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    Sub: please pray for God’s help to plant more Churches among Muslims
    Dear Mike in Christ,
    Greetings to you in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ from India!
    We are very glad to share with you that our Living God has filled our hearts with His burden & vision in our lives to reach specifically to The MUSLIMS by The Gospel of Jesus Christ & plant House Churches inside Muslim community. While Muslim terrorist groups such as Islamic state , Taliban, Al Qaeda and Boko Haram are killing Christians in different countries, He is leading us to reach out to the Muslims for His own glory and help them to know that Jesus Christ is The Only Living God and Saviour.
    Our Lord Jesus is using us to fulfill His plan & will in and through our lives. Already Several Muslims men & women surrendered their lives to Jesus and they are following His teachings. They are witnessing about Jesus and their testimonies to their relatives & neighbors. God is adding more men & women to our worship services almost every week for His own glory.
    Militant Muslims are often torturing physically and trying to kill us and the believers from Muslim background for their new faith in Jesus. Even though we are facing heavy persecutions & threats by the Militant Muslims, but our Lord Jesus is using our lives for the extension of His Kingdom and He has protected us for His own glory. Militant Muslims are constantly trying to murder us. Our lives are in danger at this moment.
    We are in great need of your kind prayers in our own lives and for the persecuted believers. Humbly, we request you kindly pray for God’s protection from the hands of Militant Muslims. Please also pray that we might be always faithful to His call in our lives and grow in Him.
    It would be very nice if you kindly write few words for us.
    With regards,
    Bashir & Ayeasha
    KINDLY PRAY FOR: House Church Fellowship, Discipleship Ministry, Women Ministry, Children Ministry, Health Care Ministries for the women & Children and Compassion Ministry (such as Distributing Clothes & blankets to the poor children & Sarees to poor woman, Free tuition to the needy students, Feeding to the poor children , helping to the persecuted believers those who lost their sources of income & houses for their faith in Jesus, Educational help to the poor & needy students, Providing Nutrients for Malnourished children)

  2. Mike,

    Thanks for this website and podcast. I listen everyday. I know you must get a lot of messages and responding to them all would be impossible. I do have a question about tiding. I have gone back and forth in my mind on this. The church I attend with my family clearly uses the money for church building.
    In your opinion should I share my wealth with a church or pick a charity that I feel is doing God’s work? (helping people) Ie Mennonite Central Committee? Most spiritual leaders that I have in my life say if you are part of a community you should give 10 percent of your income with that community. I know the preacher is giving a service and should be compensated.
    Thanks for your time and blessing you are giving the world.


  3. Brian,

    There are two activities well worth supporting financially and you have mentioned both of them: preaching the gospel and helping the poor. The spiritually poor need spiritual food and the physically poor need physical food. It is our privilege to support both activities in generous ways.

    1. Mike

      Really enjoy your writing here on your website . Thank you for sharing your work and thoughts with us and most of all the true word of God. I do have a question about the second coming . I am in agreement that Jesus has come again . It’s actually how I found your site . For the most part my beliefs have been different then most church people I know . My friends thought I was crazy when I told them we are all going to heaven . Anyways the other day in a church my family attends they were talking about how we need to be patient and stay faithful and wait for Jesus to come again soon. I had a thought could me into my mind that said he has already came . We are no different then the Jews blinded in our ways we found by see it . I couldn’t wait for church to end so I could I’ll get home and research this . I had never ever even thought he could of already came . I told my wife on my way home . She looked at me in awe. Anyways I started looking through scriptures and then googled it . This brought me to your site . I feel that when things are not right God lets me know . I have read many books , essays , listened to church pastors and always felt most things being taught were not true . Your site is a blessing to anyone that comes across it . You my friend have been blessed by God to understand his word of spirit . Ok sorry back to my question I’m having trouble with . His second coming you said was before 70 a.d. In spirit not flesh . I’m having trouble with the fact that the holly spirit did come to the apostles after Jesus had risen. Then they baptized and others became filled . Was that not the second coming then ? Would it be his second coming to people at different times ? Like when they become believers? Love to here your thoughts seperating these accounts . Thanks and God bless

      1. Jeff,

        The Lord came after 70 AD, but not too many years after. I would narrow it to 70 to 100 AD.

        The coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost was an important event, but that was not the Second Coming.

        I think it would help you to read the book I have written on the subject: Whatever Became of Jesus Christ? The Biblical Case for the Second Coming as Accomplished Fact. It is also available as an audio book if you search the iTunes podcast directory.

    2. Mike I need advice . I’m at a odd spot in my life where material items and the daily work grind seem so irrelevant. I’m craving just a simple life and in today’s world it seems. Or to exsist . It’s not normal not to be motivated to work hard to take trips and buy nice items in today’s life . However this has took a toll on me where I’m falling behind on my everyday responsibilities over it . I was full of joy etc when I found god 2 years ago but the last few months I have fell away . I want to come out of this funk and was hoping you may cannoffer advice and point me toward the right scripture .

    3. Hey man. I just wanted to let u know I found you on a pod cast app. I listen every day. I really enjoy it. I’m listening to the new testament right now, I listen to a chapter of your pod cast, then that ch in the KJV. It really helps me listening to your commentary. Keeping it under 30 min is perfect. I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much i enjoy listening, and it had been a great resource for me. Also having access to the entire Bible new and old is great. Thank you for the time you have put into this. I’ve been really grateful to have found it. Before i found your pod cast, I couldn’t find anything that had the entire Bible I could listen to chapter by chapter.
      Thanks again,
      E mail me a response so I know u received my message
      Daniel3232@Gmail. Com

      1. Be sure to see this post which explains that the podcasts will no longer be available after June 20, 2018. However, it also explains how you can download them all prior to that date so that you always have access to them.

  4. Hello Mike,
    Great Truths here!
    I have downloaded your iTunes audiobook but can’t seem to find your other two audiobooks. Can you point me in the right direction?
    Thank you and Lord Bless you and yours.

    In Christ Jesus,

    Indian Harbour Beach, Fl.

  5. Michael,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your writings. I was always a Universalist/Christian Universalist with a Catholic twist.

    Anyway, about 5 years ago I dabbled in Fundamentalist Christianity.

    A year into that I learned their beliefs in hell; who goes there, what happens there and how theres no escape.

    I started to think this Bible and God are pretty mean and scary. I also thought there is no way I can be as good as I am spose to be now that I am a follower of Jesus. I also thought of all the people I know and knew that could possibly be in hell. I felt bad and scared, but still didn’t really think hell was as bad as these preachers were preaching.

    Around this same time I accidentally watched a 700 Club episode on Near Death Experiences (they always seamed somewhat believable, and gave me hope Heaven is real).
    I watched, but what I saw was unlike any NDE I ever read or saw. These were testimonies of people who died and encountered hell then returned to life.

    This episode completely tore me apart and made me terrified. I also thought this makes sense, this world is evil and suffering abounds, God let’s it be this way, why wouldn’t He send people to hell.

    The more I read and saw on the Fundie (and now Catholic) versions of hell the more terrified and sad I became. The only consolation these people said is if I make it to Heaven, there is no pain per the Bible, so I won’t remember or know any loved ones are burning in hell for eternity.

    Still I struggled knowing that people were in hell now, I also struggled with the fact some, maybe me would be going. It was anxiety provoking and worse for me and some of the people I knew/know to be a good Christian.

    Anyway, I’ve been struggling and still am. The God I knew was taken away from me by the Fundies (& Catholics). It has taken a huge toll on me. I have deteriorate
    in health, mind/body/spirit.
    Preachers would say you have a choice, follow Christ and the way He wants you to act or you send yourself to hell. God is good, they’d say. I never asked to be born I’d say. He threw me into this terrible life knowing I could fail and burn in hell, I’d say. God is all good they’d say. Calvinists would say some people are born purposely to go to hell.

    Anyway, its been a pretty terrible existence. Thank you for giving me hope. Thank you for doing this for free. I am so very greatful. The way you have of looking at why were here, who God is, Jesus second coming resonated with me.
    Thank you for helping me. Thank you for starting to bring God back to me.

    I pray you are rewarded with might here and in Heaven for your kindness and selflessness.

    I hope that I can meet you in Heaven one day.

  6. Sorry I am late in responding to your comment, Kris.

    There is so much more to Jesus than we initially can imagine. As we continue seeking Him, we continue to uncover the gems of wisdom and knowledge that allow us to live godly, quiet, peaceful, and productive lives in this earth.

    2 Corinthians 11:3 points the way: “the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.”

    God bless.

  7. “Today’s churches say they’re still waiting on Jesus and the kingdom of God to come, but two thousand years ago Jesus said that He and His kingdom would come within the generation of His contemporaries.”

    Can you explain this to me? I am still learning and new to finding the real living God rather than the one I ran from that I learned about in church as a kid. It has been very difficult to set aside what I learned and re-learn using only the bible. It can be difficult to understand.
    It has always been my understanding that we are all waiting for the end of the world as we know it (for lack of a better term or phrase) as described in Revelation. That we should prepare everyday and do the right thing and serve God because we do not know the time it will come for judgement. I have always thought that God was coming back once more for us to all dwell with him in the Kingdom of Heaven.

  8. You said, “At the coming of the kingdom of God, and the consummation of that age, Sheol was done away and dead from that point began going up to heaven instead of down to Sheol. Don’t think that happened? Then you must believe everyone is still going below to Sheol when they die.”

    I do agree that we all go to Heaven, but I’m contrary to the mentioned above statement, and also your view on hell.

    First, your statement quoted above. I do not believe we went to Sheol after death in the Old Testament, nor do we go directly to Heaven after death under the new covenant. Here’s why:

    What happens when a person dies?
    “Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.” Ecclesiastes 12:7.

    The body turns to dust again, and the spirit goes back to God, who gave it. The spirit of every person who dies–whether righteous or wicked–returns to God at death

    What is the “spirit” that returns to God at death?
    “The body without the spirit [“breath,” see margin] is dead.” James 2:26. “The spirit of God [“the breath which God gave him,” see margin] is in my nostrils.” Job 27:3.

    The spirit that returns to God at death is the breath of life. Nowhere in all of God’s book does the “spirit” have any life, wisdom, or feeling after a person dies. It is the “breath of life” and nothing more.

    What is a “soul”?
    “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” Genesis 2:7.

    A soul is a living being. A soul is always a combination of two things: body plus breath. A soul cannot exist unless body and breath are combined. God’s Word teaches that we are souls.

    Do souls die?
    “The soul that sinneth, it shall die.” Ezekiel 18:20. “Every living soul died in the sea.” Revelation 16:3.

    According to God’s Word, souls do die! We are souls, and souls die. Man is mortal (Job 4:17). Only God is immortal (1 Timothy 6:15, 16). The concept of an undying, immortal soul goes against the Bible, which teaches that souls are subject to death

    Do good people go to heaven when they die?
    “All that are in the graves shall hear his voice, And shall come forth.” John 5:28, 29. “David … is both dead and buried, and his sepulchre is with us unto this day.” “For David is not ascended into the heavens.” Acts 2:29, 34. “If I wait, the grave is mine house.” Job 17:13.

    No, people do not go either to heaven or hell at death. They go to their graves to await the resurrection day.

    How much does one know or comprehend after death?
    “The living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun.” “There is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.” Ecclesiastes 9:5, 6, 10. “The dead praise not the Lord.” Psalms 115:17.

    God says that the dead know absolutely nothing!

    But can’t the dead communicate with the living, and aren’t they aware of what the living are doing?
    “So man lieth down, and riseth not: till the heavens be no more, they shall not awake, nor be raised out of their sleep.” “His sons come to honour, and he knoweth it not; and they are brought low, but he perceiveth it not of them.” Job 14:12, 21. “Neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 9:6.

    No, the dead cannot contact the living, nor do they know what the living are doing. They are dead. Their thoughts have perished (Psalms 146:4).

    Jesus called the unconscious state of the dead “sleep” in John 11:11-14. How long will they sleep?
    “So man lieth down, and riseth not: till the heavens be no more.” Job 14:12. “The day of the Lord will come … in the which the heavens shall pass away.”
    2 Peter 3:10.

    The dead will sleep until the great day of the Lord at the end of the world. In death, humans are totally unconscious with no activity or knowledge of any kind.

    What happens to the righteous dead at the second coming of Christ?
    “Behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.” Revelation 22:12. “The Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, … and the dead in Christ shall rise … and so shall we ever be with the Lord.” 1 Thessalonians 4:16, 17. “We shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, … and the dead shall be raised incorruptible. … For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.” 1 Corinthians 15:51-53.

    They will be rewarded. They will be raised, given immortal bodies, and caught up to meet the Lord in the air. There would be no purpose in a resurrection if people were taken to heaven at death.

    The Bible Says
    After death a person: returns to dust (Psalms 104:29), knows nothing (Ecclesiastes 9:5), possesses no mental powers (Psalms 146:4), has nothing to do with anything on earth (Ecclesiastes 9:6), does not live (2 Kings 20:1), waits in the grave (Job 17:13), and continues not (Job 14:1, 2).

    Didn’t the thief on the cross go to paradise with Christ the day He died?
    No. In fact, on Sunday morning Jesus said to Mary, “I am not yet ascended to my Father.” John 20:17. This shows that Christ did not go to heaven at death. Also note that the punctuation of the Bible is not inspired, but was added by men. The comma in Luke 23:43 should be placed after the words “to day” rather than before, so the passage should read, “Verily I say unto thee to day, shalt thou be with me in paradise.” Or, “I’m telling you today–when it seems that I can save no one, when I myself am being crucified as a criminal–I give you the assurance today that you will be with me in paradise.” Christ’s kingdom is set up at His second coming (Matthew 25:31), and all the righteous of all ages will enter it at that time (1 Thessalonians 4:15-17) and not at death.

    At death the body returns to dust and the spirit (or breath) returns to God. But where does the soul go?
    It goes nowhere. Instead, it simply ceases to exist. Two things must be combined to make a soul: body and breath. When the breath departs, the soul ceases to exist because it is a combination of two things. When you turn off a light, where does the light go? It doesn’t go anywhere. It just ceases to exist. Two things must combine to make a light: a bulb and electricity. Without the combination, a light is impossible. So with the soul; unless body and breath are combined, there can be no soul. There is no such thing as a disembodied soul.

