What Do We Learn from Jesus Christ?

We learn from the life that Jesus lived…

  1. …what God is like.
  2. …what we as human beings should be like.

If we already know all there is to know about these two subjects, we have no reason to call upon Jesus any further today.

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4 Responses to What Do We Learn from Jesus Christ?

  1. Spasiba says:

    Mike, knowledge of important things like growth about what God is like is a daily journey.
    God Himself commands us to come boldly to His throne of grace. Correct insights are a blessing of God, but we need also to know His Word, so that we can not only trust and obey Him but also grow daily to be more thankful so that we can praise and worship Him more consistently.

  2. Mike Gantt says:

    It didn’t occur to me that anyone would be haughty enough to think that he already knew all there was to know about 1) what God is like, and 2) what we should be like.

  3. Spasiba says:

    That’s understandable Mike, but when we remember that Satan is haughty and that multitudes of people worldwide, certainly billions of people, have been deceived by him believing that their understanding of their Creator is correct. Sadly many of these people will stubbornly and haughtily hold to wrong views for their entire life.

  4. Mike Gantt says:

    Then for such people let me be more explicit: There is much more to learn about Christ than you know…and there always will be (Colossians 2:3 Hebrews 5:11; Psalm 145:3).

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