You Are a Child of God

You are a child of God.  I do not have to know you personally in order to know this about you.  I know it because God has declared it to be so in the Bible.  How did this state of things come to be true?  God created all of us, and, when the devil kidnapped us through our sins, God became Jesus of Nazareth in order to ransom and adopt us to be His own once again…and forever.

Jesus’ mission was not to divide the human race.  It was already divided.  He came to bring it together.

Therefore, stop dividing the human race in your mind.  Instead, see every person as a fellow traveler with whom you will spend eternity.  Human thinking divides people into tribes; divine thinking sees every human being as made in the image of God.  Sin may mar that image, but sin is temporary.  Its affects will not last forever.  The effects of God’s mercies, however, do last forever.  “His mercy endureth forever,” as the King James Version of the Bible says.

Therefore, your goal is not to become a Christian, it is to become more like Christ – that is, more like your Father in heaven, the one who created you and adopted you.  It will be easier to see yourself as a child of God if you recognize that every human being is a child of God.  Then you can get on with the task of imitating your heavenly Dad…and, as you have opportunity, helping your brothers and sisters along the way who don’t see the truth as clearly as you do.

4 Replies to “You Are a Child of God”

  1. Where does Our Creator teach that the consequences of sinning is temporary and that everyone is a child of God? Can you find this teaching in Psalm 1?

  2. Yes, mercy triumphs over judgment (James 2:13), but the Lord will still decide
    who He blesses with eternal life and who doesn’t find a place of repentance.

    Yes, His favour outlasts His anger (Psalm 30:5), but there is coming a day of wrath.

    Shall not those who are not called sons be called sons? (Hosea 1:10)

    Yes, those who are not called sons will be called sons. This is because of Our Lord’s perfect, atoning sacrifice, but if people are unwilling to allow Our Heavenly Father to draw them to His Beloved, sinless Son it will not happen.

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