The Personalization of God

God had to personalize Himself so that we could properly relate to Him.  That’s why He came to earth.

Jesus is God made flesh.  Jesus is God becoming a human being so that we could know His character, His nature, His true essence.

Stripped of all His glory as God, what does God look like?  What’s in His heart?  What motivates Him?  What does He think about most of the time?  Jesus of Nazareth is the answer to these questions.

God is so grand, so great, so “way beyond us” that a reasonable human being would have difficulty relating to Him.  Can your dog understand you?  Only in limited ways.  But what if you could become a dog – wouldn’t that give your dog an opportunity to experience you in a less threatening and far more intimate way?  God became one of us so that we might relate to Him in the most personal way possible.

While on earth, Jesus did not present Himself as God.  That would have defeated the purpose of the mission.  For the same reason, if you became a dog to better explain yourself to him you would not bark at him that you were his master.  Rather, you would wait until after your life as a dog was over and then say to him, “Hey, remember that dog you barked at, bit, and clawed but he kept on wagging his tail whenever he saw you?  That was me!”

It is the profoundest mystery of all creation that God could – and would – become a human being.  Profound and mysterious, but simple nonetheless.

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