OT449 – Job 13

Reading the Old Testament with Jesus in Mind: Job through Song of Solomon (podcast)

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Suggestion:  If you are not already familiar with the New Testament, I would not advise you to listen to this podcast at this time.  First, get your grounding in the New Testament.  You can begin with one of these Bible Reading Plans which are focused on Jesus.  You can also listen to my podcast series Reading Through the New Testament a Chapter a Day (SCNT).  The Old Testament needs to be understood in the light of the New Testament; this is what Jesus taught us.  Therefore, we today read and understand the Old Testament through the lens of the New Testament.

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  1. Hello again Mike, I should like to point out how some non-Christians and Jews think of Jesus Christ today which (surprisingly) is quoted here in Job Chapter 13. At verse 14, Job asks: “Wherefore do I take my flesh in my teeth, (Why do I put myself through the meat grinder?, so to speak) and put my life in my hand?” (and am considered as one who is suicidal?) Certainly those who would mock, ridicule, and scorn Jesus’ sacrifice WILL think this way towards Him; will they not? Then Job also says: “Though he (God, Jesus’ Father) slay me, yet will I (still) maintain (prove or argue my innocence) my own ways (actions) before him.” “He (God, Jesus’ Father) shall be my salvation: (He alone is my only hope) for an hypocrite (an actor, phony, or impostor) shall not come before him.” (A false Messiah wouldn’t present himself as ‘true’ before God, as He sees and knows us all as we really are!) Yes, oftentimes, when God, Our heavenly Father does answer us with silence; (as was in the case of Jesus’ death) it is ‘as if ‘ He did (not) answer us at all. Yet silence does not always imply indifference from God, as Jesus well knew. After all, God is Love; and we, like Jesus, are the Beloved Children of His loving care. Our Life’s Lessons are received in the silence of our souls. It is here, when calm, that the still, small voice of God can speak. And silence can teach us more than mere words ever could at times! Let us enter into that silence and know the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. Amen

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