Why Teach the Disciples to Be Spiritual if the Coming Kingdom Was to Be Physical?

The New Testament documents make clear that Jesus and His apostles were constantly urging their disciples to adopt a more spiritual point of view.  That is, the disciples were taught to depend less and less on what they could see with their physical eyes and instead depend more and more what they were being taught about spiritual reality.

This being the case, what was the point of doing this if the coming kingdom of God was to be a physical manifestation of Jesus and His angels?

If the coming kingdom of God was to be physical, wouldn’t Jesus and the apostles then be teaching the disciples to become more physically-oriented?

The notion of the kingdom of God appearing in earthly glory is incongruous with everything Jesus taught.  Jesus taught spiritual things and wanted His disciples to become spiritual…as He was.

Jesus Christ did, in fact, already come again, but only those who were spiritually-minded would have noticed.

Bible notes on this post.

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