Whose Moral Code Shall Prevail?

Have you noticed that what is politically correct is almost always a direct contradiction of what is biblically correct?

There is a moral code that is being imposed on us by Satan through elites who have sold their souls to his ways in exchange for position, power, and pleasure.  That politically-correct moral code – which is actually an immoral code – says, among other things, that anything goes in sex as long as it is mutually agreed upon between the people involved.  This is an outright flouting of God’s decree that sex is a wonderful gift from God, designed exclusively for marriage between a man and a woman – God’s way of preserving and expanding the human race on the earth, while comforting those willing to participate in that process.

Which moral code shall prevail in our hearts and lives?  Adherence to the moral code of God brings blessing upon blessing.  Rejection of His moral code in favor of what is popular or politically correct among rebellious creatures will only invite His wrath.

Sinning heterosexuals are happy to let the LGBT folks take the lead float in the sexual revolution parade because the notoriety of the latter keeps the attention off the former’s transgressions.  Yet everyone in this parade is guilty before the Creator.  They proclaim equality, but it is not an equality of morality; rather, it is an equality of pride and lust.  It is like the equality of thieves agreeing to equal shares of what they have stolen.

Pray for the sexual revolutionaries, that they will see the light and forsake the ways of darkness.  Do not capitulate to their moral code, for there is nothing truly moral about it.  Their ways are promoted constantly in television, movies, books, music, and all forms of popular culture.  They say they are against “discrimination,” but what they are really against is any moral code that restricts their lustful desires.

Most of us have marched in this parade at one time or another, even if only in our minds.  Let those of us who have repented keep to the path of repentance.  And let us pray that those who have not yet repented may come to their senses sooner rather than later.

Keep yourselves pure.  Husbands, love your wives; wives, love your husbands.  Have eyes only for each other.  Do this, and God will bless you in the midst of the wrath that is poured out who refuse to honor His design.  The only moral code that will prevail is God’s.  Creatures don’t make the rules of creation – the Creator does.

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  1. Amen! You are so right. Sinners feel they are being discriminated against when they are questioned on the sin they are committing.
    Good is seen as evil and evil as good. So where does this leave those who have children that don’t parade openly their sin of being gay but they are in a relationship and they profess that Jesus is LORD and their need for a Savior? They read they read the Bible, they speak openly about Christ. Yet, is it that their heart is far from HIM? Are we okay to judge ones heart? This is a subject that tears at my very soul. I love my son very much and I know his creator loves him more. So, what does one say? He already knows what the Bible speaks. He prays daily. I know parents that have disowned their children because of this. I don’t have a heart to do that. Christ didn’t even do that, instead HE died for sinners. Any input would be appreciated.

    1. Cassie, It is equally hard to care about ALL PEOPLE and their Salvation from Sin. How to you talk to them about Jesus when they are Atheist, Agnostic, or even a supporter of a Satanic Temple? Yes, your heart is burdened for them in love. Yes, you try not to judge them. But you certainly don’t reject them altogether. We have a long way to go before we can even love them as what Jesus did and does. We try not to seem Self-righteous, arrogant, or proud. And NO, we don’t try to force religion upon them! We let our lives be the best example of the Love of God that we can offer to them. We pray for them and their problems. Beyond that, we don’t become influenced by their actions and behavior to become subtly swayed into thinking that their rejection of God and His principles are good and right for them. Maybe, they do see some light. Then, we try to encourage them to pursue it further. I know, this alone may not save them; but Grace and Mercy are a gift from God. WE DON’T SAVE THEM, JESUS DOES! Let us lead them all to Jesus and leave all matters at His feet. Amen.

  2. We do with others just as Jesus has done with us: that is, we love the sinners while hating the sin. We love our children while hating the evil things that they do. We implore, we beseech, we admonish. We never acquiesce to say that evil is good.

    I know of no one-size-fits-all answer to your question, but I do know that you are on the right track when you cling to love and simultaneously refuse to call good that which God calls evil – as you are doing. And, for as long as you maintain this stance, you are well-positioned to be directed by Him one day at a time. That’s all the wisdom you need – enough for the day before you. Execute on that wisdom and you will receive more wisdom tomorrow.

    And no matter how things go from day to day, you know where things will eventually end: sinners will acknowledge their sins and you will be rewarded by the Lord for not giving in to the pressures to give up your opposition to sin or your commitment to love. Everyone goes to heaven and everyone receives his appropriate degree of reward.

    I think one of the worst things society does toward those who are caught in homosexuality is to affirm that it is in the person’s identity. People who are caught in this sin are, by definition, confused. How awful to affirm their confusion by saying what they are doing is right! Their conscience knows otherwise, even though it is in a weakened state. Our duty is to strengthen the consciences of others to do right, not strengthen them to do wrong.

    Your path is hard, but you are fighting the good fight. Let us hate what the Lord hates and love whom He loves. Blessed are those who endure to the end.

  3. Thank you Mike. I try to be more like Christ and think of all those he healed and talked with, forgave and of course died for.
    Sin is a sin. We are all guilty of that and those that say they are not the Bible says we call God a liar. For we are all in need of a Savior.
    I believe our actions of sin in the flesh brings upon us the consequence for that sin.
    Jesus knows our hearts. HE knows the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I try and treat all people with love no matter who they are. After all, I didn’t die for their sins Christ did. Who am I to judge? I just plant the seed. I try to be the light. I try to bring peace. At the end of the day I can rest. God does not require our help. I just keep praying.

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