What Matters?

When I ask, “What matters?” I mean, what matters today.  Does any other day really matter?  Can you even do anything about yesterday?  Or tomorrow?  Therefore, what matters today?

When I ask, “What matters today?” I mean, “What matters to you today?”  Even when you’re concerned about what matters to someone else, it becomes something that matters to you.  Therefore, my question is about what matters to you today.

Let me be a bit more specific:  What should matter to you today?  What usually matters to most of us is that the day goes well. In fact, when we wake up in the morning, if we have any hope at all, it is usually hope that the day goes well.

We should remember, however, how little control we have over how a day goes.  If everything were under our control, every day would go well.  But everything is not under our control, and, therefore, every day does not go well.  In fact, based on six-and-a-half decades of living I can tell you that more days than you would like are not going to go well for you.

What then should matter to you?  Whether you go well – that is, whether you do well in this day.  There’s nothing about your day not going well that mandates that you cannot do well in the midst of it.  After all, we don’t call it Good Friday because Jesus enjoyed it so much.  From a human standpoint, it was the worst kind of day anyone could have.  But for Him it was a good day because of how He thought and acted during it.

Therefore, back to the original question, what matters?  Doing good.

Do good and you can always make every day good – even the worst of them.  God is not judging you based on what happens to you; He’s judging you based on how you handle what’s happening to you.  And He’s available at every moment to give you all the grace you need handle whatever comes at you just as He would if He were in your shoes.

And remember: by His Spirit in your heart, He is in your shoes.

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