Wonderful Counselor

The prophet Isaiah said that Messiah’s name would be called, among other things, “Wonderful Counselor.”

Who would not want a wonderful counselor?  Especially when you consider all the difficult decisions we have to make in life.  And all the emotions we have to sort through in the aftermath of those decision – the trauma of which can be quite significant.

On the other hand, who can afford a wonderful counselor as often as we actually need one.  And, even if you could afford it, would that wonderful counselor always be available?

And yet Jesus Christ – this Wonderful Counselor – is always available to us…and cannot be paid with money.

Why then do we not avail ourselves of this resource more often than we do?  Usually because we are more interested in seeing our own desires and visions fulfilled than we are in doing righteousness.  Righteousness is what He cares about.  Morality is the subject upon which He opines.  Everything important is a moral choice to Him.  His view is that if you do the moral thing, all necessities are provided in the process.  When we look at life the same way He does, the benefit of His counseling sessions become manifest.

Call upon the Wonderful Counselor who is Immanuel (that is, with you right now) – but only if you want to be moral.  You do want to be moral, don’t you?

Bible notes on this post.

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