If the Bible is not true, it is a pack of lies

If the Bible is not true, then it is full of pernicious lies.  It’s biggest lie of all would be that God speaks, for this is a claim it makes from beginning to end.  And I say “pernicious” because the Bible calls on men to be willing to suffer for the claims it makes.  Only the maliciously evil would call upon strangers to suffer for a lie.  If the Bible’s claims are not true then it is truly a most despicable collection of writings, and it will have done more damage to the human race than any other book that has ever been published.

Rest assured, however, that the Bible is not false.  It is true.  Truer than anything else you will ever read.

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  1. Hello again Mike, Does the Bible claim it is the very words of God? YES IT DOES! This was revealed most profoundly to me in Psalm 40 verse 7 of the Psalms of David. Here it says: “Then said I, (Christ speaking prophetically to us) Lo, (Look) I come: in the volume of the book (the Bible) it is written of me.” Compare this with John 5:39 where Jesus Christ Himself says: “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.” Once I had truly grasped the significance of these words; then did the Bible really open up to me. That was June 3, 2002. Several years, and yes, Life Lessons later have brought me to the place in my ongoing journey for the Truth- of wondering: Just what and how did Jesus Christ really think? So taking this as my starting point of investigation; I later thought: What if by prayer and meditation into the prophetic words of the Psalms, I (or anyone) could enter into the very mind, heart, and Spirit of Christ? Was this even possible? The Apostle Paul states to the Corinthians at I Corinthians 2:16: “For who has known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.” So, if it IS possible to have “the mind of Christ”; just how was I (or anyone) to do this? Jesus Christ was the only truly selfless individual. He concentrated entirely on the Will of God (His Father) and on helping others. Upon my personal reading in the Bible: the book of Job, the book of Psalms, the book of Proverbs, and some sections of the book of Ecclesiastes; I found that these books particularly spoke to me in sections prophetically of the mind, heart, and spirit of Christ. May we all slowly, prayerfully, reverently, meditatively “think on these words.” May Jesus Christ alone, by His Holy Spirit, conform our lives, our wills, our minds, our hearts, and our spirits to His own.

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