    What about the souls crying out from under the altar in Revelation 6:9, 10? Doesn’t this show that souls do not die?
    No. This cry was figurative, as was the cry of Abel’s blood (Genesis 4:10). The word “soul” here means people (or living beings) who had been slain for their faith. Surely no one believes that souls who die literally lie under the altar, nor do people believe that the righteous beg God to punish their enemies. Rather, the righteous beg for mercy for their enemies, as Christ did on the cross (Luke 23:34).
    Why would someone need to go to hell after looking at the chaos that abounds now and what innocent people have to go through? People are already experiencing hell while Satan continues his deceitful ways on this earth. People who don’t believe in Christ experience hell on this earth because their lives are ran by Satan instead of God.

    And finally:

    Why would someone need to go to hell after looking at the chaos that abounds now and what innocent people have to go through? People are already experiencing hell while Satan continues his deceitful ways on this earth. People who don’t believe in Christ experience hell on this earth because their lives are ran by Satan instead of God.

    You were under Satan’s control while on this earth, why would our loving God release you eternally back into his control?

    Thanks for your time Mike! God bless you buddy so you can continue being a blessing to others!

    1. Michael B., thanks for your comment.
      I feel you shortchanged yourself however. You began by saying that you were “contrary to”,…I can only guess as to what.

      Your statements are limited to “death” which is only a subset of the paragraph you sited and not the “Kingdom” of which it’s about.

      More to the point, I was hoping you would speak to what exactly you were contrary to relative to the Kingdom. The verses you sited are true and consistent and serve to validate the purpose and plan of our God. Neither are they contrary to the paragraph you quoted or to the 76 verses that describe Sheol or Hades.
      I can only presume, but do not know that you may be contrary to the second coming having already happened. Thanks so much for your insights!

    2. This is the day the LORD has made rejoice! I would like to share an experience that I had back in 2013. I was caring for my dear sister who was dying of cancer. A month prior to her death she said, ” I don’t want to go to hell” now this statement from my sister took me by surprise as she was not one to speak of God. I asked her if she would like to get to KNOW who died for her sins and who loves her dearly. She couldn’t have been happier to know she was soon going to learn of Jesus. I started with John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Yes, Jesus IS God. We started there and kept learning up to the day she went into a coma. While she lay in a coma I would sing to her and pray for her in the spirit. I fasted and stayed with her by her side all day and night. On Sunday morning while praying and singing in the spirit I was shown a vision. I can still see it. I was looking across the lake when a huge flame appeared. I covered my head. This flame turned into a beautiful pure white. I KNEW I was before the throne. I looked and saw a man who I KNEW to be Jesus. I looked again and I KNEW I was looking at the tree of life. I looked again and saw the silhouette of a person I KNEW to be my sister, she was kneeling down with her head bowed. The last scene was of pure white clouds with a portal of blue sky. My sister died later that night. After they came to get her body I went to bed thanking God for HIS mercy and grace. I then heard this. “CASSIE, ITS DOREEN. I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR TAKING CARE OF ME. YOU WERE RIGHT HEAVEN IS BEAUTIFUL AND SO IS JESUS. I AM AT PEACE.” Wow! I fell asleep and sought answers to all of this fur two years. Then I came to truth. I was shown truth of Matthew 24. I was show the bible was written to the Jews and was for us. I came to KNOW truth about Jesus’ second coming and HIS Kingdom. It is NOW! I have never felt more liberated and closer to Father God as I do today. My journey continues and I realize it started the day I was woven in my mothers womb. Jesus IS alive. GOD IS JESUS IN THE FLESH. I am undeserving of such knowledge. I will continue to seek truth and I know I will continue to receive it by the Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus. Cassie

  9. Greetings from South Korea. (Apologies first, my English is still not as good)

    I’ve recently come across your website here and found out that I share a common view on what the Bible says about hell and heaven, judgement and salvation. (especially from )

    But still there are some questions that bothers me and I would like to discuss and ask some questions on these if that’s alright with you. So, could you spare some time to discuss with me on these topics sooner of later? I really am looking forward to it.

    1. First and the biggest of my questions come from John 3:15-21

      “15 that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life.
      16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
      17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
      18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.
      19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.
      20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.
      21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.”

      “but whoever does not believe stands condemned” I do get that all human are already condemned to hell regardless of how ‘righteous’ one may be, but from these verses the churches (I don’t know if this is specific to Korean churches) claim that the only way to salvation is through regaining the connection between us and God – having faith.

      I strongly believe that Jesus has freed us from all sins regardless of when they were done and who they were done by. But many churches and believers do not seem to agree with this idea and think faith is the only way to avoid eternal damnation. If the Bible tells us that disbelief is sin, why must that specific type of sin be seen as something so special that even Jesus’ couldn’t save us from it? Doesn’t that contradict the idea that Jesus’ freed us from all sins? I am still confused with these teachings and concepts.

  10. The churches you’re talking about typically regard expressions like “eternal life,” eternal punishment,” and “condemnation,” as apply to the time after we die. However, Jesus usually meant them as applying in this life. Thus when we are out of relationship with God we are condemned and walking in death. However, when we are rightly related to Jesus Christ, we come alive – that is, we experience the life of God. We come out from the darkness of judgment into the light of forgiveness – eternal (that is, constant and ongoing) life.

    It’s not that God won’t forgive us for not having faith; it’s that faith is the means by which we receive our forgiveness. Faith is the “hands” by which we reach out and grasp the forgiveness God is extending to us.

    1. Exactly as you said. “eternal life” “eternal punishment” “condemnation”.

      So if what I’m thinking is right, what you’re trying to say from the last sentence is that faith is simply a way to acknowledge God’s love and mercy, rather than being a ticket to heaven – correct? So then does it mean that even without ‘grasping’ the forgiveness, one may still enter the realm of heaven after this life, but will be condemned to go through the hell in this one?

    1. I can’t believe everything was this simple. Now I’m starting to understand the Bible more clearly, seeing things that were veiled by the teaching of churches that have long ago turned into profit-seeking organizations. With the biggest question answered this clearly I don’t think I’ll need to ask any more for now.

      Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. May God bless you.

  11. Hi,
    I am new blogger. God has given me an idea of how to spread His message across the United States using free online public education. With this restructuring, students will have the opportunity to receive academic and spiritual education on church campuses. Please visit my blog to learn more. If you would be willing to link my information to your blogs as well, I would be very grateful. Please help me spread the gospel and reclaim America for Jesus!

  12. Hi Mike!

    Thanks for your writings. My name is Pall and I’m from Iceland. I have been a follower of Jesus for 38 years and through the years I’ve been asking questions like, If God is good, why does he send people to hell? To make a long story short, basically I have been forced through my study of the Bible to change many fundamental doctrines or believes in almost everything. This has been a strange journey for me for few months now. God intention has never been to torment people for eternity in hell. There will be judgement but it is not for eternity. Doctrine of original sin is wrong. Doctrine if trinity is wrong. Jesus is saviour of all men and that includes all which mean that all men will be with God for eternity, not just few and all others will be in hell. My recent study has been on this thought that Christ already came in the end of 1.century. I found your website and have been reading your book on this subject which is very good. In my study I have been wondering about the “second death” What is your opinion on that subect? New heavean and new earth happend after christ’s death on the cross and he rose again. The kingdom is within, it is spiritual kingdom that has been established already then? How does you describe that for us today ?(2015) How can I apply that for me now?
    kind regards

    Páll Valdimarsson

  13. I address “the second death” in the last chapter of the book The Biblical Case for Everyone Going to Heaven.

    Yes, the kingdom of God came late in the first century, just when Jesus and His apostles said it would. It’s been in place ever since. In a nutshell, the kingdom of God is just as described in Romans 14:17. The best way to find it is to take the statement “Jesus is Lord” seriously. Most Christians, just give lip service to Jesus being Lord.

  14. I am seeing the truths. I wanted to know your feelings on the gifts of the Spirit. Jesus said to set the captive free. Heal the sick, cast out demons and raise the dead. Do you still practice this stuff in your daily walk? So what I am gathering from your site is the church was just till 70ad and not we are in the Kingdom and no need of the church.

    Blessings 🙂

  15. Regarding the gifts of the Spirit, we have more potential than did the early church precisely because the kingdom of God has come.  However, signs and wonders have not accompanied my walk with the Lord.  Whether this is because of my personal immaturity in faith or the Lord’s decision for me to testify without them (as John the Baptist did) or the general inadequacy of faith in this generation, I cannot say.  I know there are some who testify of many healings and such but I do not have enough information to judge such claims.  If the Lord works miracles through you, I say more power to you.

    Preterists usually say that the Second Coming occurred in 70 AD.  I do not follow preterism and do not say this.  Rather, the Second Coming occurred sometime between 70 AD and the end of that century.  For an explanation, see my book on the subject, starting with Jesus Christ Has Already Come Again.  As for the church, the kingdom of God is the church of God.  For an explanation, see How to Be in the One True Church.

  16. Hi Mike

    I’m a young Christian trying to find his way in the world, and I have just started listening to your New Testament podcast and I really enjoy it, but I have some pretty big concerns that I was wondering if you could address.

    Firstly, you hold some unorthodox beliefs. Unorthodox is a curious term because it doesn’t mean wrong, it just means that it doesn’t conform to what is generally accepted, but none the less many of your beliefs are considered unorthodox. Now, I have trouble saying this but I have always questioned the fundamental ‘torture pit of hell’ doctrine, because it never really added up in my head how eternal torture is the punishment that fits the crime of sin – I’m not excusing or condoning sin, but ‘an eye for an eye’ seems different than ‘an eternity for a life.’ I always asked the regular questions like “how is that punishment fair?” “How can a loving God send people to eternal torture?” etc., and naturally, being young, I turned to the internet for answers, and the internet generally answered “Hell IS eternal torture, and if you question that, you’re going there.” or something along those lines.

    I then encountered the common Christian doubts of “if something biblical doesn’t seem right to me, does that mean I’m not saved/some sort of reprobate unable to be saved? Does it mean that the truth is not in me?” – in other words, my doubts led to bigger doubts, to bigger doubts and got to a really bad point. There are other alternatives to the doctrine of hell of course; your belief that everyone goes to heaven, an uncommon one; annihilationism, this one made the most sense to me, but is also uncommon – but the largest Christian resources on the internet mark these as heretical and would say that anyone who believes them goes to hell.

    Now I sort of came up with my own theological brand for myself – the “ignorant Christian”, in other words, I accept that I don’t KNOW what hell is, among other things, whether it is torture or death or simply doesn’t exist, I just don’t know, and won’t until such time that God sees fit to reveal it to me. Now this seems all good and well, but doesn’t really quell my doubts, because then I think “how can I discern the voice of God from the voice of satan from the voice of my own brain?” “What if God does say to me ‘hell is a torture pit’, how can I reconcile that if it is revealed to be true?”

    It’s all a bit of a mess really, the course of this year has seen me wrestle with a lot of theological questions, and it’s difficult because at any one time, despite what answer you come to, someone will be saying that you are wrong, and that DOES affect you, and it leads to MORE questions and doubts – “can the Holy Spirit say different things to different people?” “What if I am the victim of false prophecy?” the latter concern is one I also wish to ask about – most online and offline Biblical authorities would condemn your ideas of ‘universalism’ (for lack of a better word) and name you a false prophet. Now, this saddens me because the things you say really resonate with me, they line up with the idea of the all loving, infinitely merciful God that I came to believe in, but don’t line up with the infinitely wrathful God that most others believe in, and indeed these ideas clash with a lot of scripture like:

    “Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God”

    I will admit I’ve not read through all your essays, I’ve read some of them and skimmed others, and you make some great points, and again I really WANT to believe your ideas, more than anything, but a little voice inside me is saying “false prophet!” and that is hard to ignore – I’m not calling you a false prophet or trying to be hurtful, but again, the common Biblical authorities would say that your ideas don’t line up with scripture and therefore are heretical, and even the scripture itself says “DO NOT be deceived, for these people WILL NOT inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.” Very blunt language, and it doesn’t seem that there is much room for questions. How can you say that everyone goes to heaven while ignoring words like “torment”, “wailing and gnashing of teeth” etc.?

    I suppose what I’m struggling with, at the root of it all, is doubt, and that is hard for me. I am constantly told from Biblical authorities that many of the ideas I hold, or WANT to hold are wrong, for example same sex marriage as a legal institution doesn’t bother me (the Bible says sodomy and homosexuality are sinful, I accept this, but marriage existed in cultures that hadn’t encountered Abrahamic religions, and I believe that it CAN be secular), I also believed for a long time when I was younger and less educated in ‘sugar coated Christianity’ (not my term) which would say things like no one goes to hell etc. But then I am told ‘you are wrong, repent or face torture!’, and of course I WANT to repent but the doubts in me remain, and I feel like I can’t surrender to Christ with these doubts.

    I suppose the answer I’m looking for from you is something that can calm these doubts, and I realise that may not be possible. I want you to tell me that hell doesn’t exist, that I am not going there as a Christian, and that my family members who aren’t Christian aren’t going there either (this is also a big concern for me, even if I can accept that I am saved, the thought of my mother being tortured forever fills me with the greatest of woe). I want you to tell me this in full assurance that you aren’t a false prophet (again, I’m not trying to be hurtful but it’s what others would say). I want to know the truth, but EVERYONE tells a different version of the truth, and the little voice in me (be it God or the enemy) says: “is it not better to assume the worst and make it through to heaven, or to assume the best and fall into eternal, unfathomable pain and suffering?”

    I am sorry for this huge, unorganised essay that I’ve written you – indeed I’ve not even listed all of my concerns here, for they number more than I am willing to admit. Getting this sort of thing ‘off my chest’ helps, but I’m still afraid of the answer.

    Best of wishes, and may the merciful (hopefully?) God of all creation bless us both.

  17. Preferably anonymous,

    The answers to all your questions can be found in one of your very first words: “I’m a young Christian trying to find his way in the world…” – specifically, the word “Christian.” That is, you have turned to Christ, you have responded to His call. He is to be the focus of your faith. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5). There will always be questions that you cannot answer. Even if every one of your current questions were answered this morning, more questions would occur to you by this afternoon. I am not saying that you should not seek answers to your questions, but rather that you should do so in a spirit of faith and patience – not in fretting or uncertainty. Your faith is not in the answers you have, but rather in Him who gives you answers your whole life long.

