The First Fruits

The first fruits of a harvest is like the firstborn of a family.  Thus to say that Jesus is “the first fruits of those who are asleep,” as the Bible does, is simply to paraphrase that He is the firstborn from the dead, or even the firstborn of all creation in that Jesus was God’s way of giving everything new life.

Everyone who has ever died returned to the dust of the ground from which they were created (“for we are dust and to dust we shall return”).  God, however, returned the dead to the ground in hope – hope of raising them one day.  Therefore, the dead were to Him as seeds lying beneath the surface waiting for the proper time to sprout.

Jesus was the first to sprout from death – thus He is called “the first fruits.”  The “full harvest” means that everyone is going to heaven.

Let us therefore celebrate the first fruits: Jesus our Lord.  He is the sign – the early indicator – of an abundant harvest!

Call on His Name:  The First Fruits

Bible notes on this post.

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