Do I want you to be devoted to the Bible?

Do I want you to be devoted to the Bible?

No, I want you to be devoted to Him about whom the Bible reliably testifies: Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Bible is a pointer.  The point is Jesus.

5 Replies to “Do I want you to be devoted to the Bible?”

  1. Amen amen!! However, I would like to add that the Holy Spirit should be mentioned. I read the word but I listen to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit guides me and teaches me. Let us not forget that. Blessings in Jesus name.

  2. Treasuring the holy Bible and treasuring Our Creator are interlinked. Failing to treasure the holy Bible will impact detrimentally on all our relationships.

  3. Without the Holy Spirit, there would be no Bible. Without the Bible, there would be no assurance of the Holy Spirit.

    Treasuring the Bible means treasuring the Holy Spirit…and vice versa.

  4. Yes, without the Holy Spirit there would be no Holy Bible, but I believe that there can be an assurance of the Holy Spirit should someone not have access to the Holy Bible, for Our Creator can reveal Himself to anyone He decides to reveal Himself to.

  5. It is, of course, true that the Holy Spirit is not rendered mute by the absence of a Bible, and that the Spirit can speak to whoever whenever, but my point was that the Holy Spirit and the Bible are each witnesses of what God is saying. Who wants one witness of what God is saying when He is offering two? Is the testimony of one witness as assuring as the testimony of two? (John 8:17; 2 Corinthians 13:1)

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