Let Social Justice Start at Home

On the day after the 2016 presidential election, celebrated Hollywood screenwriter Aaron Sorkin wrote a letter to his 15-year-old daughter railing against the outcome – a letter which almost immediately went viral.

In the letter, Sorkin specifies what he views as wrong about the election’s outcome and what should be done in response by all right-thinking people.  The letter has been widely heralded, and praised as “moving.”  Sorkin writes as an impassioned father, resolutely focused on protecting his daughter from the toxic effects of a very bad president.

What’s sadly ironic – and nowhere mentioned in the letter – is that Sorkin divorced his wife when his daughter was five months old, leaving her to spend the last 15 years being raised in a broken home.  Sorkin claims to have one of those “successful” divorces that people tend to brag about these days – but what can be successful about breaking the very bond that forms a child’s identity?

My point is not to pick on Sorkin.  Nor am I taking issue with his political views.  In fact, for discussion’s sake, let’s assume that his political views are correct in every respect.  My point is that if a man is determined to fix a broken world should he not start with his own house?  And I am attempting to make this point not so much to Sorkin but to the many men of whom he is but one example.  Alas, Sorkin’s ability to write stimulating prose may be rare, but his self-righteousness and hypocrisy are all too commonplace.  He sees the speck that is in everyone else’s eye but not the log that is protruding from his own.  And because such an attitude is widely held, the moral fiber of our nation continues to degenerate.  People are running to and fro frantically trying to fix the symptoms of our national decline while ignoring the disease itself.

People who think that they can get our nation back on the right track with a good president when 40% and more of our children are being raised in single-parent households are deceiving themselves.  Divorce is a cancer that is killing the body of America.  The best health regimen in the world is not going to save the patient if the cancer is not stopped.

Men, if you want to fix America, fix your home.  Love the mother of your children and never leave her.  And don’t just stay with her – really love her by serving her best interests instead of your own.  That will matter far more to your children than who the president is.  And that will do far more for the rest of us than hearing your opinions about who is a good or bad president.  Let the social justice warriors begin with their own families.

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