The Word of the Lord Makes All the Difference

When a man trusts his wife, what does it mean except that he trusts her to keep the vows – that is, the promises – she has made to him.  Before she makes those promises to him, he has no right to expect the sort of commitment, loyalty, and behavior that those promises imply.  After she makes those promises to him, he has every right to expect those things.  Her giving her word makes all the difference.  Of course, the same things are true in reverse when it comes to the woman trusting her husband.

Thus we see that when it comes to husbands and wives, the exchanged promises create the relationship and establish their respective responsibilities.  Until the promises are exchanged, he is just a man and she is just a woman.  Once they give their word to each other, however, they become husband and wife.  Thus their word makes all the difference.

It is the same way between us and the Lord.  His word – that is, His promises to us – make all the difference.  Without those promises from Him, what would we have a right to expect?

Therefore, trusting the Lord has everything to do with what He has said.  That’s why the Bible is so important.  Without it, we’re just guessing what He wants from us…and what we have a right to expect from Him.  Thus the word of the Lord makes all the difference.

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