Jesus Loves Me This I Know

Perhaps you know this song, which was originally written as a poem in the 19th Century.

Jesus loves me!  This I know,

For the Bible tells me so.

Little ones to Him belong;

They are weak, but He is strong.

Yes, Jesus loves me!

Yes, Jesus loves me!

Yes, Jesus loves me!

For the Bible tells me so.

Jesus exhorts us to have the faith of a child.  He Himself demonstrated a childlike dependence on His Father.  Therefore, the words of this song give us a practical way to think and deal with life.  But you have to humble yourself to think this way.  Are you willing to do that?

And will you remember these words for the rest of your life and try to live with this attitude every day?  You could do a lot worse.

Jesus said that humbling oneself as a child before God is not only a wise course, it is the path to greatness in God’s sight.

The next time – no, every time – you start feeling overwhelmed in life, try remembering this song in your heart.  It is full of wisdom and power sufficient for any battle you face.

Bible notes on this post.

The purpose of this blog is to proclaim Jesus Christ to those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church – or anything else – but Him.

2 Replies to “Jesus Loves Me This I Know”

  1. I love this song because it shows that we may be weak, small or little in our own eyes or in the eyes of others, yet exactly because of our helplessness we should rely on Jesus who is able to do everything for us. When I find myself doubting my own faith, or noticing impatience instead of an acquiescing attitude due to a serene mind, I can be assured that Jesus will give me anything I need, be that more faith or more love, so that I can love others more than before since I cannot love on my own at all.

    Without this God-given faith – you could spend half a lifetime with never knowing the truth which by faith alone can be found. However, even when I find myself wondering about having received more faith than I had before, it means not as much as receiving and sharing God’s love…Everyone can see that comparing faith and love, i.e. comparing their importance, love is all that matters at the end of the day:

    “And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.” (1 Cor 13:2)

    Thank God if you found the One who brought the invading light in your life, which indeed will forever banish all our darkened sky – with His love… the gentle, understanding and undemanding love of the One warming our heart, whenever it feels somehow cold inside.

    There is a German song for children that is very short but I like it too. I’ll translate it to be sure, but without any rhyme.


    Ich bin klein,
    mein Herz ist rein,
    darf niemand hinein,
    als Jesus allein.


    I am little
    My heart is pure
    No one may enter
    Than Jesus alone.

  2. Hmm…just a little “additional information” to my comment above.

    The German “song” is not really a song but a bedtime prayer for small children. Nevertheless, I am used to set any lines I like to music, not least because a catchy melody prevents from monotonous droning out, and because children and adults are more inclined to earnestly listen to a song with their “hearts” as well (like there would lie just some magic under the secret veil of the heart, which can only be lifted with that what makes our eyes see through and through).

    Moreover – since I do like rhyming – I changed the German original, that is the third line from „darf niemand drin wohnen” in „darf niemand hinein” [„wohnen” is “(to) dwell” in English]. And here is just another try to improve the English “version” (with a few new lines which are not included in the original version 😉 )

    Though I am little
    My heart’s no riddle
    Might no one enter
    Cause Christ’s the center

    And when I’m grown
    It will be shown
    That He’s still there
    For me to care

    Cause He loves me
    So that you see
    Mere trust is key
    His love is free

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