The administrative task of keeping up five blogs and the over 12,000 posts that comprise them (see related post below) is taking too much time away from my writing, studying, and praying.  Social media is great, but I’m using it for the purpose of delivering content.  Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to let the demands of “administrivia” detract from the production of content.

I am not going to bore you with the details of how the demands of maintaining blogs are increasing with each passing year.  However, you have probably heard enough about cyber attacks, malware, and other security issues to recognize that blog owners are having to do more and more to protect their blogs.  I am inundated with warnings and suggestions for solutions that I am ill-equipped to choose between.  The demands for proper site maintenance have become overwhelming to this non-technical site owner.  And this is just one example of increasing administrative demands.

More importantly, my sense of being overwhelmed has sensitized me to what any new reader of my blogs must feel.  Forget about technical issues – just think about navigating all the content.  I have put myself in the shoes of a first-time visitor to my blogs and it makes me feel like a dump truck has just backed up and emptied its load on top of me.

Without going into more detail, and there is much more I could say, I have decided to simplify my ministry by focusing exclusively on writing books.  Again, there are many reasons behind this, but it is not worth troubling you with all that information.  Here is the new website about the books.

My transition begins immediately.  Other than the daily Old Testament podcasts, I will not be posting anymore to any of the existing blogs.  All my writing from today forward will be for books.

Though I won’t be posting anymore to these existing five blogs, I will maintain them for you for another year.  I did not feel right about letting them go without an extensive notice period.  Therefore, they will not go dark until June 30, 2018 – coinciding with the end of my podcasting (related post below).

If you are concerned about a loss of content, consider that my books and new blog will be continuing the same message that I have been delivering since 2009.  When a garden becomes completely overgrown, the thing to do is remove all the old growth so that God can give new growth.  I am highly confident that my simplified focus on my books will convey the truth to new readers more effectively than the thousands of accumulated posts sitting there now.  Trading in the temple, with all that comprised its service, for the carpenter-turned-rabbi from Nazareth may have seemed a poor bargain to some 1st-century Jews, but others saw that this was the wisdom of God.

But I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.
–  2 Corinthians 11:3

Similarly, I’m going for simplicity and purity in my writing.  I want to point people to the King.  It’s not the multitude of my words that will accomplish this, but rather my more focused words.  Moreover, what needs to be put in permanent form I believe is better put into books rather than left on a blog.  Once a book is downloaded to someone’s device, it remains with them as long as they want it – perhaps well past my lifetime.  Its preservation would be much more precarious if it were remained on a blog which required an owner, and time, and money…indefinitely.

I believe in this new simplified approach, and I will be pouring every bit as much effort into it as I have poured into all my efforts to this point.  This is not about my giving less effort; it’s about my producing better and more long-lasting expressions of His truth.

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