“Are You Willing to Put That in Writing?

That question – “Will you put it in writing?” – has stopped more big talkers in their tracks than we could ever count.  People can promise you the world until you ask for a written record that would hold them to account.  That often brings the big talk to an abrupt halt.

Yet God did promise us the world…and was more than willing to put those promises in writing.  He commissioned the prophets and apostles to write down what He had told them – at maximum risk to their own lives.  In fact, many of them were persecuted to the point of death for their efforts to establish and preserve a written record of God’s words.

God does not take the blood of His obedient ones lightly.  He was willing to grant that they lay down their lives so that His promises could be put in writing for our assurance and comfort.  That is, He so loved everyone that He sacrificed the righteous in order to win the wicked.

Let us therefore recognize that God has publicly committed Himself to His word.  It is in writing…that you and I might be all the more sure about His character and His intentions.  Let us not take that written record lightly.  Neither let us take lightly the sacrifices that produced it…and preserved it.  Our most appropriate response is to read it and take it to heart.

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