Why Do People Say “Oh My God!” So Frequently and Thoughtlessly?

If I hear my friend say, “Oh my God!” I wonder to myself, “Is my friend really addressing God right now?”  Is he about to ask God for something?  Is my friend even aware that God is present at all times and in all places and therefore hears this cry, ready to respond?

What if I said to my friend, “Oh my friend!”   Wouldn’t he then turn his attention to me to see what I wanted?

My observation is that, generally speaking, people say “Oh my God” without any awareness that God is present.  That would be like my saying to my friend, “Oh my friend” but then acting as if I didn’t even think he was in the room.  Strange.

Same goes for when someone says “Dear Lord.”  (Is the person dictating the beginning of a letter?)

Bible notes on this post.

The purpose of this blog is to proclaim Jesus Christ to those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church – or anyone else – but Him.

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  1. If a friend asked me, “Do you have time for me?” and I replied to her, “No, today is my kanari nanda day!!” I guess she would wonder what I am talking about. Maybe I would add, “I have to hurry, before the stove is getting colder!” Now she could understand the words I have spoken to be sure, but would she grasp it too? Perhaps I should rather say, “Currently I am stressed out since I have much to do, and everything’s going wrong indeed.” That would be more obvious, right?

    Isn’t it wonderful that God not only knows every language, but also knows our hearts which can speak to Him without words as well?

    BTW, being confronted with that inconsiderate “Oh my God!” exclamation, someone who lives in Bavaria like me must be used to it. Bavaria is a Catholic country, and you can hear particularly from elderly people often something like „Herrgott!”(Lord and God resp. Lordy), „JesusMariaundJosef!” (that’s clear: “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph), „Heiliger Gott!” (Holy God), „Ach, (du lieber) Gott!” (Oh, my God) and so on. Seems as if Bavarians often think of God 😉

    I admit that I sometimes say it as well. As soon as I happen to notice what I said, God assures me (deep in my heart) that He would always listen if I had something to say. And if not, He would not be disappointed because He is always the same.

    To put it plain and simple, “Oh my God! You are wonderful!” 🙂

  2. Greetings Paul!
    Your Creator isn’t imaginary. Everything about His character is wonderful and you have the opportunity to desire to know Him.

    Once known He shows Himself to be a faithful Friend and yes He knows every language and understands us, even when we are in silent mode!

    Paul, don’t believe the lie that badly behaving people get a good life, for they get what they sow.
    It’s true that well behaving people suffer. This is something that Our Creator allows and uses to further His purposes.

  3. Greetings Mike!
    The thoughtless use of Our Creator’s name occurs because we are impure.
    A similar form to “Oh my God!” is “Oh my goodness!”

    They both come from a place of self-concern rather than trust in God. And yes, the address “Dear Lord” can also be used thoughtlessly and disrespectfully, but it can also be spoken honourably.

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