Winner or Loser?

In the eyes of the world, Jesus of Nazareth was a loser.  Big-time.

This first-century Jew died with his reputation in tatters.  It’s not just that he died by crucifixion – which was a public shaming; it’s that he had had substantial earthly success within his grasp and had let it go.

Jesus had followers – so many that his rivals were provoked to intense jealousy.  He could have been king of his country, with all the honor and privileges that go along with such status.  Yet he turned down that throne and accepted the fate of a public enemy: humiliation and suffering by scourging and crucifixion.


The world thought they had rid themselves of this loser…but He rose from the dead to immeasurable and everlasting glory.  Things turned out this way because in the eyes of God He was something quite different from what the world had considered him to be.

What we are in the eyes of the other people is fleeting, incomplete, and sometimes completely wrong.  What we are in the eyes of God is reality.  And it is reality that will be remembered and revered in the halls of eternity where we will all live.

Let God decide whether you are a winner or loser.  The world has a poor track record in such matters.

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  1. Mike, You claim that those who die unsaved will reverence those who are saved.
    Can you find a single unsaved person mentioned in the Bible who is doing this?

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