The Kingdom of God Is Greater Than the Church

Do some of you think that the kingdom of God is not greater than the church?  Then you are in disagreement with the New Testament church.  Read the New Testament again and see that the church written about therein was longing for, looking for, waiting for…the kingdom of God.  They were supremely ready to exchange their existence as His church for existence as His kingdom.

It will do you no good to leave the institutional church if you do not do so to enter the kingdom of God.  It’s not being outside the institutional church that does you good – it’s being inside the kingdom of God.

When I was a pastor we sought the presence of God on Sunday mornings in our worship services.  Those times could be sweet indeed.  But the kingdom of God is about seeking the presence of God at all times and in all places.

The earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof…
–  Psalm 24:1 KJV

Joy to the world, the Lord is come
Let earth receive her king
Let every heart prepare Him room…
–  hymn by Isaac Watts

It dishonors God to act as if His kingdom has not come.  Let us therefore stop dishonoring God.  Let us acknowledge the kingdom which He purchased with His blood.

Are your circumstances such that it is hard for you to believe that God is present in them?  Remember that hardly anyone thought that God was near that gruesome and awful day on Calvary.  Yet He was.

3 Replies to “The Kingdom of God Is Greater Than the Church”

  1. Brother Mike,
    Amen and amen!!! So true. What are people waiting for that has NOT already come. Praise God!! People of today are like the Jews waiting for the Messiah. Hello, The Kingdom of God is within you. Jesus repeated those words. What is the Kingdom that is within you?!! The Spiritual Kingdom. God’s kingdom which is Spirit and truth. Amen. Be free as Christ made you free. Stop putting the yoke of bondage back around your necks. Jesus said, ” IT IS FINISHED”
    Be blessed in the name of Jesus. Thy Kingdom HAS come Thy will IS done on earth as it IS in heaven. Amen.

  2. Wow! Two posts that I’m in total agreement with from what I read from the scriptures. Nice to see the two of you, and many more I’m sure, actually let the bible speak to you, not “your” organization. I think people may be waking up, not 100% sure. It may be intended that most of the world be in darkness perpetually, and that the light shine out of it, and that only few be saved while on earth. And the rest, because they will not believe the truth, must wait until the death of the flesh to be resurrected. It really is a beautiful tale, told in flesh and blood, and spirit. Seems dear Ole Dad, is having us partake in one, flesh, to show us the value in the other, spirit.

  3. Amen! I completely agree. I do believe that for those who have eyes to “see” will be the light for those on earth during the dark hours that are upon us. Let the just be unjust still, let the holy be holy still. Father God is revealing to those who seek HIM with their whole being. Many are lost in the OT they are still seeking the new heaven and the new earth. Jesus ushered that in and folks are turning away from it. Sad. The Holy Spirit spoke these words to me. ” you will be a keeper of the flame” I am now understanding this. The light on the hill. The Kingdom which is within us. Thank you Jesus!!

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