WT043 – Review of Matthew Vines Video: Part 3

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Having just finished writing the book The Honor of Marriage, I wanted to review the viral video put out by Matthew Vines in 2012, titled “The Bible and Homosexuality,” which has become his 2014 book God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships.  This is the third part of my review.

You can see Matthew’s full video here:  Matthew Vines video (1:07:18 total time)

It will take me several weeks to cover all I want to cover in Matthew’s video (though I will not be trying to cover it all in detail).  Today I continued the study and covered more of his introduction (0:07:30 – 0:10:59).

It was because of the arguments like this one put forward by Matthew Vines that led me to write The Honor of Marriage.  The biblical truth is being lost to a biblically illiterate generation.  I hope my book can help fight the tide that has been going against us.

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2 Replies to “WT043 – Review of Matthew Vines Video: Part 3”

  1. Mike, God bless you! This video definitely holds some “meaty”, positive content. I have always been taught from the Bible to ‘call Sin what it is’. But also to show compassion, concern, and some understanding towards the afflicted, hurt, marginalized, and suffering. You mentioned how Matthew Vines uses “emotional manipulation” in his presentation to woo over his viewers. Yes, sadly to say, he had wowed me. You also stated that “We are ALL Sinners”, so in that sense NONE is more ‘better’ or ‘righteous’ in standing in God’s eyes. I view Homosexuality as a “Human condition” made by OUR OWN “Human construction”. That is, WE, AS HUMANS, MAKE OURSELVES TO BE JUST WHAT WE ARE. We are ‘infamous’ at Self-justification and rationalizing away our “condition” by our various “good sounding” arguments in our own favor. I see Homosexuality (as is elements of Heterosexuality) as flawed ‘inherently’ by our own Sinful Natures. NEITHER IS ‘INTRINSICALLY’ BETTER BECAUSE BOTH SHOW THAT THEY ARE HEAVILY INFLUENCED BY OUR SINFUL NATURE! Would I chose “Heterosexual Marriage” over “Homosexual Marriage”? No, I would choose (as is my current state) “Singleness”; believing that I can reach more people with the Truth of the Gospel “this way” than otherwise. Friends can also hold you back from giving yourself “completely” to the Lord. I state all this so that (hopefully) you might see where I am coming from. I, like Cassie who also writes her posts, consider myself, along with the Apostle Paul, as “the chief of Sinners” who is only “saved by His grace”. Therefore, whatever you may think of me personally; know that though we may not COMPLETELY see things “eye to eye”, so to speak; let us respect ALL PEOPLE regardless of what backgrounds they may come from. I don’t judge “Human Frailty” but seek to forgive all for what they do. So should we all. Timothy

  2. Mike, I was thinking today of the statement of many Homosexuals that they are “born” that way. Whereas, I do not wish to debate the biological or the psychogenesis of one’s personal proclivity; I came across a scripture that the Lord spoke to me on this today. At Psalm 58:3 the verse states in the New International Version: “Even from birth the wicked go astray; from the womb they are wayward and speak lies.” It is not meant here that everyone (for ALL are prone to wickedness) are alienated (hence “born that way”) from the womb, and that they go astray (are wayward) from the belly, that is, from their ‘first birth’ into the World. For no one ‘from birth’ is alienated, wayward, and born separated from God, (though some would care to say so) and subsequently goes astray. But to “be estranged from the womb” (KJV) signifies that they have made a determination (whether you call it a “conscious choice” or not) and have departed from good to evil from the first day. That is, from the time that they have reached ACCOUNTABILITY and are capable of being reformed. And so, to “go astray” from the womb signifies that in a like manner, they have departed from truths ‘as understood’ to falsehood. Hence to speak a lie also signifies to believe in such falsehood. Granted, just ‘when’ we make “that determination” may differ for each individual; still we must WILL what we desire to follow after, all the same! I hope that, in some very small measure this thought may be of insight to some of your readers. Blessings to all. Timothy

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