    Satan will torment us with question after question, intended to make us doubt Jesus. But trusting in Jesus would not be necessary if we were omniscient. Therefore, put your trust in Christ upon whom you’ve called, and deal with questions one at a time and only as necessary for walking daily in obedience to Him.

    Yes, there is a hell and there is a kingdom of God to enter…or not, as the case may be. Nevertheless, at death everyone goes to heaven. I recognize that this is currently an unorthodox view among Christians. However, what is orthodox refers to the opinions of men while what is truth never changes. My word about heaven and hell is either true in the sight of God or it is not. People agreeing with it can’t make it true, and people disagreeing with it can’t make it false.

    If you cannot yet believe that everyone is going to heaven, then tell yourself this: “The Lord will do whatever is right.” By this, you can calm your heart and return to your focus on trusting and obeying Him day by day. See Psalm 131:1-3.

    In this world, you can always find someone who thinks your views are false. Jesus said, “Woe to you when all men speak well of you” (Luke 6:26). They even called Him a false prophet. If He could not escape such criticism, neither will you and I be able to escape it.

    Root your faith in Him, and root your faith in Him through the Bible…for it is the unchanging source of our faith. “It is written” and it is not going to change. People come and go, teachers come and go, but the Scriptures are the solid foundation of witness to Christ to which you can return over and over again to strengthen your faith.

    You will not always understand everything you read in the Bible. I don’t understand everything in the Bible. But what I do is live my life by the things I do understand from the Bible. God does not hold me accountable for what I do not know or what I do not understand. He only holds me accountable for what I do know and understand. Therefore, in your time of doubt, always return to what you know and understand to be true about Him. No matter how small that amount of information may seem to you, it will be enough for Him to deliver you through it. If you hold firm to it, He will establish your heart in peace.

    You have decided to be a Christian…and you have done well to do so. If there is any point on which all Christians agree, it is that Jesus is Lord. Therefore, when you don’t know anything else, you can always know that Jesus is Lord, that He will do what is right, and that it makes sense to trust and obey Him. Do this and you will do well.

    1. Thank you for the prompt and hopeful reply. I really appreciate your spirit of modesty and kindness in your words; if a tree can be told by it’s fruit, then in my eyes the fruit that you produce is truly pleasing to God. I will try to do as you say and place my faith in Jesus, one day at a time, so that I may deal with today’s problems, instead of worrying about yesterday’s or tomorrow’s.

      I sincerely do appreciate the way you speak and reply to others without judgement or haughtiness, without sounding dictatorial in any way – it’s refreshing and makes me feel happy, not sad or scared.

      With God be the glory, now and forever.

      1. Dear Preferably Anonymous, It is unfortunate that many (myself included) have struggled with such matters as you have stated. The standard Orthodox interpretation of the scriptures have long been used “specifically” for the purpose of “scaring people into steering clear of Hell”. Mike is right in his advice. I would definitely trust in the Goodness and Mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ; and know that He knows us all better than we would judge to know ourselves. He will ‘get it right’ in The End.

  18. Hi Chip, I came across your site in the wee hours. I was encouraged by your site, but also confused and scared at the same time. It’s been pounded into us that unless we are connected to a church body we are sinning and our relationship with God will suffer. We are always told that we need other Christians to help us be accountable and that church attendance is a commandment. God saved my husband and me in 2011. He has blessed us with three children ages 9, 6 and 2. We are first generation believers with no family in our lives and very few friendships. We have fallen in and out of churches and fellowship. We went from the seeker friendly model to the program centered model to the age integrated model. With each move we felt it was God speaking but now I can’t help but wonder whose voice we are listening to. Four months ago we moved to a new city and are again struggling with the church thing. Being in church is so very difficult for me because of the anxiety I experience going in and the shame, regret and loneliness I feel coming out. I’m driven to church by guilt and fear. We believe that it is our responsibility to disciple our children, not the churches. We strive daily to live out Deuteronomy 6:7-9 the best we can with God’s help. BUT I’m fearful that if we don’t set the example of attending church on Sunday that our children’s walk with the Lord will suffer later. As young believers how do you suggest we meet and have fellowship and be in community with other believers if we don’t attend church? What about when we hit a crisis and need prayer and support from fellow Christians? How do we have that if we are connected to a church body? Aren’t we also commanded to tithe? Could really use some thoughts, recommendations and encouragement!

  19. Chip?

    I presume you’re speaking to me (Mike), so I’ll answer.

    Your commitment to Deuteronomy 6:7-9 will serve you well. Make your family altar your church service. Have it daily, not weekly.

    Other believers cannot hold you accountable because they cannot see your thought life and that is the degree to which Jesus wants to clean us up.  Therefore, practicing the presence of God 24/7 will do you far more good than going to a church service once or twice a week.  In fact, if you’re not practicing the presence of Christ 24/7 you are not walking by faith.

    Keep feeding yourselves on the word of God.  Share then with your children what you and your husband believe and practice.

    It’s not fellowship with other Christians that we need as much as fellowship with Jesus.  (See Spiritual Christianity Versus Social Christianity)

    Pray for other Christians.  Out of that, you’ll have a vision of how to relate to them.

    Understand what your children are up against.  Watch this half-hour video revealing research on how children keep or lose their faith in public school, Christian school, and Sunday School.

    Avoiding church won’t do you any good; seeking Christ instead of church will do you great good.  To do this you most of all need the word of God.  If you are not strong enough to read the Bible on your own, get help.  I can help with my blogs and stuff, but there are many others who can help you as well.

    It’s hard for me to explain everything you need to know, and to address every concern you have, in one response.  However, you are not dependent on me or any other human being.  You are sincerely following the Lord and He has brought you this far (1 Sam 7:12).  He will take you the rest of the way.  He will not leave you and your husband as orphans (John 14:18).  Let Him dwell in the midst of your family and bring your every thought into subjection to His loving Lordship.

    I commend you entirely to the grace of our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ in whom we have the victory through faith in all that He has said (through the Bible) and is saying (through the Holy Spirit).   May He bless you without measure!

  20. To those who do not believe that an unsaved person can enter into eternal life, look at Psalm 103:17.

    The righteousness of a parent can be passed down to their children’s children.

    What is righteousness?

    Having perfect standing with our Father.

    Your righteousness can be passed on to your unbelieving children who die without being saved.


  21. Hello again Mike, Recently I have been telling another person (Reverend So and so); that we as Christians need to stand up and be counted as disciples of Jesus Christ. He was objecting to how “anonymous” or “fellow disciples” will post their comments on his website without even a mention of a ‘name’ or ‘place of origin’. I explained how some do not which to be affiliated with “his religion or Church”. That is only part of the problem, ‘as he sees it’. I see, that Today’s Christian is largely silent. They have, (although not all) failed to share their testimony. They want the benefits of Church Membership without embracing the true life of a called disciple of Jesus Christ. I too, enjoy the fellowship with other Christians. But MY RELATIONSHIP TOWARDS THE LORD AND MY TESTIMONY are what matter most. If I fail to make it known, then I fail to truly acknowledge Jesus Christ! And if I only expect everyone to just “know”, then I’m saying absolutely nothing about Him, and EVERYTHING about me. Let us give Jesus the honor and glory for the change that He has made in our Lives! Timothy.

  22. Ecclesiastes 3:7 tells us that there is a time to be silent and a time to speak. Esther 2:10, 20 and 4:13, 14 are even more explicit about this when it comes to our relationship with God.

    May we all have the wisdom to discern the times wisely.

  23. Hello And Blessings to all who come,
    I recently have been struggling with the position many Christians have. One being the rapture. I do not believe in the the physical rapture many speak of. God has shown me nothing in regards to this event. However, in the bible HE has shown me why it is not physical.
    The second is the second coming of Christ, I keep hearing that Jesus is returning soon. I believe HE already has come. The Jews missed HIM not once but twice. We as Gentiles are grafted in, spiritually.
    Thirdly, when I hear Christians say that we are in the last days. Jesus was NOT speaking to us. HE was speaking to the Jews. And by the way all of these things have been shown to me by the Holy Spirit.
    Then we have Daniel the 70th week. Many do not believe this has been fulfilled. They are still waiting for the peace covenant.
    I could list scriptures to support all of these issues I speak of but I am tired of having to explain my position.
    I am at peace. I know Jesus is my Savior. I know that God left the throne and came in the flesh. John 1:1.
    I KNOW that I KNOW. As odd as it may seem. I often feel alone trying to speak my views. Let me end by saying. God has revealed dreams, visions, and words that have all come to pass. I have sought HIM for answers and receive them in HIS time. However, I have never received any revelation about the things people believe mostly Christians. I actually am led not to speak to any. I was called out of the Catholic Church. I heard my heavenly Father. He spoke , “come out of her” then told me where is was in the bible. I pray someone understands what I am saying here. If you do please email me or reach out. If not please I have heard all of it before. I am not here to argue what I KNOW that I KNOW. Thank you. Be blessed in Jesus name, Cassie

    1. Dear Cassie, God bless you! I could not answer any or all of your questions as well as Christ Himself and His Holy Spirit. If you sincerely go to Him, in humility, and trust for an answer, I’m sure one will come in time. However, perhaps Mike has already, (as I see) provided his perspective on these matters. My current dilemma, if you will, is with those who claim to possess “authority” on the Scriptures, who do not preach or teach according to His Spirit, but according to what they feel is necessary for you to know! They are exercising control over the souls, hearts, and minds of believers who are (in their simplicity) unable to defend their faith, relationship, or testimony from such attacks! Hence, those who are the “cold” or “lukewarm” among those followers are listening to “a hireling”, AND NOT THE MASTER! They are being “shorn” of their wool, robbed of their oil, and left blind, naked, and destitute. Oh my Lord Jesus, my heart aches for your sheep, your children who yet follow Man’s word, but not Your Word! We all know enough of current events, and situations, and circumstances beyond our control. Yet, nothing in our lives is beyond Your control, unless we allow it to be. Teach us, as YOU ALONE are our Master, Savior, and Lord. We pray to you, open our spiritual selves to hear You. In Your name we pray, Come Lord Jesus, come. Amen.

  24. Blessings this day to you Timothy,
    I am not looking for answers from man. I never have. There are times when God may give a word through someone to speak forth. I myself have received this gift from the Holy Spirit. It was ALL for the glory of God. I was a vessel. So, I was venting if you will. I have received many different opinions to my questions but right away I notice the flesh getting involved and the Holy Spirit reveals truth to me. God has and will continue to show me truth as long as I seek HIM with my whole heart. Amen. I am just upset that many believers are putting the yoke of bondage back around the necks of those Christ set free. ALL!! Mathew 11:30. So, when God places it on my heart in either a heaviness or obedience or sorrow I will act. And my questions yesterday were just that. How is it that we have the same Spirit but we all see and hear things differently? Flesh?!!
    I don’t know. I do know there are many members that make up the body and they all have different functions but they are ALL in ONE accord. Yes?!?
    Thank you for reaching out to me.
    In Jesus,

  25. Blessings to you again Cassie, It is written at I John 2: 27- 28: “But the anointing which you yourselves received from Him remains with you, and you have no need for any one to teach you; but as His anointing gives you instruction in all things– and is true and is no falsehood– you are abiding in Him, even as it has taught you to do. And now dear children, abide in Him; so that, if He appears, we may have confidence, and may not shrink away in shame from Him at His Coming.” (Weymouth Translation- The New Testament In Modern Speech.) Do you see this Cassie? His Holy Spirit will teach us ALL THINGS! We do not need to be taught by anyone as long as His Spirit is our Teacher. He will come to us, as we, His students/disciples are ready! His anointing is that which will give us instruction in all things. It is HIS SPIRIT OF TRUTH. And as long as we continue to ‘abide’ IN HIM we can have the confidence that EVERYTHING WE LEARN FROM HIM is good, right, proper, and beneficial for our overall well-being. Praise the Lord! We are not left, ANY OF US, to stumble in the darkness any longer! May this amazing truth comfort you now and always, as you continue to ‘abide’ in Him. Timothy. PS: Of course, His body is meant to function WITH HIS SPIRIT. IF IT ISN’T, THEN WE SHOULD ASK WHOSE SPIRIT IS DIRECTING IT. CORRECT?!?

  26. Good Day to you in the LORD,
    I agree with you and I only pray more will read that verse and understand what we are being taught. Many go to pews week after week and receive nothing but confusion. Or they go week after week and nothing changes. I was in the RC church and heard ”
    Come out of her” let me now add to what he’s up to that. I was looked upon in the church as pious. I had many titles in the church. Many duties in the church. On this one particular morning I was sitting in the front pew waiting for “mass” to begin. I looked across the church and saw what appeared to be a type of flying monkey if you will. I turned behind me to see if anyone else has noticed and they all looked dead. I started to weep. This went on for sometime. Then I heard the words. I left the RC church that day.
    God spoke to me through the Holy Spirit and I KNEW the voice I heard was ou Fathers.
    I have dreams and visions such as those that came to pass. God reveals in HIS time to HIS children.
    In Jesus,

  27. Sir, you lie to the people and you also called Jesus a liar about who ends up in heaven, and if you read what it says in revelation 13:8 and 17:8 you will see the vast majority will worship the antichrist pope and only Gods elect will make it to heaven. Jesus talked about the sheep and the goats, only the sheep go to heaven; the goats go to hell.

    1. Mike, whereas your book does provide the “biblical case”, as what you state it; the Spirit of Truth in Jesus Christ determines the outcome of whatever you hope to prove. Therefore, whether one accepts that ‘Spirit of Truth’ or not, is the definitive end of all discussion on this topic. Let us instead look to the Holy Spirit to guide us into all the truth; for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things to come. (See John 16:13.) This is no rebuke, so please don’t take my saying this the wrong way. It is only a firm Searchlight directed towards His Truth. That is, after all, what matters in the end. Blessings to you. Timothy.

        1. Of course not, Mike. But, we are not the Holy Spirit. (though some act “as if” they were!) Our own ‘opinions’ and ‘ideas’ of what the Bible says, unless IN UNION with the Spirit of Truth CAN BE inconsistent with what the Bible teaches. Some claim Orthodox or Unorthodox beliefs. History has, and does verify the veracity of that. Hence, this is also why Sects and Cults abound, and some people can easily be convinced to join one. “But a time is coming- indeed, has already come- when true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for indeed the Father desires such worshippers.” John 4:23 (The New Testament In Modern Speech. Weymouth Translation.) Let us be of those who can test and distinguish the Spirit of Truth from the spirit of error. Blessings to you. Timothy.

