Revere Christ to the Salvation of Your Soul – Part 3 of 3

God is the God of your conscience.  You cannot have a weak conscience and a strong walk with God.

Most people seem to only use their consciences to judge the behavior of other people.  When it comes to their own behavior, they seem to want to waive those same rules.

God will not have this.  He can’t walk through life arm in arm with an unforgiving person.  He’s just not that way.

Revering Christ means using your conscience to find the right path to take.  Use conscience for all your decision making.  When your conscience is not clear, remember Jesus…and pray.  Through these two means, your conscience will be strengthened.

Keep improving your behavior until your conscience stops bothering you.  When peace and joy replace emptiness of heart, you know that you are revering Christ and it is pleasing Him.  Your soul is being saved as long as you live this way.

For more, see It’s a Salvation of the Soul…Not Circumstances.

Bible notes on this post.

The purpose of this blog is to proclaim Jesus Christ to those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church – or anything else – but Him.

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  1. Reflecting on assurance resp. the meaning of actually being saved, this little poem just popped up in my mind, and I didn’t want to cage it there. No, I want to release it by letting the verbal river-flow exhale. Admittedly, some words don’t always seem to come out right, right? 😉


    I know you will be saved
    I know it in my heart
    For Jesus told us so
    We will not be apart.

    In Christ there is no change
    Of heart, and time, and range
    In Him we’ve always lived
    The Eternal knows no shift.

    God doesn’t need our love
    Since He is all above
    Nor will He drop His plan
    To save our souls, HE can!

    Doubt, fear, and our defense
    Still sitting on a fence
    This is no problem: No
    Cause He will just say: “Go!”

    And then the lame will walk
    The deaf and dumb will talk
    The sinner will turn round
    By Jesus’ voice’s sound.


    Don’t worry, please, and have no fear
    For this is still the proclaimed year
    Since our Lord’s favor did appear
    To pull our very hearts so near.

    His love, it surely will prevail
    And break into the darkest jail:
    The soul and heart that can’t believe
    That our Sweet Lord is deep in grief

    For you, and me, and everyone
    He doesn’t care what we have done
    Since it was love that made Him bear
    This wooden cross, no one could share.

    So, if sometimes we are in doubt
    If we are saved, or if we’re out
    This trouble will have vanished soon
    When Jesus lightens dark to noon.

    If God just says, “Let there be light”
    Then life is light, and man is bright
    The dark and night will be no more
    We will be light, down to the core.


    So, whatever you need, on Him let’s feed.

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