The End of My Podcasting

My current podcast is titled Reading the Old Testament with Jesus in Mind.  It’s a chapter-a-day approach, covering the entire Old Testament from Genesis 1 through Malachi 4, and I’m currently in the Psalms.  (I completed a similar podcast of the entire New Testament in 2015.)  On the current pace, I’ll get to Malachi 4 on May 22, 2018 and thus will have completed the entire Bible at that time – a process that will have taken just over three years.  (I have already completed the recording of the remaining Old Testament episodes, so it is just a mechanical matter for me to publish the episodes one each day between now and then.)

The reason I am telling you this is that I have decided that Reading the Old Testament with Jesus in Mind will be my last podcast.  I could always decide to start another one, but I don’t foresee that.  There are several reasons for my decision, but most of them have to do with simplifying my work day and being more productive with the time God has given me to devote to His word.  There are a lot of mechanics and technical issues involved in podcasting and it’s time-consuming to keep up with them, especially because technology keeps changing.  I feel that the time has come to stop giving so much of my time to those sorts of process issues, and to spend that time on actual study and writing.

By May 2018, I will have been podcasting for over four years, having produced 1,442 episodes in five different podcasts, as well as audio versions of three books.  This amounts to an average of one podcast a day for almost all of that 4+ year period (1,529 days), and totals between 200 and 300 hours of audio.  Thus I think I made the most of the podcasting function while I had it available to me, and have gone to considerable time and expense to make these podcasts publicly available for this extended period of time.  In other words, if I haven’t squeezed all the juice out of the podcasting orange, I’ve at least come close.

There is a reason that I am telling you about the conclusion of my podcasting career over a year before it happens.  For reasons too complicated to explain – economical, mechanical, and technical – none of the podcasts will be accessible from my sites after June 30, 2018.  For me to continuing making them accessible online indefinitely is not an efficient use of the resources God has given me.  However, you are welcome to download any or all of them between now and then – which is why I’m giving such a long advance notice.  You have over a year to freely download whatever you want.  This option has been available to you from the beginning; I’m only emphasizing it now because that option will no longer be available July 1, 2018 and afterward.

Again, if you want access to any of these podcasts after June 2018, you’ll need to make sure you have them stored on a device you own by that date.  (I don’t even plan on keeping a copy of them for myself as I produced all these podcasts for your sake, not mine.)  Once you’ve accomplished your desired downloads, you will have them for as long as you want.  They are yours, they will sit on your device as long as you want to keep them, and you will no longer need to access any of them on the Internet.

For any of you who might want to download some of these podcasts, but aren’t sure how, see this.

In concluding, remember always that the point of the podcasts is the point of the Bible…and the point of the Bible is Jesus Christ – Creator, Sustainer, and Savior of the world.  May we all increase in our devotion to Him every day that He gives us to live.  He is more than worthy of a fully-devoted heart.

5 Replies to “The End of My Podcasting”

  1. Mike, you have put in such a huge effort into your audio recording and a lot of the material is tremendously valuable. What I would encourage you to do is to upload your material in this year to a free cloud service.

    If you do this, should you change your thinking regarding your audio work at a later stage, all your audio research will be ready to repost subject to your time, energy levels and finances.
    You could consider using free cloud services like, and

    Congratulations Mike! Your writing about the Ten Commandments was very insightful and good.

  2. I appreciate the encouragement, but I have considered this possibility and could not get comfortable with it. Let me explain.

    I am familiar with free cloud services and currently use to make mobi files of my books available to readers with Kindle devices. The problem with using for my podcast files is the vast number of them – over 1,400. The logical thing to do would be to group them into folders of, say, two or three hundred each – in just the way that the book chapters are grouped into books. However, mp3 files are already compressed and so “zipping” doesn’t significantly reduce their size – leaving the folder size unwieldy both for uploading and downloading. Moreover, as audio files only they would be stripped of all the explanatory posts which would be able to introduce new people to them.

    Therefore, I have concluded that only those people who already know about these podcasts would have sufficient reason to download them…and since a cloud service wouldn’t allow for efficient grouping of the files, it wouldn’t offer anything more than the individual file downloading that is already available through the current setup…which will stand in place for another year – plenty of time for interested people to take what they want.

  3. In spite of the reservations I have stated above, I have done some further exploration and found a solution for bulk downloading of these audio files. I am working on that solution now and should have something to report to you tomorrow or Wednesday.

    I understand that downloading some 1,500 individual files might seem quite tedious even if you have over a year to do it. Therefore, if that prospect overwhelms you, hang on for a day or two until I can give you a bulk download option.

  4. Okay, here is the way you can download the files in bulk; it’s from a service call based in the Netherlands. Their storage capacity and sending limit worked for these files. However, it is not free.

    I plan to pay to keep these audio files in this cloud service until June 30, 2018. After that, however, you’ll need to have them on your own computer if you want to be sure to have a way to access them.

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