Essays on the Implications of Everyone Going to Heaven

This series of 21 essays was originally written as book chapters and can be considered a sequel to The Biblical Case for Everyone Going to Heaven; these essays can be read individually and out of order but provide more meaning if read in order; in total they amount to just over 33,500 words, with an average length about 1,600 words for each essay/chapter; the estimated reading time for each along with actual word count is given below; the estimated reading time for the entire series is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

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4 Responses to Essays on the Implications of Everyone Going to Heaven

  1. Jeremy Myers says:

    Wow, you have certainly done a lot of thinking and writing on this. I believe I will have to let myself be challenged, and read through it all. Thanks for posting this, and for commenting on my site!

    I am also adding you to my Google Reader so I keep up to date on your future posts.

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