The Bible is about Christ

The Bible is the story of Christ.  Everything else is a subplot.

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  1. For the most part, I believe this to be true. Though, if Christ be the number 1 subject, the opposite, is the number 2 subject. And without the number 2 subject, the number 1 subject is nearly impossible to perceive. God put it best when he placed the 2 opposing trees in the garden, the 2 covenants in his book, the 2 children of Abraham. Our Heavenly Father’s will is done in earth as it is in heaven. Mankind is God’s children, we come to earth to experience death, that we might appreciate our eternal life given us by Our Heavenly Dad, of which Jesus Christ is the record of. At one time we thought we were strangers unto God, but JC revealed we were God’s children. We have a good, good Father, even those who know him not are blessed by him. We once thought we were bastards, now we know we are brothers, and those that don’t know it? They have a wonderful surprise coming. If Christ hasn’t been revealed in any of you, don’t despair, abide for now as a bondservant, but look to Jesus, he’ll reveal your sonship. The great mystery is Christ in you, you are the very child of the most high God.

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