Adjusting My Writing Schedule

Yesterday (June 10, 2015) was the first day in over five years that I haven’t published a written post on this blog.  Over the years, I have typically written the posts in advance and scheduled them so that there would be at least one post every day and that it would come out first thing in the morning.

I began this blog in December 2009.  Since that time I have added five other blogs (which are listed here).  Over the past year I have taken on podcasting and am producing a podcast a day by reading through the New Testament one chapter a day.  I have also been wanting to write more books, but have found the technical issues associated with doing this much more demanding than I at first realized.  I finally realized that if I am going to produce these books, I have going to have to adjust my workload.

I have not figured out just yet exactly what will change.  To some degree, I’m going to experiment.  Like all of us, I have a finite amount of time and I have to allocate that time to produce the best results.  The “best results” are not always easy to judge because my goal is to share the knowledge of Jesus I have received from the Bible and from walking with Him.  Blog posts, podcasts, and books are simply means to that end.  If the goal could be accomplished with blog posts alone, I’d just do them.  If podcasting alone, I’d only do them.  If some other medium is better than all these, I’d do it instead.

Here are the changes I’m implementing now:

  • For the time being I’m relieving myself of the commitment of having to write a daily post for this blog.  Instead, I’m going to write a post as I have opportunity and inclination to do so.  We’ll see where that leads.
  • The companion blog to this one (Bible Study Notes for the Kingdom of God) will be a stand-alone blog from now on – no longer directly linked to each post of this one.  I actually began this approach last summer when I began posting word studies to the blog.  Because of the Reftagger software that I began using last year, Bible verses will pop up on all my blogs.  Therefore, I no longer need a companion blog for that purpose.  I also used a companion blog for Bible verses because I did not want to overwhelm new readers who weren’t familiar with the Bible, but I’m more comfortable with how I can and should handle that issue now.  I think Reftagger will allow me to refer to Bible verses without overwhelming the reader.  It also handles the copyright issue for me (Bible publishers copyright their Bibles and writers like me have to honor those copyrights).  We’ll see where this leads.
  • As for the Christian Leaders and the Kingdom of God blog, I’m making the same writing schedule adjustment as for this blog.  That is, I’m relieving myself of the responsibility of producing a post every single morning.
  • As for the most recent blog I started – Marriage and Family in the Kingdom of God –  I never really got very far with it.  I quickly concluded that six blogs is one too many for me, so I just added a “Marriage & Family” category on this blog, determined to put that sort of content here instead of on a separate blog.  That has left me with five blogs and I think I can handle that.

My goal with all these efforts is to organize the content into various blogs and podcasts (and books), so that individuals will be able to get the specific kind of content they want when they feel the need for it.  I don’t want to overwhelm someone with content and I feel like sending everything I am doing to one person would have that effect.  I’m trying to separate content based on person, stage of growth, and focus of interest.

I intend to use the time I’m freeing up for myself to make more progress on the book front.  The mechanics involved in producing digital books have turned out to be a lot more than than for blogging and podcasting.  There are so many forms of media available today.  Yet I’ve learned that I have to be selective because every platform that I take on requires a certain amount of time to achieve proficiency.  I just am not able to use all the media forms I would like.  It does seem to me that books – rather than YouTube, Pinterest, ScoopIt, or some other medium – is the best third leg to add to this “stool” for now.

This is all trial and error so I am open to feedback you want to give me on any of these things.  My goal is to help you grow in Christ.  Everything else is just a means to that end.  I’m willing to change anything and everything about the means in order to achieve the end.

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