The Prince of Life

Jesus Christ is the Prince of Life.

He authored all life.  He upholds all life.  In His hands lie the power of life and death.  And life everlasting.

Why should we who breathe reject the Prince of Life?  If we do reject Him, haven’t we chosen death over life?

To live in the awareness of the Prince of Life is life.  Otherwise, it’s mere existence.

Do you acknowledge Him today and in this moment?  Or is He only a theory or a possibility to you?

Is Christ your life…or only a periodic reference point in your life?

The Prince of Life…always is!  Do not invite Him into your presence; rather, enter into His presence – the presence of the Prince of Life.  Outside is only darkness.

Bible notes on this post.

See also the post Call on His Name, which includes an extended listing of other names of the Lord.

The purpose of this blog is to proclaim Jesus Christ to those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church – or anything else – but Him.

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