The Redeemer

A redeemer is, of course, one who redeems something.

Some things in life are “beyond redemption.”  Human beings are not among them.

God has determined that He will redeem humanity:  Everyone Is Going to Heaven

However, this redemption doesn’t wait for when we die.  It begins here and now.

Will you let Him redeem this day?  Will you forsake the hopes you have for this day and live instead according to the hopes He has for it?

We want to do great things, we want to build great things, we are so often motivated by pursuit of earthly glory.  He, on the other hand, wants us to live for the sake of love.  His love.

Have you not noticed that earthly glory always ends up getting tarnished?  Why not live instead for redemption?  There is a Redeemer to show us how.  Let Him make us little redeemers.

Blessed be the name of the One who has redeemed us!

Call on His Name:  The Redeemer

Bible notes on this post.

The purpose of this blog is to proclaim Jesus Christ to those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church – or anything else – but Him.

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