          1. Good. I agree with you that the Holy Spirit would never say anything inconsistent with the Bible. After all, the Bible is a collection of writings inspired by the Holy Spirit. That is, the prophets and apostles who wrote those documents were moved by the Holy Spirit (2 Pet 1:20-21).

  28. Amen and amen!! This confirms my reading today which was 1 Corinthians 4. Please read it. Many ask what can I do to please God? Is this because they truly want to serve HIM or are they believing they need to do something to get to heaven? There is NO way but by the Son. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus IS LORD. Look at verse 20 closely. So here is my question to anyone out there. Do you believe that parts of the bible are given for us not to us as the bible was written for those in Jesus time. Just my belief right now as I seek answers. But my question is. Was not death swallowed up? Was not the enemy put under Jesus’ feet upon the cross and resurrection? So, was hell added?!?! Or does he’ll only exist for the enemy and his evil counterparts? Or is it for all antichrists? I know many spinoffs to my question. Be blessed in Jesus name. Cassie

  29. Dear Cassie, Looking to Matthew 25: 41, Jesus says: “Then he will say to those at his left hand. (However, we choose to define “those” they are not CALLED anything but “Goats”. Meaning: They are not always ‘discernably Evil or Wicked’ from outer appearances.) ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire PREPARED FOR THE DEVIL AND HIS ANGELS;” (Emphasis mine.) Hell, as we can see from Jesus’ own lips, was PREPARED FOR THE DEVIL AND HIS ANGELS, not Mankind originally. Whether by “taking upon ourselves” the Devil’s Evil or not…. We determine how we will see the outcome of the ‘end of life scenario’. We ‘choose’ by “what we DO or DON’T DO”, where we will be. I hope that this sheds some light on your question. Blessings to you again. Timothy. PS: You have at least ‘3’ questions here. I can’t speak for others, but I think “how” we interpret scripture determines how we view it in relationship to ourselves. Do we allow the HOLY SPIRIT to interpret it, or do we struggle to understand it on our own? See 2 Peter 1:20-21 for insight into this.

  30. Thank you. Yes, I understand there was more than one question. As I was typing my thoughts grew. Sorry. I agree with letting the Holy Spirit reveal truth to me in the scriptures. I also know there are times when I read a verse and in my mind is is contradicting another verse. So I let the Holy Spirit reveal in his time what the truth is. I always pray not my will or understanding but yours God. I pray that all come to repentance. I pray all come to truth in Jesus. I will end with this. Let’s say you have two children and God says you must cast one into the lake of fire and the other will have eternal life in heaven. Which one would you choose? Or could you choose? Or would you choose yourself as Christ did? Be blessed. In Jesus, Cassie

    1. Cassie, fortunately Jesus allows us to make our own choice of our eternal destiny. Therefore, I don’t choose for others. The individual himself/herself chooses by how they currently live their life. Children can be ‘misled’, but Jesus states “of those are the Kingdom of Heaven”. So, I must believe they will, upon accountable age, determine their lot for themselves. Otherwise, I believe, if very young, they will see Heaven. Jesus, as the Son of God Himself, was deserving of His Heavenly Kingdom. So may we all be. Amen.

  31. Amen! I understand we cannot choose for others. The point I was making and may have been a bad one of my end is this. God so loved the world HE died for us. If I knew with the UN-pure heart as I do to not be able to choose as I want all people in heaven I just can’t imagine God with a love so unexplainable to us could have anyone make that choice. I know it’s free will. But my oh my it tears me up thinking about it. Please be blessed.
    In Jesus,

  32. I’m sure that it tore Jesus’ heart to have Judas choose to betray Him, and then to ultimately end his own life, only to end up in Hell (Perdition); but that was his choice. I think He is “the God of the second, third, and infinite chances”. But ultimately, we must ASK for that chance.

  33. AMEN!! We must listen the the Holy Spirit who was sent by the Father in Jesus name. John 14. Be blessed and may we all walk in the grace of God.
    In Jesus,

  34. I can only continue to hope. We don’t truly know what happened to Judas. We can speculate all we want. In the end do we truly know? It will forever be my prayer for the antichrists to find Jesus. Amen.
    In Jesus,

  35. I am sure God is slowly changing things in preparation for the correction of man. Something both Jesus and John came to tell us, but because of the sloth of mankind and the ego influence that has developed, man is once again walking down the wrong road.
    I think you comments are in line with the messages Jesus left us, the dead are burying the dead at the moment.
    Have you read any of Henry Thomas Hamblin, a visionary and truly blessed person, please look him up.

  36. The truths I share on my blogs are those I’ve found through study of Jesus Christ and the Bible. The one book by Hamblin that I found made only slight reference to either. I have more faith in truth I can find rooted in the Bible and centered in the Lord Jesus.

    To your point about correction, there are surely severe consequences to come for the way we are conducting ourselves as individuals and as a nation. There has been a decline of morality in America throughout my entire adult lifetime (I was born in 1951), but that decline has become more precipitous – especially in the last decade.

    If Christians return to Christ, there may be some amelioration. However, I have not yet seen any sign that this is taking place on any material scale.

    Nevertheless, God will be a refuge to the righteous when judgment is unleashed. They should never stop trusting that His gentle hand is upon them. 1 Peter 4:17

  37. Dear Brothers and Sisters of our Lord Jesus Christ, I cannot speak for others and of their walk with the Lord. I know that: I can only speak for myself and of my own relationship to Him. Therefore, whenever I think to exalt myself above measure; it is then that I become only too aware of all my human faults and weaknesses. I must decrease, He must increase. He alone must have the preeminence in everything of our lives. God bless you, one and all. Please, if you wish, you may preview my blog as well @ http//: (On the narrow path). Blessings to you. Timothy PS: Please scroll down to read the RULES for viewing the site first. Thank you, Mike, for all your helpful advice of the past. May we, each in his own way, help lead others to Jesus Christ and His Word.

  38. Hi again Mike, Recently a friend of mine (who is a Christian) has alerted me to all the ‘seemingly helpful’ websites on the Internet that claim to either “speak for Jesus Christ” or claim to “channel” Him, or Higher Consciousness, Archangels, Ascended Masters, etc, etc. I personally feel that such websites are ‘humans’ who are desparately trying to direct you to their own teachings, not Jesus Christ! What is your opinion on such? Your timely answer would be much appreciated. Thank you . Timothy. PS: Even my computer seems to disagree with such as I write this!

  39. Timothy,

    My view is the same as yours.

    The Lord went to all the trouble He did to give us the Bible so that we would have a standard with which to compare every spirit.

    1. Thank you Mike, for the almost ‘instantaneous’ reply! I don’t believe that Jesus was an Occult Teacher either. Most all of these websites claim that Jesus had a ‘secret’ teaching known only to His Apostles or closest followers. They then try to buttress their position by claiming that He taught reincarnation, karma, and opposition to “standard” religion of His day. I wish that people who are searching for answers would go DIRECTLY to Him and the Bible for their answers, and not to these “Spirit Channels” to get the Truth they are searching for. God bless the truly sincere ones who go to THE WORD OF GOD for their answers and not to Man. Timothy

  40. Hi Mike
    Been awhile since I have written in. I am a regular reader and wanted to get your thoughts on sin. So I read that in the eyes of the Lord all sin is equal. For example lust in our heart is the same as committing adultury . This can be hard to understand like glutney is a sin same as being violent etc? Just wondering your thoughts on this. Like say if a member of church is preaching and talking about stuff we should be doing but is very over weight then he is not taking care of the temple of god? Is that sin just the same as the others he is talking about like drinking , smoking, lust etc?

    Mike btw I really enjoy your website and articles it really gives me peace when the waters are rough. I know I should read the Bible more but I find myself spending time here and not as much in the scriptures. What are your thought son this as well? tia

  41. Jeff,

    All sin is bad and all sin separates us from God, but some sins are worse than others (see, for example, 2 Samuel 13:16 and John 19:11 and 1 John 5:16-17).

    As for the example of hypocrisy you give, many sins are hard for us to judge. After all, the Lord is judging the heart and our own heart is the only heart we can see. Gluttony, for example, can’t be measured by pants size – we know in our hearts when we’ve exceeded reasonable appetites. We can say, however, that someone who exhorts others to discipline while demonstrating little of it himself – like the person you mentioned – is not honoring the Lord. All discipline is for righteousness – not just for certain kinds of righteousness.

    As for your last question, I can feed myself and feed others. My goal is to feed you until you can do the same.

  42. Mike I have been feeling more lost again lately . I re hash all the mistakes I have done in the past and people I hurt . I just want a fresh start but then I hear in my head a fresh start I am not ready because I still make mistakes . I still have a long way to go . For many months I felt I was doing better and doing things that are ready get instead of wrong but lately my patients have been bad, I have had a bad attitude and struggle with truly loving from the heart . Not sure why I have back slid so to speak . Any suggestions to help ? How can I finally stop conceding myself with my past mistakes and just move fwd? Maybe I’m just in a few bad days here not sure just feeling lost again and I do not like this feeling . I love feeling close with our Lord

  43. When I feel separation from the Lord nothing does me as much good as reading His word. Here are some suggestions:

    – Re-read portions that have been meaningful to you in the past.
    – Whenever any passage seems meaningful to you, underline or otherwise mark it so that you can go back to it at times like this.
    – Pray according to the word you are reading. For example, if you are reading Psalm 23, talk to the Lord as your Shepherd. React to each line as if He’s speaking to you…because He is.
    – All my favorite Scriptures have to do with Him, because He is what life is all about. It’s not about me. It’s not even about my sins. It’s about Him. Remember Matthew 1:21. That is, He is the One who saves us from our sins.
    – Go to the Overview link above and click on it. Look through the list for what ministers to you. Especially consider Practicing the Presence of Christ.
    – Remember that you can never fall so low as to be out of His reach.
    – Re-read the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15.
    – Most of all, stop doing wrong and start doing right IN HIS SIGHT. Stay aware of His watching you and you will find Him again.

  44. I am having a hard time understanding your belief about Jesus coming in the flesh as God. I hear a lot of talk about trinity and all but I really don’t see how you come to the conclusion, that God came in the flesh. There are references made by Jesus himself about his Father. Jesus, being at the right hand of the Father. Father, please forgive them, for they know not what they do. I don’t think Jesus was talking to himself. You can’t get to the Father, except through Jesus. There may not be three in one but it sure sounds like three separate intities, at least. I don’t know. What are your thoughts?

  45. Blessings to all in Jesus name,
    The first verse that comes to mind when reading Rodney’s question is John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The second verse that comes to me is Revelation 19:13 And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.
    The last verse and there are more but this one I will end with. 1 John 5:7 For there are three that bear record in heaven, The Father, the Word,and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.
    Be blessed in Jesus name.

  46. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your blessed work in the name of Jesus. Finding Christ is not complicated since He was looking for me in the first place. Following Him can be quite difficult, especially when you are a “professional”. Just want you to know I love what you’re doing even though I cannot digest everything seen here & if envying you is a sin then I repent. Since I was 20 years old I wished that I would have woken up in a cave & found the Bible without the influence of anyone’s commentary or doctrinal position. Now I’m 58 and realize the pain and conflict I have found in my life has arrived mostly at the hands of well-meaning brothers & sisters who must be right all the time (like me). Now here’s some advice: I do not agree that Jesus has already come for the second time, but after a lifetime of splitting hairs over the issue I can see that those who disagree with you are truly angry. Don’t get angry, don’t get bitter, stay Mike the Believer. Keep Jesus the main thing even if you’re wrong about the end times (joke). One day when our eyes see the unseen then we will know. I want to be there.

    1. Ferd,

      God has preserved you so that He might show forth His glory in you from this point forward in ways you have not previously imagined. He who is forgiven much, loves much. Let Him forgive you of all your sins and you will love Him with all your heart.

      Jesus Christ is truly the light of the world.

  47. Good Morning to all and may God Bless you. Today is the day the LORD has made rejoice!!!
    I too wish I had found the bible in a cave and read it through the eyes of Christ. However, that was not the case and my mind though my fault was corrupted by man.
    I say my fault because we followed those before us thinking they were right. Surprise!
    At one of Lorretta LaRoche seminars she told this story. Her granddaughter was making a roast one afternoon and she decided to call her mother and ask, ” why do we cut the ends of the roast?” Her mother replied, I don’t know. Your grandmother always did it this way. So she called her grandmother and asked, ” why do we cut the ends of the roast?” The grandmother replied, I don’t know why you do it, I did it because it wouldn’t fit in the pan.
    We have a teacher. The Holy Spirit. It was the Holy Spirit that showed me truth. That Jesus had no lied and all had happened the way he said it would. He came back. And for those who believe this know this. How? The Father sent the Holy Spirit in Jesus name. Amen. I am FREE!! Thank you Jesus. I am not as the Jews waiting for your arrival. Amen.
    In Jesus name,

    1. Cassie, I just received two unscreened E-mails from Mike Gantt containing profanity in response to your posted comment. “Belial” as the person is called, reacted to your saying: “I’m not as the Jews waiting for your (Jesus’) arrival”. Also to Mike apparently.Obviously, when people do not know others, (as readily happens) they can “jump to conclusions” and judge the content of the posted comments. I think what you ‘may have’ meant, by way of interpretation was: “Now, I’m not as what the current Jewish mindset may be; awaiting for the coming arrival of their promised Messiah.” Even so, some ‘may’ think you are coming across as ‘superior’ to the current Jews because you feel you no longer have to wait for the Messiah’s coming. None is ‘better or worse’ than another in that regard, since we still must “do the will of the Father which is in Heaven” to even see the Lord Himself! (See Matthew 7:21) Let us “Love one another” regardless of whether we do see “eye to eye” with that person, so to speak, or not. Blessings to all. Those who are in Christ Jesus as Lord, and those who are not.

  48. Why so angry? You don’t know me. Racist ? Ha! You are so far from the truth. But that’s to be expected from one who is acting ignorant. Please talk with me don’t judge me. I look forward to hearing from you.

