The Breaker

The prophet Micah wrote of the coming Messiah as “the Breaker.”  He said this “Breaker” was the Lord, and that He went as king before them, at their head.

“Breaker” is one of the lesser known names of the Lord in the Bible, but it is a telling one.

That Micah said, “The Breaker goes up” speaks of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.  And that Micah said He went up “before them” speaks of how He led all the dead who had been below to the place He had prepared for them in heaven.

To be clear: Jesus broke through all barriers and made a place for all of us in heaven.

He goes before us today and makes a way for us.  For this reason He is called our Leader.  A leader goes before those he leads and breaks through barriers, making a way for them.

Are you between a rock and a hard place?  The Breaker goes before you!

Bible notes on this post.

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