Are You a Disciple of Jesus Christ? 7 of 7


All this week, we’ve thought about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Here’s a reminder of the topics we covered each day:

  • Introduction
  • Jesus Is the Teacher
  • The Text
  • Hearing and Doing
  • Discipline
  • Daily Accounting

We began with the focus on the teacher (Jesus) and His goal in teaching us (to conform us to His image).  We then reminded ourselves that the Bible is the text that Jesus uses to teach us about Himself.  It is the primary source for information about His words and deeds.  We then talked about the need to apply what we learn from the Bible by planting its thoughts and behaviors into our lives.  This is a trial and error process that involves continuing practice in order to truly learn the lessons He wants to teach us.  The hard knocks of life are part of the discipline that is our training.  Lastly, we talked about the need for a daily accounting with the Lord of our growth – a time when we interact with Him and get a sense of how He thinks we’re doing as disciples.

I hope you take seriously the idea of being a disciple of Jesus.  It seems a great many Christians think they’ve done enough to just declare their allegiance to Him.  Yet declaring allegiance to Him is not very meaningful if we’re not living each day in an increasing resemblance to the kind of life He lived.

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