  49. Thank you! They gave completely miss understood me. I am a chief sinner higher than no one. It is only by my Saviors blood I am saved. I will try to explain this in a simpler term.
    I am not waiting for the second coming of Christ as HE has come already. The Jews missed HIS coming the first time. They did not believe he had come. Yes? It is the same for most people today. Not just Jews. They are waiting for the second coming of Christ. HE has come!! Amen.
    Thank you Jesus.
    I pray this helps to explain what I meant.

    1. Cassie, There you go, I completely understood that! It can be hilarious with my ‘hearing others’ as I am half deaf in both ears. Sensitive people will tend to over-react to something they ‘read into’, of what you have either written or said. Were not Psychics, so let’s not try to pick out “good” or “bad” vibrations from others! Instead, let us “walk in the light, as he is in the light”. Then His blood will cleanse us from all sin. ‘In His Love’ I will always remain for all. Timothy

  50. Amen! I am too of the light. I love all people. Just as Christ. Please keep my email address. I would like to hear of your walk with Christ. Thanks again.

  51. To all,

    Someone identifying himself as “Belial” has been posting comments here with particularly profane words. I delete such comments as soon as I find them.

    I do not delete comments that simply disagree with me. People are free to disagree with me on my blogs as much as they want. Neither will I delete a comment just because it has a coarse word or two in it, because I understand that some people do not watch their words carefully and their emotions may get the best of them in the heat of making their point. However, when the vulgarity is particularly striking I will censor the word. And when the vulgarity seems to be the main point of the comment or its only coherent element, I delete it entirely.


    If you want to make a point, make it…but make it with language that doesn’t distract from the point you want to make. My blogs are a place for making comments – not for spray painting obscene graffiti.

  52. Hi Mike, I am trying to contact you about perhaps purchasing one of your domain names from you. I noticed that you really do not use “”, but just have it point to the blog domain name. We are starting a network of house churches, and have purchased for the website. There will be plenty of people to accidentally type “.com”, and so I wondered if you might be willing to release the name since it is not really in use (at least as far as I can tell). Could you please send me an email to visit about this? Blessings.

      1. Thank you Mike! Would love to answer any questions you may have about us, our particular “brand” of Methodism, me, or anything else. I appreciate you considering it. Finally last night, after a very long time of hunting, we found was open and available…but having a web development background myself, I know how likely it is for a person to put in “.com” by accident, which would kind of defeat the purpose! 🙂 Thanks.

  53. Because I am sympathetic to your desire, I have given the matter significant thought and prayer. However, I must conclude that I am not at liberty to give you the URL.

    While it may not be apparent to you, the URL is referenced at various places in the blog and podcasts – as well as in e-mails and even phone calls and face-to-face conversations I’ve had with others since I first purchased the domain in 2014. It would result in confusion were that URL to take people to a different place, and it’s been communicated in too many places for me to track down and change.

    Since you have a web development background, you are aware that this won’t be the first time that the “.org,” “.com,” or “.net” suffix will need to be emphasized with those you’re trying to reach. This will be an issue for both your readers and mine, and we will just have to sensitize each group to the issue as best we can. Your request has made me realize that I was short-sighted when I failed to procure the “.org” and “.net” addresses when I obtained the “.com” address. On the other hand, with all the newer suffixes that now exist, complete coverage is not really practical.

    1. Thank you. Hopefully a door will open for us to be able to use it. That name really fully encapsulates our primitive Methodist approach to ministry… “Scriptural Christianity” is a very Wesleyan phrase, although of course not unique to Methodism. 🙂

      1. Are you still interested in acquiring this domain name? As you can surmise from my latest post (Simplifying), I will be in a position to reliquish it to you next year. As promised, I will accept no money for it. Let me know if you still want it.

  54. Dear Brother / Sister in Christ,
    I would like to share with you that again, my daughter Noorie became very sick and she can’t study. She is feeling headache & sleep whole day & night. Her selection test for 12th class will be held from 4th Nov. Please pray for God’s healing touch upon her. Pray that she would be totally healed by His grace & mercy.

    Selection Test for Class – 12th
    Time: 11.00 AM to 2.15 PM
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    5.11.2016 SATURDAY ENGLISH
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  55. HELLO,








    Please read ALL OF MATTHEW.

    YOU STATE If Jesus did not come again according to the timetable the prophets and apostles – and He Himself – laid out, then they all have a credibility problem. THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN TRUE…BUT YOU HAVE YOUR TIMING WRONG.

    YOU STATE: What then is the explanation? Simple: Jesus Christ had come the first time in the flesh as a man; He came the second time in the spirit as God. Even though Jesus had said that His kingdom was not coming with signs to be observed, HERE, AGAIN YOU ARE NOT QUOTING SCRIPTURE CORRECTLY…MATTHEW 24:32 AND 33 SHOW HE WILL GIVE SIGNS….MANY SIGNS…THE WHOLE CHAPTER OF MATTHEW ARE HIS SIGNS….some people still expected a physical manifestation. How foolish we can be! –HE WILL COME PHYSICALLY….ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE. (MATT. 24:27 AND REV. 1:7) AND ALL WILL SEE HIM….AND YOU WILL BE THE FOOLISH ONE…PLEASE GET YOUR SCRIPTURES STRIGHT.

    Think of it this way: A PERSON CANNOT ‘THINK OF IT’ ANY WAY BUT MUST GO BY THE BIBLE. NO WHERE IN THE BIBLE DOES IT SAY THE FATHER HAS COME TO THE EARTH…NO WHERE…Jesus came the first time as the Son; He came the second time as the Father. THE BIBLE DOES NOT SAY THIS! IF SO…SEND ME THE SCRIPTURE. We could see the Son because He became flesh and blood…like us. We cannot see the Father because God is spirit. REV.1:7 SAYS –EVERY EYE– WILL SEE HIM…. WHEN HE COMES That is to say, He is invisible to flesh and blood. WHERE DO YOU GET THIS STUFF? The prophet Isaiah who said hundreds of years before Christ (and whose words were echoed in Handel’s Messiah) that a Son would be given to us, in that same breath said that one of His names would be “the Everlasting Father.” The Son is the Father. THE SON OF GOD -IS- THE FATHER THIS IS TRUE…BUT THE SON IS WHO IS GOING TO RETURN.
    Jesus came again just when He said He would. NO…JESUS SAID HE WOULD RETURN AT THE END OF THE AGE. Though no man knows the day or hour, we can know it had to have been in the late 1st Century A.D. because that is within a generation of His crucifixion and resurrection – and that is what He promised. THIS IS NOT BIBLICAL….DO YOU MAKE THIS UP AS YOU GO ALONG YOU CERTAINLY CANNOT SHOW SCRIPTURE FOR IT??


  56. Olga,

    It sounds as if you have only read the post “Jesus Christ Has Already Come Again,” but not the book (Whatever Became of Jesus Christ? The Biblical Case for the Second Coming as Accomplished Fact – to obtain a copy, click on “Books” in the menu bar above) which explains in much greater detail the scripture verses you are questioning as well as others you haven’t raised.

    I am happy to engage with your questions, but, given their level of detail, you must be willing to ask them in the light of having read my book and not just the high-level summary that is the blog post.



        No, I’m just pointing out that the post is a summary and that details are available in the book.


        The post and the book are not different; it’s just that one is a summary explanation and the other is a detailed explanation.


        There is no verse of the New Testament that is going to say that Jesus has already returned because He had not returned when the books were being written; He returned after that.

        THE BIBLE SAYS IN MATTHEW 24:23-28…

        You need to go back and re-read Matthew 24:23-28. It doesn’t say what you think it does. Remember that at the beginning of Matthew 24, the destruction of the temple, the end of the age, and the coming of Jesus are seen even by Jesus’ disciples as having something to do with each other. Jerusalem’s temple was destroyed in 70 AD; to say that His coming is to occur millennia after that is to ignore the obvious. If you read my book you will see this more clearly. If you do not want to read the book, why do you keep arguing the point?

  57. A.W. says:
    April 21, 2015 at 2:26 pm
    “Today’s churches say they’re still waiting on Jesus and the kingdom of God to come, but two thousand years ago Jesus said that He and His kingdom would come within the generation of His contemporaries.”


    –THEN– A.W. ASKS YOU …”Can you explain this to me? I am still learning and new to finding the real living God rather than the one I ran from that I learned about in church as a kid. It has been very difficult to set aside what I learned and re-learn using only the bible. It can be difficult to understand.
    It has always been my understanding that we are all waiting for the end of the world as we know it (for lack of a better term or phrase) as described in Revelation. That we should prepare everyday and do the right thing and serve God because we do not know the time it will come for judgement. I have always thought that God was coming back once more for us to all dwell with him in the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Mike Gantt says:
    April 21, 2015 at 3:00 pm
    A. W.,

    “The best way for me to explain this to you is to have you read (or you can listen to)my book Whatever Became of Jesus Christ?: The Biblical Case for the Second Coming as Accomplished Fact. There’s a place at the end of each chapter for you to ask any specific questions you’d like.”

  58. If you want a succinct scriptural explanation for why the Second Coming of Christ must be in our past and not our future you need look no farther than the book of Matthew – particularly, Matthew 10:23; 16:28; and 24:34. In these three verses (2 Corinthians 13:1), Jesus makes clear that the waiting period for His Second Coming was to be no longer than a generation.






  59. To all who read this, May the living God bless you this day in every way.
    Who was Jesus speaking to throughout the Bible? Many don’t even know that Jesus was in the OT. They forget what the Bible says in Genesis.
    Do you recall the conversation between the LORD and Abraham?
    Yet, without going back into the OT it is difficult to understand the NT.
    Who was the LORD speaking to from the beginning? The Jews. The LORD was not speaking to us. The Bible was written to the Jews but it was passed to us. The Holy Spirit who us my teacher and my comforter is all I seek for understanding and wisdom.
    The Bible either confirms or denies what I hear. I act accordingly. Since reading the Bible now with spiritual eyes I have been shown truth confirmed in the living word. Jesus has come in glory in the clouds of judgment on the Jews. HE has fulfilled all things spoken in the living word. “IT IS FINISHED” The new heaven and new earth ushered in upon HIS death and resurrection. ”
    THY KINGDOM COME THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN” Amen. What is left that Jesus did not do? How you answer that, will depend on your heart. How you answer that will depend on what the LORD through the Holy Spirit has shown you. Remember this. Just because you may not understand what others may say does not mean you dismiss it. Seek truth with an open heart and spiritual eyes. I have been set free from doubt, confusion, guilt and so on because I started seeking truth with an open mind and a heart of flesh. I allowed the Holy Spirit to give to me all that the Father spoke. Our Heavenly Father sent in Jesus name the Holy Spirit and I asked HIM to sup with me. Man will no longer be my teacher. Nor will I fear man. Thank you Father God, in Jesus name for showing me truth that has set me free. Amen.

  60. Dear Cassie, If ever we, as Christians, seek to promote ourselves rather than Jesus Christ we have elevated ourselves and our Egos above Him! Even if I should have a “Truth” I wish to share with others; if it does not give Christ the preeminence, then I have distorted and misrepresented that “Truth” which should only be about Him! I could claim that I “write books”. I could claim a “special insight and knowledge”. I could claim “that I KNOW and everyone else MUST learn from me”. BUT IF I NEGLECT TO BE OF (AND IN) HIS SPIRIT, THEN ALL THAT IS TO NO AVAIL IN LEADING PEOPLE TO HIM! I feel that you and all Christians know this. But how soon we forget who we are seeking to honor and respect! Humility… Do we have that? When I am nothing but God’s servant, and He is Lord of All, then will His Will be done and not mine. I will learn to LOVE ALL. EVEN MY ENEMIES. AND NOT SHOW PREFERENCE FOR ANYONE ABOVE ANOTHER. I follow Christ’s example. So should we all! PS: May God forgive us for where we as the body of Jesus Christ do not see “eye to eye” on matters of how we should treat one another. May I love as what Christ loves. (And He never hates). That is ALL THAT MATTERS.

  61. At Psalms 131 we read: “LORD, my heart is not haughty, nor mine eyes lofty: (exalted) neither do I exercise myself in great matters, (nor do I seek to indulge myself in self-exalting matters), or things too high (promoting) for me. Surely (Certainly) I have behaved (corrected myself) and quieted (calmed down) myself, as a child that is weaned (nursed and nourished) of his mother: my soul is even as a weaned (nursed) child. Let Israel hope in the LORD from henceforth and forever.” (Let His people put steadfast confidence and faith in Him alone now and always).

  62. Good Day,
    I pray are seeking truth and giving all glory to God.
    Timothy, I don’t believe you have understood my comment. It is with GREAT humility that I feel this way. I am nothing. I am undeserving of any word from my Heavenly Father. I am like the sinner who says, don’t look at me my LORD. I am not worthy.
    So please… do not judge me for you do not know me. Do not categorize me as you have never seen me or spoken to me.
    I have shared my view on what has been revealed to me by the Holy Spirit. If you cannot accept this then please read Psalm 139. Maybe it is your heart that needs to be shown to you. Be blessed in the name of Jesus.

  63. Cassie, I meant my last post “in general” and not to isolate you, or anyone for that matter, specifically. I will not ever judge or condemn ANYONE. I was thinking of that old and time worn statement of how many say: “We hate the Sin, but love the Sinner”. How ridiculous that statement is! It is like someone saying: “I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but can’t stand the calories, sugar, or carbohydrates!” Jesus LOVED Sinners. He associated with them ALL. He did not judge or condemn anyone. Nor did He just “affirm their right to be” or “tolerate” and “put up with” those who obviously could not help themselves. He sought to help everyone, regardless of where they were in Life. So should we as Christians do likewise. Yes, I do hear you with my heart and not my Ego. There was nothing wrong in what you wrote. God bless you. Timothy

  64. “We hate the sin, but love the sinner” sounds like God’s wisdom to me. I consider it the way that God is able to love me and not my sin. It is the way I raised my children with love but without loving their sins. It is like saying, “I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but can’t stand any mold on the bread or contaminants in the peanut butter and jelly.”

    For some reason, this phrase has fallen out of favor with modern culture, but I cannot fathom why.

    The best thing about differentiating the sin from the sinner is that it anticipates the freedom of the sinner from his sin. In other words, I am not my sin. I am therefore able to be cleansed from it. That, to me, is wonderfully good news. And it is the reason Jesus was willing and able to take on fellowship with a wretch like me. As Paul wrote:

    “…what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?…”
    – 2 Corinthians 6:14 KJV

    Because Jesus could distinguish between me and my sin, He could take on fellowship with me…for He could never fellowship with sin. Hallelujah!

