new law we have a new high priest. We are God’s new creation. We are kings and priest after the new order of priesthood,etc.etc.

    1. Michael, I can understand how you wished to post “a statement” and not a question. (Take note, Mike Gantt). But, let me clarify something of what you posted. Although, yes, all of which you stated is true; you have NOT stated that the faith of those who would be of His Church would receive their faith (called collectively “The New Jerusalem”) coming down from God (Jesus Christ) out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. See Revelation 21: 1-5. You see Michael, that the New Church that Christ is establishing among men, is “not of this earth” because the first heaven and earth WERE passed away. Nor is “the New Church” strictly a ‘religious organization’ as what Christianity is today, but it is more about a RELATIONSHIP towards Jesus Christ! Verse 3 says: “And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold (or look) the tabernacle (dwelling place) of God is with (now within) men, and he will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself (Jesus Christ) shall be with them, and be their God.” All of which you said is good. But the fact that Jesus Christ will now find His Church among the “called out ones”, of whom He dwells within, should not ever be overlooked.

  7. Mike,
    I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the tribulation and rapture. My mom has been preaching to me all my life the same things you have writen about like Jesus has already come and all are going to heaven. thanks

  8. The tribulation happened before the kingdom came in the late 1st century A.D. The rapture is a mistaken concept – a misreading of the resurrection of the dead from Sheol which took place at the coming of the kingdom. Matthew 24 describes the sequence of events, and its timeline is confirmed in multiple other scriptures.

    For a thorough explanation read my books:

    The Biblical Case for Everyone Going to Heaven

    Whatever Became of Jesus Christ? The Biblical Case for the Second Coming as Accomplished Fact

    They won’t cost you anything and you can learn where you can find them here.

    Or go to https://newblogforthelordjesus.com/contact/

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