I have digitally published multiple books (seven as of May 2017).  You will not have to pay for any of these books; I have them all listed for a price of $0.00 at the following retailers:

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Smashwords  –  This is the site for Kindle readers.  They offer multiple formats that can be read on a Kindle device, including mobi.

Page Foundry (Inktera)  –  You will have to search on “mike gantt” once you reach this site.

Tolino  –  Available only in Europe, primarily Germany.

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(Amazon is the world’s largest retailer of digital books and you may wonder they are not included above.  The reason is that Amazon will not carry books in its catalog which are permanently free, and I am unwilling to distribute my books on any other basis.  You can, however, obtain a mobi – or pdf or other – file to read on any Kindle device by going to the Smashwords link above.  I used to keep a set of mobi files, but Smashwords offers much more, I have dispensed with the option.)


If you do not have a digital reader and want to read any of the books through your browser, I have made them available at the respective links below.  Be aware, however, that the formatting for some of them is sub-par.  I have grouped the books by subject matter.

Re: Faith

Apostolic Apologetics: An Efficient and Sufficient Warrant for Faith in Christ – This book is written for the person who wants a faith in Christ he can defend – not just to others, but to himself in the sight of God. Christian apologetics is a burgeoning field – so much so that it can be overwhelming to survey, much less to master. Apostolic apologetics, a simple and straightforward alternative, is a way to establish and defend your faith not on the testimony of modern experts – be they philosophers, scientists, or even biblical scholars – but rather on the testimony of the apostles themselves. Approximately 38,000 words.

The New Testament From a Distance – Although addressed to unbelievers as an invitation to approach the New Testament as reliable ancient literature rather than as a church textbook, this book will also help believers who struggle with doubts, whether from without or within, about the reliability of the texts or the authors of the New Testament. The book lays out the case that the only reasonable way to read the New Testament is by accepting that its 27 individual texts are what was originally written and that their authors are the ones claimed in the respective titles – including Hebrews. Approximately 50,000 words.

Finding Faith: The Historical Jesus in the Undisputed Paulines – Though its title may sound academic, this book is written for anyone wanting evidence for Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Drawing on a portion of the New Testament regarded as authentic by the vast majority of both ancient and modern scholars, this book presents the evidence for Jesus in a way that any reader can access. Whether you’ve lost your faith, or you’ve never had it, or even if you have faith but want to be more certain about it, this book will help you. Approximately 41,000 words.

Re: Heaven

The Biblical Case for Everyone Going to Heaven – Most people think that the Bible teaches that we go to either heaven or hell when we die. However, this is because most people are insufficiently familiar with the Bible’s contents and have merely accepted someone else’s interpretation. This book demonstrates that the Bible actually teaches something different from the traditional heaven-or-hell scenario. Approximately 60,000 words.

The Implications of Everyone Going to Heaven – This book is a sequel to The Biblical Case for Everyone Going to Heaven. It explores the implications of everyone going to heaven, and how that truth integrates with other biblical truths. All of the author’s work is based on the conviction that Jesus is Lord and that the Bible is the word of God. Approximately 34,000 words.

Re: The Second Coming of Christ

Whatever Became of Jesus Christ?  The Biblical Case for the Second Coming as Accomplished Fact – Contrary to many opinions, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is not something future and physical – rather it is something past and spiritual. Extensive explanation of the relevant Bible passages will demonstrate that the Second Coming of Christ occurred just when He and His apostles said it would – in the 1st Century A.D. Jesus Christ is God, and the Second Coming is an outworking of that reality. Approximately 31,000 words.

Re: Christian Living

The Honor of Marriage  –  This book is for those who want to understand marriage as God has designed it –which is to say family as God designed it. Modern American culture has lost sight of true marriage and thus no longer supports it, even turning hostile to it. Christians must show the way to repentance by restoring honor to marriage – fulfilling its responsibilities, enjoying its benefits, and defending its unique character and central importance to human well-being. Approximately 50,000 words.