  65. Mike, A man is a Sinner because of his Sin. To separate the one from the other to me doesn’t quite make any sense. I know you and others may do such, but such is a hard thing to do because the two are intertwined, so to speak. A prostitute, drug addict, or alcoholic is such because it has become their “identity”, who they are, so to speak. To say otherwise is to deny the reality of the situation in favor of trying to “separate” the act from the actor. To me at least, this can’t be done! Perhaps you have another analogy that would better explain how what is so clearly one can be two separate and distinct things?

  66. Timothy,

    I am not sure I can help you with this because what you see so clearly as “one,” I do not.

    In fact, I think we should avoid ever allowing a person’s sin to become their “identity,” because allowing it strengthens sin’s grip on the person.

    I am responsible for my actions, I must bear the consequences of my actions, but I am not my actions. My actions are what I do, not what I am.

    Granted, our actions are very important, but the purpose of grace is to free us from our bad actions and strengthen us for good actions. For example, Paul was a persecutor…but became a preacher. Paul could not remove sin from his past but he could – and did – remove it from his present. As Jesus said, there is more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over 99 persons who need no repentance.

    I’m not sure what causes you to see the sinner as indistinguishable from his sin, but I hope what I’ve said might at least be of some minor help. Since, however, what I said above did not help, I do not hold out much hope that this will either. I only spoke up about “Hate the sin, and love the sinner” because you disparaged it and I didn’t want its value to be spoiled for other readers and not merely you.

  67. Mike, Okay, I can see where you are coming from. But what I was trying to point out is that which is commonly acknowledged as “Cause and Effect”. We are Sinners because we Sin. (Yet, as Christians we are to CHOOSE not to). To say that we can divorce the one from the other, to me at least, is to say that we are NOT defined by our actions. When we take upon us any ‘profession’, are we NOT defined by such? Yes, we can “pretend” to be other than we truly are, but we can not “pretend” to be other than the Sin which defines us, spiritually speaking. We may not be ‘the condition’, but we are most certainly involved in ‘the execution of the deed’. That much, APART FROM THE CONDITION CALLED SIN, is what will ‘define’ what we have chosen to be. We can say: “I am not the Sin that dwells within me!” , but like it or not we are what we are. Only in Jesus Christ can we find any freedom from Sin. And that much comes only as we surrender our Self-wills to Him. Affirmations and declarations will not change our nature for the better. Only Jesus Christ can and will, if we but confess our sin to Him and ask for His forgiveness. A new life can be ours, but we will never be other than “Sinners that are saved by Grace”.


  69. Olga,
    I reached out and asked you who Jesus was speaking to in Matthew 24. I would like to comment on the end of the age.
    The end of the age was the Old Covenant. When Christ died on the cross and was resurrected HE fulfilled the end of the Old Covenant And ushered in the new earth and new heaven. The end of the age was the end of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Jesus spoke of HIS return in the clouds. HE did that. HE came on the cloud of judgment over Jerusalem.
    Do you believe Jesus is reigning as a King? Do you believe Jesus has put death under s his feet? If yes to these two questions. Why then would Christ need to return? HE was speaking to the Jews not you and not me.
    May you have eyes to see.

  70. Cassie, I am so sorry if you find, like me, that we don’t all see “eye to eye”, so to speak, with others who are Christians. (Olga is a good example of this). Believe me when I say that: “I try to see just where others are coming from.” I may have some erroneous ideas about things, (I’m sure of that), as well as the next person. But, I will TRY to understand where another person is coming from. (even if I don’t necessarily believe exactly as what they do about the matter in question.) Yes, I do think that you also try, likewise, to be ‘open-minded’ and ‘teachable’ in your instruction by God’s Holy Spirit of His Word (the Bible). But I think that we ALL need to be alert and sensitive to what goes against what His Spirit tells us is The Truth. (Perhaps this is where Olga is coming from). I will not ever argue my position ‘in defense’ of “the Truth”, as what I understand it to be; because I am always learning new things as I am taught by Christ and His Holy Spirit. I am never beyond having to admit that: “I just didn’t get the whole picture.” Scripture is complicated enough when we put our own interpretations upon it! May His Holy Spirit guide us into all truth, and may we be humble enough to examine the Scriptures DAILY to see if ‘those things’ are so.

  71. I wonder if you are writing this blog and articles just to twike the noses of true believers…because you are so off base with most of the Scriptures?? I was not going to bother you again when I wrote on the

  72. I wonder if you are writing this blog and articles just to twike the noses of true believers…because you are so off base with most of the Scriptures?? I was not going to bother you again when I wrote on the

  73. I wonder if you are writing these articles and giving answers on the blogs just to raise the hair upon the back of the necks of true Christians…you cannot possibly be reading the Bible to come up with many of these statements. I was not going to write you again as I felt it was bordering on ‘harassment’ to you…when I wrote on the blog…you just were not getting it……..but your article on ‘everyone is going to heaven’ changed my mind.

    in the article Everyone Is Going to Heaven
    “Yes, everyone is going to heaven. This is not a clever statement that means something other than what it seems to say. Everyone who dies is going to heaven. I say this on the authority of the Bible, and of Jesus Christ to whom the Bible faithfully points.”

    well, sir, your “biblical authority and faithful points” are off base and you don’t show scripture to authenticate them.
    The Bible says NO ONE has gone up into heaven…except Jesus. (John 3:13)

    I really do not mean to ‘pick on you’ but the blog you have about everyone going to heaven is not true or biblical….Am I not understanding you correctly?…are you saying the consumation (end of the age) has already happened. and you missed it? read what 1st Cor. 15:22 states “For as in Adam all die even so in Christ shall all be made alive…but each in his own season. Christ the First Fruits….–THEN– AT HIS COMING (Rev. 20:4-6)– those who belong to Christ (the chosen of the Father) THEN comes the consumation (the end of this age) when He (Jesus) delivers up (to the Father) the Kingdom (the 1000 year Kingdom on the earth) after destroying every rule, authority and power (not people but their rule/power).
    Rev. 21:3 “and I heard a great voice coming from the throne saying: “Behold, the dwelling place of God is WITH MEN. He will dwell with them and they shall be His people….and God HIMSELF will be with them. ” JUST as He was with Adam…before the fall. We will live on the EARTH with God NOT IN HEAVEN. In fact the New Jerusalem…Jesus’ wife/bride…comes DOWN from heaven to the earth! (Rev. 21:10).
    I can find no Scripture that says we will live in heaven with Jesus….but it will be on earth.
    Rev. 21:5 “….behold, I make ALL THINGS NEW….”

    The Bible says NO ONE has gone up into heaven …except Jesus. (John 3:13; Acts 2:34)…true…. there is joy in heaven over a repentant sinner….but it does not mean the sinner is IN heaven.

    The Bible does not say “everyone goes to heaven” …show me the Scripture. …this is not what happens when someone dies. the Bible actually says just the opposite. a person STILL goes to the “unseen” (the Bible calls this ‘hades’) and is UNCONSCIOUS until the resurrections… (Ecc.9:5) “the living know they will die….but the dead know NOTHING.”……..(Ecc. 12:7) “…..dust returns to the earth and the spirit returns to God Who gave it.” THIS IS WHY the dead go to the “unseen” dust and God’s spirit make a living soul (Genesis 2:7) take away the dust and the breath of God and you have nothing …an “unseen”(hades in the Greek G86….”hell” is the word most used in bible translations)…..sleeping until the resurrection…the Bible says all SLEEP until the resurrection which happens in Rev. 20:4-6
    Nowhere in the Bible does it say ‘sheol’/’hades’ (the unseen) is no more…UNTIL we come to Rev. 20:14 AND death and the unseen are thrown into the lake of fire……NOT destroyed…but CHANGED!! 1st Cor 15:26 “the last enemy to be ‘destroyed’ (G2573…made useless, of no effect, void) is DEATH. this is after the first resurrection and the second resurrection…(Rev.20:13). and sheol (the unseen) is thrown in with death….AFTER it has given up all the dead in it.

    How can a person who has died go to heaven when he has not been judged yet? Judgement is after the first and second resurrections (Rev. 20:4-6) AND ALL will be judged. You may “think” you KNOW what happens when someone dies…believer AND unbeliever but you are in error……I have given you the Scriptures from the Bible, that tell you the truth where they go AND what happens to them!….they go to the unseen and they sleep….it is in the Old Testament AND in the New Testament.
    love in Christ

  74. Olga,

    I think that your demand that I show scriptures justifying my statements about the Second Coming and about everyone going to heaven is a valid demand. That is why I have written books which present the biblical case for each:

    The Biblical Case for Everyone Going to Heaven and Whatever Became of Jesus Christ? The Biblical Case for the Second Coming as Accomplished Fact (both accessible at the “Books” link in the menu bar above).

    I recognize that some people may feel that such teachings are strange, but that does not make them wrong. The Scriptures are the truth and everything is to be judged by them. I rest my case on what they say.

  75. Good Morning,
    This is the day the LORD has made rejoice. Olga, the Bible does say
    “The Bible says NO ONE has gone up into heaven…except Jesus. (John 3:13)”
    I agree. You speak of the end of the age. The end of age was the OT. Do you agree that’s ended? The OLD Covenant ( age) is gone. Christ ushered in the NEW age through HIS death and resurrection. THY will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Do you agree this is done? Do you agree when Jesus said, “It is finished” it was the end of the age of sacrifice and death? That, Jesus IS the only sacrificial lamb that did take away a our sin? So THY kingdom has come to earth. Amen!!! Do you agree that flesh and blood do NOT inherit the Kindgom of God? So then what does? The spirit goes back to God from whence it came. The flesh returns to the earth. The soul is judged. Every man will bow their head and I fess that Jesus is LORD. Yes?!?! The question you seem to be asking is about the resurrection of the dead. “Absent from the body present with the LORD” when the body dies the spirit ascends back to God. This is the resurrection. Yes? We pass from death to life. As far as sinners not making it into to heaven, I have this question. Jesus PAID our debt. ALL have fallen short even believers. Yes? If you got a speeding ticket and went to court and paid it whatvwoukd the stamp say? PAID IN FULL! That’s what Jesus did. HE PAID in FULL our debts. The debt of ALL sinners.
    Isn’t that liberating?!! So, if one drinks and drives hits a tree and dies they die as the Bible says, ” BEFORE THEIR APPOINTED TIME” that is judgment. Yes?
    I pray we all SEE with spiritual eyes with all truth what Jesus has done for ALL man kind. ” There is not one worthy, no not one”

  76. Dear Cassie, I felt prompted in spirit to write (I do not have your individual E-mail) to you yet once again. God Bless you. God bless Olga too! WHY DO WE TAKE THE BIBLE (GOD’S WORD) AS A POINT TO DEBATE OR ARGUE OUR DOCTRINAL POSITIONS? I am grieved that such happens among Christians repeatedly. I don’t fault those people who believe (as what they want) that the Bible DOES teach among other things: The justification of Capital Punishment for offenses (the Old Testament Law), the exclusiveness of Jews as God’s Holy People above and beyond that of others, the right to genocide all those who are outside of God’s Covenant relationship, that Sabbath disobedience is worthy of death, the justification of slavery, the prohibition against eating anything God declares unclean, and on and on and on. We, as Christians, CAN argue or debate many things that may or may not be expressly taught at one time or another from the Bible. But the fact that THE BIBLE is used to defend OUR IDEAS AND POSITIONS (whether right or wrong) shows me that profanation of His Holy Word IS possible, because such IS happening continuously! Why do you think that God had His Cherubim to guard against Adam and Eve’s re-admittance to the Garden and to the Tree of Life? Why was the same Cherubim seen as above God’s Mercy Seat? And why would those same Cherubim be seen surrounding His throne in the book of Revelation? My sister in Christ, let us pray that others will perhaps gain the same understanding as us. But let us put away divisiveness and contention over the Scripture and it’s content! LET US AGREE TO THE RIGHT TO DISAGREE regarding just how we understand God’s Written Word. Let us let the Holy Spirit be our Guide and Teacher along with Jesus Christ. If others ARE wrong, than let us allow God and His Spirit to correct them. Let us stop using the Bible to defend OURSELVES AND OUR OWN RIGHTNESS ABOUT ANYTHING! There. I have said it! whether that will create a new point of contention and debate or not! I treasure, as I know you and Olga do, God’s Word. But I WILL NOT USE IT TO DEFEND MY OWN “AGAINST” ANOTHER TO JUSTIFY “MY OWN RIGHTNESS”.

  77. Hello Mike, I had a dream (as a Christian) of actually assassinating Donald Trump. I was in my dream holding the gun that shot him. I awoke shocked. Whereas, I may not like him as President; I would never think of killing him or anyone. Do our dreams actually indicate what hatred of malice we have for others? Would I have actually killed him IF POSSIBLE? This is very disturbing to me and frightens me. Am I mentally disturbed or deranged? Please, can you tell me whether our thoughts during our dreams are indicative of what actions we would ACTUALLY TAKE IF POSSIBLE? (I sign this post as “anonymous” because I probably feel like most people in that regard).

  78. You cannot control what you dream. You can only control what you think. Therefore, you should not feel guilty for what you dream. Neither should you feel that such a dream means you are mentally disturbed or deranged. You seem to recoil at the thought of assassinating the president, and that is normal and good.

    That said, a remaining question would be, “Might the dream be an indication, whether directly from God or not, that your conscious thoughts about the president have been inappropriately negative?” It’s a question worth asking even if you hadn’t had the dream. Only you can answer it, and I would encourage you to discuss it openly with the Lord.

    Does the Lord require us to like everything a president does? Obviously not; since the current president is doing things so differently from the previous president, it would be impossible to like the policies of both. What the Lord does require is for us to love everyone, and that means having their best interests at heart…even when we don’t agree with them.

    Therefore, it’s okay to disagree with a president’s policies, but it’s not okay to bear any personal malice toward him in your heart. Of course, you already know this – I’m just confirming it for you.

