Murder and Adultery

These two appear side by side among the Ten Commandments:

  • You shall not murder.
  • You shall not commit adultery.

Also, they are often spoken in the same breath when found elsewhere in Scripture.  This is understandable because breaking one often leads to breaking the other.

Recall that after King David had committed adultery with Bathsheba, he had her husband killed to cover up the adultery.  Similarly, people today often seek abortion as a means to cover up adultery.  Where adultery is found, murder may not be far away.

None of this is to say that these two commandments are always broken in tandem, but simply that in human experience they often have something to do with each other.  Understanding this, we can also recognize that divorce is the murder of a marriage.

As abortion is a form of murder than can be used to cover up adultery, so “transgenderism” is a form of murder that is also a form of adultery.  A man who seeks to become a woman adulterates his marriage, whether present or future.  He also murders himself so that he may become something else.  He is committing suicide so that a “she” might take his place.

No “transgender” person fully realizes he is breaking God’s commandments – else he wouldn’t do it!  A “transgender” person is deeply confused and is rebelling against reality.  But reality cannot be successfully rebelled against.  It will always win any debate, no matter how vigorously that debate is waged or how long it goes on.

The matter of gender is simple.  Jesus said that we are created male and female.  Keeping this straight, among other benefits, insures the survival of the human race.  Now, no baby comes into this world knowing his or her gender.  It the responsibility of adults to keep track of the matter and – in due time, as necessary – to explain it to the child.  When adults refuse to do their duty, the child can become subject to confusion and depression.  In that confusion – whether as a child or an adult – they can commit adultery against themselves and simultaneously commit murder against themselves by trying to become something they are not and can never be.  Adults who affirm the delusions of “transgenderism” become unwitting accomplices to the unwitting adultery and unwitting suicide.  No one involved consciously intends the destruction – but it is destruction nonetheless.

The deep depression usually found in a person who seeks to change his gender deserves our respect and our compassion.  Compassion gently helps a person back to reality – it does not confirm and support a person’s self-destructive thought patterns.  The strong should help the weak – not become like the weak.  The clear-headed should help the confused – not join in the confusion.

Rejection of Jesus Christ and His commandments leads to moral incoherence, and, if pursued long enough, to moral insanity.  This is where we in 21st-century American society have found ourselves.  The way back is a returning to Jesus our Lord and His commandments.  For to call Him Lord while ignoring His commandments is to make the word “Lord” meaningless, subjecting ourselves to even more confusion.

Where moral confusion abounds, murder and adultery find many outlets.

9 Replies to “Murder and Adultery”

  1. Is it right that you should tell Transgendered individuals, that because you “know better”, they therefore are “murderers and adulterers” according to your ‘scriptural interpretation’? Are you ALSO not as guilty of murder and adultery to one degree or another? No, you may not “commit suicide”, as what you point out. Nor do you “adulterate” your body. But you do eat meat, I imagine (which is ALSO murder), and you are now “adulterating” the Word of God (the Bible) to “justify” your own ‘Biblical Mindset’ which is nothing more than your own opinion buttressed by a more liberal ‘interpretation’ that suits you! I would not condemn those who are confused or “uncomfortable” with themselves. I may not understand their choices in life; but I am not going through the struggle- THEY ARE! When Jesus said: “Judge not less you be judged” I think He meant exactly what He was saying. You were once confused too. (Maybe not in the same way). But He forgave you as well! Try treating others as what you wish to be treated. I know the Bible too! I just don’t use it to LABEL others; as we all are Sinners to be saved by Grace. Remember that, when you set out to “Scripturally condemn” others.

  2. I’m not condemning anyone. I’m calling attention to the rightness and goodness of God’s commandments through Jesus Christ.

    His commandments are given for our benefit. They do not deprive us of joy. On the contrary, keeping His commandments leads us to joy.

    I am treating others the way I wish to be treated, and I am ready to be judged by the same standard by which I am judging. God forbid that I should seek to take my own life or change my gender or commit adultery. But if I ever did seek to do those things, God grant that the people around me would love me enough to challenge my thinking and seek to change my mind before I make matters worse.

    You seem to accept the idea that we are all sinners, but you don’t seem to have a clear idea of what sin is.

  3. I understand that you hold ‘some things’, such as Gender confusion, to be a sin whereas God doesn’t DEFINE “confusion” as a sin, despite it being “negative”. When a Christian speaks of a “sin” he means, generally, a positive act of disobedience and ingratitude toward God – and by “God” he means God the Father, the Universal Loving Creative Intelligence (or Consciousness) as it appears within time and space in the aspect of Parent and Creator of the universe. Gender confusion IS NOT A SIN. Corrective surgery IS NOT A SIN. (Vanity?, I don’t know, but I think so!). And, despite the common “Christian” usage of the word “sin”; I think the word “obstacle” would be more appropriate. The difference is not fundamental, but important. The value of the Christian approach is that it heightens our sense of the enormity of sin by relating it to a Being (Jehovah) whom we have every reason to love and obey in the Person of His Son Jesus Christ, who is One with the Creator and Father. Whereas the value of a (perhaps) Hindu approach is that it presents the consequences of sin in their ultimate aspect, which is simply alienation from the ‘Spiritual Nature’ or “Soul” within us. Both approaches have their dangers if not properly understood. The point being, Transgendered individuals are searching to find themselves. Their “soul”, so to speak. The “body” is NOT the spirit, nor the “soul”. To “alter” their bodies by “positive means” may be looked at as “good”, such as “muscle building or weight loss”. But if we (or they) choose “negative” means to “remove the obstacle”, then we (or they) may be incurring “sin” upon ourselves (their selves), BUT THIS IS NOT A SIN AGAINST GOD. The word “obstacle” is a good, accurate, unsentimental word which immediately suggests a course of positive action. You don’t lie down under obstacles and pity yourself. You go to work to remove them. The “method” then, that one uses to remove the “obstacle” is what is in question. Some may take a more drastic and dangerous “method” to remove the “obstacle”. BUT THE FREE CHOICE IS THEIRS TO MAKE. I may not approve of it, but I would hesitate “defining” it as a “sin” against God. It is more an “error in action. A Judgment against oneself”.

