The Sun Rises

…the sun of righteousness will rise…
–  Malachi 4:2

Who is “the sun of righteousness”?  The One who lived so much more righteously than any of the rest of us, that even the best of us fade into insignificance…just as the stars disappear with the coming of the dawn.

Jesus of Nazareth lived humbly and in the fear of God.  He gave himself to others in generosity and was neither shocked nor resentful when his goodness was rewarded with cruel, personal rejection.

This “sun of righteousness” gives light to our lives…if we will but walk in it.

Many people close their eyes and seek to shield their lives from the light of this “sun of righteousness.”  We, however, seek to bask in that light all day long.

We have experienced darkness; we prefer the light.

Let “the sun of righteousness” permeate every corner of your life.

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