  79. mike, i’m scared! i spent my youth hating God and Jesus, hating my life…jealous of everyone else, appreciating nothing. then one day, the verse about blasphemy of the holy spirit jumped out at me…and i was terrified. i went to church, was baptized…did everything out of fear…but i kept drifting in and out of church. it wasnt until years later, when i finally began to cry again…that faith came to me when i saw that all would be saved. WOW!! all that fear fell from me…i became excited…but sin was present with me, cause i fell away….questioning and dismissing the bible….talking to spirits….i started seeing things…weird things. dark figured man….obituaries with my name on them, and other things. i started bouncing in and out of mental hospitals…for the past 2 years. i have been swayed since then by every wind of doctrine…and lost all my emotions a few times…except fear….until last june, ..i thanked God, but didnt live like i thanked him. i started losing my emotions again…until i started thinking about other again…..i gave food to the soup kitchen…..and it melted my heart…i cried, few days later my dad died….i went manic. started laughing…crying…..shaking with fear….this continued til his funeral. i went manic again at christmas this past christmas…..and was hospitalized again…more meds that took my emotions away again…till i got off the anti psychotic…i need to be able to feel compassion, love, joy, peace…………i have had really bad delusions (a couple in which i thought i was Jesus……………one in which i thought Jesus and satan were brothers (thats the night i saw the dark man and my obituary)…..i have been swayed again to think the bible was false…..but i couldnt explain away the gift of tongues……….i’ve witnessed it. i do believe it to be the work of God….but a few nights ago, this thought came in my mind……”maybe it came from satan”…………i felt weird after that… God had abandoned me…..dis i blaspheme the holy spirit? i know that thought to not be true….i was just trying to account for where tongues came from if the bible was false. but i sit here convicted that the bible is true……im worried about this. can i get back on track again? can i be forgiven? the bible says this sin wont be forgiven…..i’m scared. i want to do right by Jesus in this life….i want to develop a love for Him….right now…i’m scared of Him. please help.

  80. If Jesus had wanted to condemn us, He could have done so without putting Himself to the trouble of being crucified. Yet He was crucified, precisely because He did not want to condemn us.

    Cling to this that Jesus said:

    “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.” – John 14:27

    1. what i mean is…i dont want to be ashamed in heaven…..i want to laugh and love and celebrate there….but i’ve done so much that i’ve been afraid i have wasted away all the grace that God gave me….since being on these meds, i havent been able to laugh…..or cry. i need a good cry….from the heart….i want to have that feeling of love/compassion/forgiveness…….when i give or forgive from the heart..i cry,. very hard,because i believe that is God’s love for me. when i feel love FROM others….i cry. it is beautiful. compassion and forgiveness is the most beautiful thing i ever felt in my life. i want to get those feelings back again. please pray for me. i have felt Jesus’s love for me before…i want to feel it again.

    2. if the soul is where our thoughts and feelings come from… do we get our feelings back. i am coming off a powerful med and i cant feel tears or laughter…or my creativity…..i laughed the other night…briefly, really hard, but thinking i blasphemed the spirit and lost my soul, has me troubled. i want to be able to laugh again…and have tears of compassion and forgiveness again. why do i feel like my soul is gone? i dont care about riches…..i want my feelings and emotions, and my creativity (i write songs)….what can i do?

  81. My oh my… How sad that this individual fears God and Gods love for him. In John1:1 In the beginning was the Word ( Jesus) and Word (Jesus) was with God and the Word ( Jesus )was God.

    God left the throne of heaven and came in the flesh of man. Jesus was without sin as we know. Jesus carried OUR cross. Jesus paid for OUR sins. Jesus is OUR mediator. Jesus is OUR healer, rock, salvation and OUR Savior.
    Jesus came to set US free.
    You are putting the the yoke of bondage back around your neck. Jesus remembers your sins NO MORE! You are FORGIVEN.
    Jesus KNOWS your heart. Please forgive yourself. Jesus said, ” pick up YOUR cross and follow me” you are doing that.
    Jesus said,”He who believes in me has eternal life” Do you believe in Jesus?
    You replaced Jesus with darkness. Jesus has been with you always. Invite HIM into your heart.
    You are forgiven. Jesus IS the ONLY way. Gods will is that NONE shall perish.
    In Jesus,

    1. i’m not afraid of God’s love….i felt it. it’s beautiful. i want to feel love for Him…ive invited Jesus in my heart so many times….i only felt fear…i want to feel love and compassion again. i felt it before, but lost it. please pray for me

  82. This post is to the “Steve” who is corresponding with both Mike Gantt and Cassie here, I too, have known where in my studies (I have a degree in Psychology) where anxiety, depression, fear, and worry can dull our emotional responses. Especially if these “emotional responses” are linked to strong medications that may ‘numb’ the good emotions and/or feelings like: concern, compassion, empathy, and Love for others. But don’t let the enemy of your soul defeat you this way! Nor should he convince you that you have ever loss your soul! I too, upon the death of my best friend, and then my Mother, have suffered depression and fear so severe it would rob me of my previous joy and happiness in living. A kind of “paranoid paralysis” would set in that I would have to battle, in my mind and spirit, in Jesus’ Name, to move forward with my life and find some meaning, purpose, and productivity for living. Even so, neither YOU, NOR I, ARE BEYOND OR OUTSIDE OF THE GRACE OF GOD. Satan can “mess with our heads”, but he CANNOT TOUCH OUR LIFE! Remember that, when you feel that you must “regain” something of which you feel robbed. If you have given yourself to Jesus at ANY POINT in your life; you are secure in Him. Believe that, because it is the Truth. You may leave Him, but He will “never leave you, or forsake you”. Blessings upon you Steve, as you are a Beloved Child of God.

    1. how can i be sure i have given myself to Jesus? i have been “saved” countless times, baptized twice, invited him in my heart…but i was always afraid. before i was even convicted of sin i invited him in my heart….no worries there….i was in AA , so my devotion to Jesus didnt last long at that point. years later, after hating him for a while, i was convicted….scared out of my wits!! i got saved again….baptized….i tried to have faith and live a holy life, but i just couldnt….i drifted in and out of church, kept backsliding. i had addictions i was struggling with…temptation always won…but i did fight…….later, after trying harder…slowly overcoming these addictions, i felt Gods love for the first time, and i felt compassion on others…real compassion…most beautiful thing i ever felt. i cried when i felt it…really hard…..shortly after, i discovered all would be sAVED…..i was too ecsatatic…really high…i fell away from real belief and conviction……if you ever heard of…i got so excited i questioned all my previous beliefs….then the bible must be wrong….i soon started talking to spirits, hallucinating…and i went off the deep end….really hard…i couldnt really find my way back….and now i never felt so lost….is it too late for me?

  83. Timothy,
    Amen and amen!! I would like to add that I once thought because I take anti anxiety medication that I was not putting my faith in God. This type of thinking took me years to overcome.
    I have the peace of Christ. I KNOW God and I believe in Jesus! HE is my savior. Amen!
    I took care of my sister who died of lung cancer. She was only 56. She came to accept and believed in Jesus before she passed. It was a year later and I cared for my mom who passed away from Alzheimer’s. She too knew Jesus.
    After that my brother had open heart surgery and he too came to live with me while I helped him rehab. He too accepted Jesus as His LORD and Savior.
    We will backslide. We will sin. But that doesn’t mean we are no longer loved.
    Trust in Jesus more than you trust in yourself. God is SO good.
    In Jesus,

  84. Steve, Our past obsessions and compulsions can hold us in iron shackles to addictive habits and patterns or behavior. Is it too late for us? NEVER! Do we dare, yes DARE come and cry to the Lord Jesus Christ for the freedom from bondage; or do we continue to wallow in our misery and shame? Only after the Demon possessed man came to Jesus was the evils cast out completely. Then, AND ONLY THEN, was he found “clothed and in his right mind”. Next we find him there, sitting at Jesus’ feet, listening and talking to Him. He begged Jesus to allow him to follow Him. But, Jesus replied to him: “Go home to your family’, He said, and report to them all that the LORD has done for you, and the mercy He has shown you’. Mark 5:19. Then, in verse twenty it states: “The man departed, and proclaimed everywhere in Decapolis all that Jesus had done for him; and all were astonished.” There are so many things that this story tells. JESUS HIMSELF can “clothe” us and put us ‘IN OUR RIGHT MIND’. Our own attempts at Self-deliverance and freedom will fail us, because then we are acting in our own strength. Or rather, WE HAVE NO STRENGTH, and little Will Power to change our ways. We are scared when we come to Jesus. Will this be ‘the end’ of ME? Will Jesus judge and ‘punish’ ME? Or, will I find mercy, understanding , compassion, and forgiveness? Perhaps, He will offer us just the love, help, and deliverance we need! Will we then desire to wholeheartedly PROCLAIM EVERYWHERE all that Jesus has done for us? Or will we like little dogs, hoard to ourselves ‘the crumbs’ that fall from the Master’s table! I wonder: Did that Demon possessed man KNOW Jesus? Or did he only know ABOUT Him? You see, he came to KNOW HIM. Think that over! Why should Jesus be important to me or you? If only because he was ‘a Prophet’ or a ‘good teacher’ then we have missed the opportunity to truly KNOW Him. Didn’t He alone save us when we COULD NOT save ourselves? ISN’T THAT THE POINT!!! Lord Jesus, please help us! For we cannot help ourselves. We are too overcome by all of what is happening with us. But help us by your power alone to get through all of this. We trust in you. We surrender now to you. We repent of all our thoughts, feelings, and Self-Will. Jesus, save us from our selves. We thank you and believe by faith that this is so. Amen.

  85. Feelings can be important, but they are vapors – they come and go. The truth stands forever.

    If we build our lives on truth, the good feelings we seek will eventually come. But if we build our lives on feelings, the truth will be elusive.

    No one can serve two masters. You can either serve feelings or you can serve the truth. Jesus is Lord and Jesus is the truth. Our decisions do not make Him Lord, nor do they make Him truth. Rather, we either accept truth or we resist it. Resisting truth is futile and leads to dysfunction. Accepting truth is the way to peace.

    Jesus is the truth and He is Lord.

  86. thanks mike, cassie, timothy….i’m feeling much better now. Jesus inspired me to write a song last nite about how i came to know i needed him….when there is music, and i have it recorded…ill post it on here…..darn studio! all these cables….argh!! lol

  87. Steve, I can write songs too. (and I do). But once we have learnt the Truth of who Jesus IS; we must NEVER let go of that Truth! That is why reading of His words, and coming to KNOW of Him is so vitally important. There is Light to be found IN JESUS, and His words that will chase all the shadows, all the ‘doom and gloom’ away from our lives. This isn’t just figurative speech. IT IS REAL! And THAT REALITY IS FOR YOU. Here is my song called “Happily Ever After”, for you. Happily ever after doesn’t mean that all is right. Our lives are like old pictures- seldom seen as black and white. When you find that secret place deep inside your troubled soul. Then there is no great hardship that can veer you from your goal. (Chorus) At every new beginning. At every dawning day there are angels bringing you hope along the way. So let us be forgiving in all we do and say. Let us Live the Kingdom now for which we seek and pray. The lens through which we see things depends upon our point of view. Embrace that Heavenly Light and everything will then be new. Despite the changing scenery it is really up to you. For you are the Producer, and your own director too! (return to the Chorus). God bless you, Steve. Cling tightly to Jesus and He will ever be close to you.

  88. Hi Steve,
    Praise the LORD! All glory to HIM. I would love to hear your song.
    Trust in HIM. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
    It’s so true. We are nothing without HIM. The JOY and PEACE I have in me comes only from HIM.
    Thank you Jesus for helping Steve. Thank you for showing him your love for him.
    In Jesus,

  89. what do i do when an accusation comes at me? i was just over at the store with my guitar….singing old dylan, kiss, and ccr songs…raising money to feed the hungry….all was going well….till i got up to go in the store a thought came “youre not forgiven! you blasphemed the holy spirit….remember having that thought that tongues today come from satan?” (i know this not to be true…others told me it was from satan….some tell me it is learned, but i am convicted in my soul that neither of these are true…….it is my empowering of the holy spirit). anyway….when i had first learned all would be saved…(after years of trying to please God on my own power).faith came. i felt the presence of God…it was comforting…like sitting with my grandpa…i miss him. but sin was present with me….cause i got all these strange thoughts, hallucinations….i felt this other consciousness inside me…i dont know what it was…but i have to think that if it was the holy spirit, i wouldnt have had those hallucinations….the next day i walked around in anger….til fear struck me….i never been so scared in my life!! i never felt God’s presence since (cause i was in and out of mental wards….different doctrines…i really went crazy!). i want to feel His presence and comfort again, but i dont know how. the first time i felt it, i was fasting (didnt plan it….but 10 days without food….then i saw all will be saved. i was excited. i felt God’s spirit assuring me i was one of His sons. it felt awesome! why didnt it last? i was inspired to play for people, raise money for the poor…but i was lured away unaware. how can i feel God’s loving presence again?…i dont want it to be too late in this life.

  90. Steve,

    The teachings of Christ were easy. It is man who has made them so confusing. Jesus told us thevtwo greatest commands and to keep them.
    Jesus also told us to ” pick up thy cross and follow me” you seem to have put the yoke of work and bondage back around your neck.
    Jesus told us to BELIEVE. Jesus said, ” Thy faith has made thee whole”
    Jesus also said, ” come unto me all thee that labor and are heavy laden and I shall give thee rest. Take my yoke upon thee and learn from me. For my yoke is easy and my burden light.”
    It’s that simple. Don’t allow your past to corrupt your present. Enjoy the blessings Christ has given you.
    Rebuke the devil and he shall flee.
    Gods will is that none shall perish.
    In Jesus,

  91. Steve, please tell Satan to take a hike! No matter where you have been, or what you may have done, JESUS FORGIVES YOU! STOP, STOP, STOP LISTENING TO SATAN’S LIES. IF, you can’t find the strength not to, then GO TO JESUS IMMEDIATELY! Just cry out: HELP ME LORD JESUS, HELP AND SAVE ME FROM THIS! Believe me when I tell you: IT WILL WORK. About “speaking in tongues”: It may not make sense to anyone, but Jesus knows your heart. Keep it simple! Don’t try to be a show off by being a “Super Christian”! (As if there really is such a thing). I would rather speak from my heart what I truly want to say (however garbled) to Jesus, than try to speak Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, or whatever language I don’t really know! GET DOWN TO BUSINESS, AND GET REAL WITH JESUS. Stop telling us it doesn’t work. Try it! Try it! and you’ll see it does.