  4. Gender is not an aspect of the spirit; it is an aspect of the body. This is why we will not be male or female in heaven (Matt 22:30), and this is why adults in the delivery room immediately know the gender of a newborn, even though the newborn won’t be conscious of it until much later. Gender is a characteristic of the body, not of the spirit.

    A male child who becomes confused about his gender has not necessarily sinned, but his parents should know better and should help him out of his confusion.

    We do not choose our bodies; they are given to us by our Creator. Therefore, we do not choose our gender; it is given to us by our Creator. In this age of confusion, maybe the parents are as confused as the child is. In that case, whoever knows better should speak up.

    Jesus said that we are made male or female. If it is wrong to put asunder what God has joined together (Matt 19:4-6), it is also wrong to destroy those things that God has made to be joined together. To attempt to change gender is to mutilate the body that God has given.

    You are conflating gender confusion with “transgenderism.” They are two very different things. Gender confusion is being uncertain about the issue, whereas “transgenderism” knows what gender the body is and is attempting to change it.

  5. I know this is incidental to the point you were trying to get across; but in the scripture you quoted at Matthew 22:30 it does not say that there will be absolutely no distinction of gender in Heaven! You misread the verse to “imply” what you want it to! Basically, what it is (possibly) saying is that angels have “outgrown or overcome” their need to express themselves sexually since they are SPIRITUAL, and not “entirely” FLESHLY, PHYSICAL BEINGS who must engage in sexual relations to find either enjoyment, or the necessity to procreate. There would be no need to marry there; as it (marriage) is primarily just the joining of two physical bodies. They would already be united in mind and heart. Now, I admit, I don’t know of angels; because I have not seen or encountered one. But I am guessing that, “as messengers of God”, they have surrendered their Self-will unto Him and therefore they are those who follow HIS WILL, AND NOT THEIR OWN. Creation is “His business” and not ours entirely! Another scripture you use is Matthew 19:4-6. There it says that Jesus quoted Genesis in confirming the “origin” or “beginning” of Gender roles. Yet, Genesis can “also” be read to state that: “male AND female created he them.” Obviously, WE DON’T AGREE WITH THAT MISINTERPRETATION! So you see, we must be very careful as readers of the Written Word of God not to “read into it” something it doesn’t say. May His Holy Spirit confirm the accuracy of the Truth we are taught, and we believe in. Amen.

  6. To say that angels are neither male or female or to say that angels do not marry are just two ways of saying the same thing. You don’t seem to understand that the purpose of male and female is to procreate – that the human race might grow. Pleasure is an aspect of male-female interaction – not the purpose of it. God creates the number of angels He wants, but He allows the human race to procreate. That’s why humans are male and female while angels are not.

    As for your alternate interpretation of Matthew 19:4-6, any interpretation of Scripture contrary to an interpretation Jesus gives is, ipso facto, an erroneous one.

  7. I tried to understand your rationale. But I DID NOT SAY that angels are NIETHER MALE OR FEMALE! You are saying that! (As what you conclude Jesus is saying at Matthew 22:30. Which would answer whether they “marry” or not). Since we would have to “prove” that they are from the human race; (which is something I haven’t encountered to “know”), to draw a preposition that heaven is from (or is comprised from) the human race could (possibly) be drawn from an accepted premise that angels’ minds and human minds are alike (to some degree). Both (so we figure) enjoy the faculty of understanding, perceiving, and intending. And both are designed so as to accept heaven. We accept that the human mind is just as discerning (howbeit in a lesser degree) as is a angelic mind. The reason it is not ‘as discerning’ while in the world is that it is in within an “earthly body”, within which a ‘spiritual mind’ can think in a ‘natural’ fashion. But then we would have to propose that humans can become angels! Again, that much I do not “know”. Let me just say: “I believe that God can create angels as well as humans”. We will see whether we “become” such in the Hereafter. God will then either “designate” our gender or not. It will be up to Him.

  8. You don’t seem to appreciate the amazing nature of Jesus’ statement in Matthew 22:30. It was especially startling to those listening when He said it, but even we today can share a measure of their astonishment. I explain this in my book The Biblical Case for Everyone Going to Heaven. You can receive a free digital copy by going to the “Books” link in the menu bar at the top of this page.

    You will have to wait until the seventh chapter to get to the explanation of this particular verse, but, if you have the patience to read the book, I think you will come to see what’s so amazing about it. And, of course, you will learn how it is that everyone goes to heaven.

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