Keep Secrets with God…to Build Up Your Relationship with Him

One of the pastimes that build up intimacy in a marriage are the sharing of secrets between husband and wife.  When a couple shares things with each other that they share with no one else, the marriage relationship is strengthened.  Similarly, we can build intimacy with God by discussing with Him things that we don’t even feel comfortable discussing with our spouses.

Address God about your innermost fears.  Be honest about your weaknesses.  Recognize that there’s nothing you can share with Him that He does not already know anyway.

If He already knows everything, what good does it do to share your thoughts with Him?  For the effect it has on you.  You’ll feel better about these issues as you think of them in the context of His loving attention.  Moreover, He can respond by His Spirit to your heart and supplement your thoughts with His…and this process will make you feel better, too.

Don’t avoid God when you have a problem.  Open up to Him about it.  You’ll be glad you did, and your relationship with Him will be the stronger for it.

Bible notes on this post.

The purpose of this blog is to proclaim Jesus Christ to those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church – or anything else – but Him.

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