OT437 – Job 1

Special Note to iTunes listeners: iTunes tells me that their software is optimized for a maximum of 300 episodes per podcast.  Since the Old Testament has 929 chapters, I have therefore broken up Reading the Old Testament with Jesus in Mind into four different podcasts.  The first two were subtitled “Genesis through Ruth” and “1 Samuel through Esther.”  Today marks our switch to the third of those podcasts, this one subtitled “Job through Song of Solomon.”  

Alas, there is a “chicken-or-egg” issue with the iTunes Podcast Directory which I won’t tax you or me with explaining right now.  Suffice it to say that I will continue publishing Job in this podcast for a few days until iTunes lists the new podcast.  I’ll post a note when the duplication ceases and those of you listening through iTunes have to switch over to the new “Job through Song of Solomon” podcast.  Until then, you’ll see two audio players in the daily post (one for the “1 Samuel through Esther” podcast and the other for the “Job through Song of Solomon” podcast.)  Sorry for the confusion.

The good news for those who you who listen on the “mike gantt” app is that none of this affects you.  Nothing at all will change for you through this transition that affects only the iTunes listeners.

Reading the Old Testament with Jesus in Mind: Job through Song of Solomon (podcast)

There is an app that will allow you to automatically download this daily podcast to practically any smartphone.  Just go to your smartphone’s app store and search on “mike gantt.”

Suggestion:  If you are not already familiar with the New Testament, I would not advise you to listen to this podcast at this time.  First, get your grounding in the New Testament.  You can begin with one of these Bible Reading Plans which are focused on Jesus.  You can also listen to my podcast series Reading Through the New Testament a Chapter a Day (SCNT).  The Old Testament needs to be understood in the light of the New Testament; this is what Jesus taught us.  Therefore, we today read and understand the Old Testament through the lens of the New Testament.

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  1. Good Morning Mike, God bless you. I have always wondered: Is there any historical person named Job or is this just a parabolic story that was told by Solomon (or another) to convey a moral lesson? Since you didn’t mention such; I wondered if you had any background information on how this account came to be written. It certainly, (as I have read through it) has many “prophetic references”; if it is read (as what we intend to do) with ‘Jesus in mind’. I would be interested in knowing how, or for what purpose the writer intended this book. To me it is obviously ‘inspired by God’; to the one who wrote it. Your insight here into this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for responding.

  2. Timothy,

    I do not know who wrote the book of Job, nor when it was written. I read it as I understand Jesus wants us to read everything in the Old Testament – that is, as that which teaches about Him (John 5:39; Luke 24:25-27; 44-48). In that regard, I have found Job to teach us much about Jesus, which I will share as we proceed with the podcast day by day.

    That said, I do not want to discourage you or anyone else from seeking background information on this, or any other book of the Bible, if it interests you. I just warn that particularly with some Old Testament books, such as this one, the historical trail is very cold and sometimes all you can find are conflicting conjectures.

    Historical knowledge can encourage faith, but only when you can be sure about it. The historical knowledge we find in the Scriptures themselves is of the most dependable kind.

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