Jesus Is the Answer

Jesus is the answer.

This statement strikes many people as naive at best and foolish at worst.  Yet it is a statement that is wise beyond measure.

If you do not think that Jesus is the answer, then you are asking the wrong question.

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  1. Amen amen!! KISS= Keep It Sweet & Short.
    And if your living in sin and believe you were born gay be BORN AGAIN!!
    Blessings in Jesus name.

    1. And who is not without Sin? or even still, Who does not live their life day by day struggling against sin that may be still there within? Even if I (or anyone!) is Gay; (God knows) Is that SO BAD THAT GOD WILL REJECT ME (OR THEM) OUTRIGHT? You and Mike Gantt are promoting a “doctrinal position” that excludes these people and others like them from the Kingdom of God! To say that: “Only those who are BORN AGAIN will merit God’s favor and Grace” is to shame those for whom Jesus Christ died. EVERYONE! Yes, WE MUST BE BORN AGAIN. But, NO, NO, NO… God does not “reject” anyone! His love extends to the WORLD for which He “loved so much”! John 3:16. Even if they should reject Him; yet will He remain faithful in His love all the same! I know that your own son is Gay. Will you reject him, and refuse to love him as what God does? Don’t let legalism trap you into hating your own son! Forgive him as what Jesus Christ has already done for, and to him by his death on the cross. Cassie, love him as what Jesus does you and DON’T JUDGE HIM AS CONDEMNED. Christ died for him as well as you. Give him a chance to find Jesus “in and through” your own loving example. Amen

  2. Loving our brothers does not require calling their sins righteous, and accepting our brothers as worthy of God’s love does not require accepting their sins as worthy of God’s praise.

    Should God repent for calling homosexuality a sin?

    God loves everyone, but He doesn’t love everything they do.

    James 5:19-20
    Daniel 12:3

  3. It is no use for me to “fuel your fire”, so to speak. I will allow you to rant and rave about how wrong Homosexuality is; despite the fact that the ‘word’ is NOT once mentioned in the Bible! What we, as Mankind, approve or disapprove is either accepted or rejected by society at large, or in part. What is not rejected is THE SOULS THAT JESUS CHRIST DIED FOR! That much, we both agree, is what is in question. And according to your “belief system” they will all go to Heaven. Of that I will not debate. We ALL will begin our Judgment on Earth, later to be continued in Heaven. I, for one, am glad that you will be judged too! May that All Merciful Judge be kind to you as well.

  4. “I also could speak as you do, if you were in my place; I could join words together against you, and shake my head at you.” Job 16:4. (RSV) “So however it is that you would wish others would treat you, treat them in the same manner; for this is what the law and prophets show.” (Today’s Language Version) “For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father also will forgive you; but if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” (RSV)

  5. Which are you saying: that homosexuality is a disease, which requires compassion (your first quotation)…righteous behavior, which requires acceptance (your second quotation)…or sin, which requires forgiveness (your third quotation)?

  6. Mike, Mike, Mike, Yes it is a sociological “condition”. But no, it is NOT CLASSIFIED as a “Disease”; although YOU may wish that it was! Yes, it does require compassion and empathy towards those who may be ‘struggling’ with such. No, it may not be righteous behavior; but neither can THAT MUCH be expected of anyone! (Including you!) Nor should we “accept” a condescending attitude of judgment toward it. (Like what you are showing). Is it a “sin” which requires forgiveness? I will leave that much to God to determine; ‘along’ with your intolerant criticism of those who may struggle with being “socially unacceptable” to others. We had, in the past, those who would treat others as pariahs and outcastes. How is it any different today? I hope that this answers your questions.

  7. You have not answered the question; you have dodged it.

    Either homosexuality is a sin or it is not. If it is not a sin, it is inappropriate to talk about “forgiving” it. That you won’t take a stand one way or the other is the reason you are confused and confusing on this subject.

    What is socially-acceptable changes over time, while God’s word does not. When I was young, homosexuality was socially unacceptable; now, it is “homophobia” that is socially unacceptable – yet the Bible says the same thing about homosexuality now that it said when it was written. To build our lives on what is socially acceptable is to build on sand. Rather, let us build our lives on the unchanging word of God, which is the only true rock on which a house can stand.

    If homosexuality is justified, then acceptance is our only appropriate response. On the other hand, if homosexuality is sin, then correction, repentance, and forgiveness are appropriate responses – irrespective of what is or isn’t socially acceptable.


  9. Yes, the sinless Son of God is the answer. Take all your questions to Him, for He can answer them correctly.

    He can also answer all our needs. He can answer our need of forgiveness. He can answer our need of fellowship and companionship and He can answer our need of understanding, wisdom, faith, hope and love!

    Trust in the righteous One for He can answer your temporal and eternal needs.

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