The Great Shepherd

I couldn’t resist writing another day on the Shepherd.  Today we meditate on His name as “The Great Shepherd” which is given to Him in the last chapter of the book of Hebrews.

The fuller phrase is, “the great Shepherd of the sheep” who is “Jesus our Lord.”

His greatness as shepherd is seen in that He was raised from the dead and then re-assumed His role as God at what we call the Second Coming.  Thus He is Lord over every human being.  And not just every living human being, but every human being who has ever lived.  This is a great shepherd!

Yet He can tend to the needs of our souls better than any shepherd you have ever known.

This shepherd is no longer the single human being you read about in the gospels; He has returned to His throne as the Lord God Almighty.

Therefore, do not let His intimacy with you obscure His greatness.  He is the Great Shepherd!

Bible notes on this post.

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