Are You a Disciple of Jesus Christ? 6 of 7

Daily Accounting

If you’re going to be a genuine disciple of Jesus Christ, you need a time of accounting…daily.  This is a time when you give an account of your practice of what He showed you yesterday and receive new teaching for the new day before you.

This time of accounting can be called by various names:  Bible study, Bible reading, prayer, devotions.  The name I use most often is “daily quiet time.”  This is time you give to the Lord for two basic purposes: 1) hearing from Him (this is where the Bible comes in), and 2) speaking to Him (this is prayer).

If you can manage two such quiet times a day, I suggest the first thing in the morning (primarily given to Bible reading, receiving grace to live the day before you) and the last thing in the evening (primarily for prayer, giving an account of yourself for the day just completed).  If you only can manage one quiet time, make it in the morning and make it a time of both Bible reading and prayer.

What good does it do us to be always learning but never stopping to ask the Lord if, and how well, we are progressing.  Remember, the goal is to become like Jesus.  Some people can spend a lifetime reading the Bible and praying without ever stopping to ask, “Am I any more like Jesus than when I started this process?”

Give an account of yourself daily to your teacher.  That’s what successful disciples do.  And it is to those disciples that Jesus gives advanced teaching.  But if we’re not learning elementary lessons, how would it make sense for him to pile on more mature teaching?

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