The Possibility of Keeping His Commandments

It is critical that we keep God’s commandments.  However, it is impossible to keep them…if we do not have faith.

What is faith?  It is the assurance that Jesus sees everything – the conviction that nothing escapes His notice.

Without that assurance, you will not be able to find the strength to consistently do His will.  With that assurance, His strength will be yours.  Keeping His commandments will be the delight of your heart.

Therefore, strengthen your faith that you might keep His commandments.

Faith is not an alternative to keeping His commandments; it is a path to keeping His commandments.

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One Response to The Possibility of Keeping His Commandments

  1. Spasiba says:

    Yes. Faith works through love and when we truly love our Creator we will delight in trusting and obeying Him.

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