    1. Steve, Again, I see that you want Jesus to take you by the hand to lead you to Him. He’ll do that much, IF as a little child you just surrender unto Him. FORGET EVERY DOUBT! FORGET EVERY FEAR! FORGET WHAT YOU THINK MAY BE THE PROPER WAY TO COME TO HIM! HE KNOWS YOU BETTER THAN YOU KNOW YOURSELF. Just come. Just as you are! No reservations. No more questions of “what about this” or “what about that”. The majority of our worries NEVER HAPPEN. If I was to worry so much, I know I must surrender them to His Love, as a child, and learn to TRUST HIM. Do that much first and foremost. Then you will begin to see how everything will eventually come into focus for you. Remember, as I said: “Tell Satan to take a hike!”

  92. i know it works….cause it worked before. i just need faith. i dont try to be a super christian….i prefer to give in secret like Jesus says to…and to pray privately…what is Jesus’ yoke? i’ll get down to business. He said His yoke is light…i believe that. but i need faith…how do i get back my faith? Jesus said to feed the hungry, visit the sick and lonely, help the poor… guitar is how i make money to do that….i dont want recognition….except from the Father…i give as secretly or anonymously as possible..i want to make Him glad and happy, but my heart needs to be healed….how do i ask Him to heal my heart…and my soul? i really do want to give (from the heart)…is that a yoke of bondage? i want to obey Jesus as best i can….i want to develop a love for Him…and for God…….but if i dont feel it in my heart, i won’t say i love Him….i have felt it before, and told Him. btw, what is the yoke of work and bondage?…how do i cast it off from me? i know Jesus’ yoke works to set us free….i just need help finding my way back,

  93. Hi Steve,
    ” Faith comes from hearing and hearing comes from the word of God” Amen?!
    What is works? Anything outside of the will of God is work. When we receive the Holy Spirit we are then led to do the will of the Father. Anything we do not according to Gods plan is fleshy and work.
    The Bible says, ” Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”
    We have FAITH that Jesus has risen from the dead. Amen?!! Through that same FAITH
    we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God. Yes?
    Steve, faith is a very difficult thing for most. That’s why I said, God knows thy heart. And HE already died for you. We must humble ourselves but not walk around in sackcloth and ashes.
    How do we cast off the bondage? By believing in Jesus. By asking the Holy Spirit to sup with us. By decreasing so Christ can increase. By reading the word of God. By praying and believing what you Ask for you shall receive. By Seeking you will find. And by Knocking the door shall open. Remember this ” I SHALL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU” we leave HIM… HE never leaves us.
    In Jesus,

  94. how do i decrease so He may increase? how do i deny myself? in what way? giving up smoking? fasting? i’m lost here…i need all the help i can get. i’m scared…42 years old///and like a scared little child. i try to remind myself that all these doubtful thoughts are coming from satan….the more i try to draw to Jesus, i’m reminded of a verse….kinda like a flaming cherabim preventing me from reaching Him….what do i read when my faith is weak…or missing? sorry to be a pest here, but something is blocking me from having faith

  95. Hello Steve,
    How do we decrease? We don’t focus on ourselves. We don’t fulfill the desires of the flesh. We focus on HIM!
    Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes from the word of God. Do you read the living word?
    Do you pray? Do you believe you will receive? Do you have a relationship with Jesus?
    We need to meet God half way.
    There is no one preventing you from Christ.
    In Jesus,

  96. Hi again Steve, I hear you as does Jesus! But you, AND YOU ALONE, BY YOUR FEAR AND INHIBITIONS are making what is so very simple more complicated than it needs to be. I, and others have told you, REGARDLESS OF whether you are terrified, frightened, or even petrified inside to JUST TRUSTINGLY GO, TAKE ALL THESE ANXIETIES, FEARS, AND WORRIES TO JESUS. It doesn’t have to be difficult. But who are you choosing to listen to??? Stop listening to those lies and start TRUSTING IN THE TRUTH! I’m not trying to be hard on you here; as I love you in Jesus’ love. Just go! GO! GO TO JESUS! No matter what you may think or feel! And then in “trusting surrender” LEAVE IT ALL FOR HIM TO TAKE CARE OF. It REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE. And if those same feelings and thoughts come back to you; TAKE THEM TO JESUS. Stop all the questions for us! TAKE YOUR QUESTIONS TO JESUS TO ANSWER. BE PATIENT, AND TRUST AND BELIEVE IN HIM TO ANSWER YOU EVENTUALLY. He WILL work with you on all of this. You belong to HIM and don’t you EVER forget that! I am praying for you so you are never alone. Grace and Peace be unto you. Timothy

  97. thanks guys…..i’m not trying to earn my faith, but there is a fundraiser that i really want to help with….a little girl named Aaliyah….brain cancer. needs stem cell treatments n chemo…expen$ive!!-…so i am helping in what small ways i can….i also wrote a song for her……and others. here it is:

    i was up one night on facebook

    when my friend tammy just had to break the news

    about a little girl named aaliyah,

    who is really sick, and all the help that she could use

    now i believe theres a God up there,

    and i’m hoping that he’s going to let her stay

    cause it isnt fair she’s fighting for her life

    while we;re wasting ours away

    now this song may offend you

    to the point…that you really hate my guts

    but if you want the world to change

    you can bet yourlife, that it has to start with us

    i took a trip to portland

    on a greyhound, cause i didnt have a car

    to meet a family i didnt know

    and buy myself a really cool guitar

    i didnt care what the whole trip cost

    or how many times i got lost

    and i didnt care if the hopsital was too far

    i touched the heart of a total stranger,

    so i’m really glad..that i got on that bus

    cause if we want the world to change

    you can bet your life that it has to start with us

    i walked around with my new guitar

    when a homeless man came and whispered in my ear

    he asked me for a little change,

    and he said he wouldnt spend it all on beer

    since i knew that i had plenty

    i gave the man a twenty

    then he grabbed me and he burst right into tears

    you can say there’s good in you

    but Jesus said that charty’s a must

    and if you want the world to change

    you can bet your life, that it has to start with us

    some have more than they’ll ever need

    while other’s starve, it’s got to be a crime

    a stranger will swallow all his pride and ask for help

    but we havent got the time

    the little ones are getting scared

    cause the hand they’re dealt just isn’t fair

    cause a greedy man just cannot spare a dime

    the world can be a beautiful place,

    so dont you let it crumble to the dust

    now if you want to turn this hell into heaven

    then it has to start with us

    1. Very Beautiful Steve! I encourage you to use your gift to reach out to others more frequently in the love of God. I know that is what I do; as I had two Churches use my music in their services and had professional singers perform for their congregations. I love your heart, because you are “living out” the Gospel. Only don’t let this world take advantage of your Charity! Offer to them the “Spiritual” Charity of sharing with them the truth of what blessings and grace Jesus has shown to you first, then offer to them the “Material” Charity as what God lays on your heart to do. When in doubt, pray what is the ‘very best’ way that you may help your neighbor. Sometimes, all it takes is a smile. Sometimes, saying :”God Loves You! and so do I.” Sometimes, just listening to somebodies troubles. God will help you to know what to do. I prayed for you today, and wept as I did, knowing I could not hug you, but knowing that Jesus could and would! You have friends you could never even imagine! DON’T EVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF. You mean too much to this world, whether you can see that or not. May the love and abundant blessings of Jesus flood into your life now and always. Timothy

  98. Hi Steve,
    Beautiful! Very deep. I pray I have not told you not to show love. I pray you will always reach out to others. I pray you will always show the light of Christ to all you come into contact with.
    Have FAITH that God will show you HIS plan for you. May you always be in HIS grace.
    Blessings to you in Jesus name,

  99. i am starting to read His word more, and deny myself…i trust He will meet me halfway on His timing….not mine. as for showing others light and love….is it still love if i don’t feel it? i want to give….not to boast….and not grudgingly, i would love more to give in secret, but sometimes someone WILL know i am giving… without me telling anyone….i am talking to Jesus more…not repetitive words, but long one sided conversations

  100. Steve, Take heed in believing that all your prayers are just “one sided” communications. It is easy to feel that way, I know. Listen to what your heart and “spirit” is pouring out. It may seem “selfish” and “self-centered” at first. But, believe it or not, God’s presence with you will help you to pray “in spirit and truth”. It doesn’t matter what YOU think or feel. GOD KNOWS WHAT IS TROUBLING YOU. And like any truly loving friend, Jesus will support you and uplift you when your at your lowest point. When you feel that all is lost, or that it isn’t truly worthwhile: DON’T EVER GIVE IN TO THAT, OR GIVE UP! You are off to a great start. Now ask Him to daily reveal more of Himself to you. It could be through His Spirit, or through His Word. Maybe, just a stranger will reveal the likeness of Jesus to you. Be open and you will see. I am “patting you on the back” my friend. And Jesus will be too! Timothy

  101. Hello Steve,

    Is it still love if you don’t feel it?!! You wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t love.
    Having one sided conversations is a start. I KNOW more will follow.
    It is reading the living word that quickens our spirits and brings us into union with our Savior.
    The angels are rejoicing! Hallelujah! Please read Psalm 95.

    In Jesus,

  102. Sometimes, we, like many people I know, feel that we are walking through a ‘spiritual’ desert/wilderness where all appears to be dry, vastly empty, and lonely. There seems to be little if any “spiritual” nourishment in sight. Yet THERE IS ENOUGH for each day’s need! I recall the words of John the Baptist when read without the modern punctuation that we apply. At John 1:23: “He (John the Baptist) said I am the voice of once crying IN THE WILDERNESS make straight the way of the Lord as said the prophet Esaias (Isaiah).” Yes, in our “spiritual” wilderness we should make straight a way for the Lord to do his work. In those times when we feel that we are ‘in a dry place’, spiritually speaking, we should see that despite the struggle; God and His Christ will come with His Spirit of Truth to help and rescue His faithful followers, His children. After we each have passed through a difficult time in our lives; we then try to move ahead, slowly but cautiously. To move too quickly may only cause more complications and stress. We look for the return of God’s light and hope: and remain patient. Jesus will never give up on us! Despite our lack of control over Life’s circumstances and the positions they leave us in; we are never left to walk this path alone without any help. It is usually a matter of perspective. Are we looking unto Him? The path through that “desert/wilderness” that lies before us? or the world that is beneath our feet? Think about that! This is my word from the Spirit of Christ to you. Our fears along the way hold no power over us that the peace of Jesus Christ can’t disperse. Let us trust completely in His Love that will never leave or forsake us!

  103. Dear Mike Gantt, here is Jean-Claude Lafforgue from South France (Toulouse) and I have been living here in Germany since over 46 years.
    I have known the Lord since 1954 and I became an evangelist in the year 1968 in the then West-Berlin

    You are teaching a lots of errors! And also you are using a modern liberal critical English Bible translation: why not a big thank you to these accursed Jesuits and to their grand master sitting on an unclean throne in an unclean and not eternal city on seven hills? Why not? Because anyhow, they have been using Wescott & Hort to bring about later the proud and fake Nestle-Aland & UBS NT Greek text, texts they are always working upon and willfully changing from edition to edition! I am using the King James Bible and God is satisfied with it, but not with your own NASV! Christ will come again, bodily and just as He said! There is not such a thing as a so-called “universal restoration” (apart from the true biblical restoration of all things, which has nothing to do with restoring even sinners who died without repentance and faith unto an automatic salvation and acceptance after death! If so, than “universalists” are taking the next step which is the of Satan and of all his fallen demons to their first state before they fell in rebellion and darkness!!! Then, why shouldn’t God apologize with all the3 satanists, witches and gays, lesbians, murderers of this world? Of course there is a real hell and a real eternal damnation, just as there is a real heaven and a real eternal life and blessedness in heaven, with God the father, with the Lord Jesus Christ and with the Holy Spirit! Please, take abetter look for guidance and go to the full counsel of the Word of God, not just nice parts out of the full context! Honor to whom honor is due! I am on your mailing list! * jcl1947

    1. Jean-Claude, You say Mike Gantt is wrong in his “Universalist” view of Salvation; but then you judge others who you feel are totally unworthy of ever receiving God’s gift of Salvation by Grace! We, (meaning: Christians) don’t get to pick and choose who will be saved! Granted, Mike Gantt may be wrong in much of his doctrinal beliefs (Those with eyes to see and ears to hear will know); but you and I don’t have to accept anything of what he believes! I DON’T! NOR WILL I! It is for that reason that I no longer wish to be on his mailing list. You should do so too, if you should care to. (Even “Religious Fanatics” can take you to the moon, so to speak, with the Bible and what they believe of it! That doesn’t mean we have to accept them or their doctrine!)

  104. Hi Mike,

    I just want to say that I enjoy listening to your blogs, and I appreciate all the efforts you make to share the Gospel. I have read some of your books and am in total belief in God’s love for humanity that he will not abandon anyone. It is my belief that God has given all to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and that He will lose none.

    With respect to the above, upon listening to your podcast on Psalm 109, you stated in your commentary for verse 29 (“Let mine adversaries be clothed with shame, and let them cover themselves with their own confusion, as with a mantle”) that there will be those who will be in heaven feeling shameful. Given that sin had brought shame to Adam and Eve and God will restore humanity to a state in which there is no longer the existence of sin (thus, shame), could you please explain further what you meant in your commentary?

  105. Heaven lasts for an eternity. How long we will be feeling regret for our earthly transgressions, I do not know. I do not, however, expect it to be for eternity. But neither do I expect that those who defied the Lord on earth will take their first steps in heaven as cavalierly as they took their last steps on earth.

    1. And that much would also speak to you and your avowed “doctrinal position”! Regardless of ‘who’ we think we are (a “Bible Know It All” or a person with a “Messiah Complex”); we all will be ‘treading lightly’ when standing before the Great White Throne Judgement of God in Heaven, face to face with the King of King and Lord of Lords! PS: If you can not be 100% certain of something (even if you THINK your right); DON’T CLAIM IT! And stop advertising the posts of “sick minded” Messiah candidates (Shannon Aaron Payne) who deserve to be institutionalized! Mike Gantt is quick to post anything that will grab your attention span.

  106. Hi,

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    1. Why, O Why should we ever consider placing the knowledge of Jesus Christ along side a site for Health and Fashion? Definitely this sounds like Scam Mail! Dore Aesthetics? Are we going to say that this “Christian Business” is promoting the “Good News” of Jesus Christ by being linked to this website? Jesus Christ deserves better glory and honor than to being brought down to this world’s advertising schemes.

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