The Witness

Yesterday’s post (The Commander) and the one from the day before (The Leader) both mentioned Isaiah’s prophecy of the terms.  In that same prophecy, Isaiah wrote that the same one who would be “a leader and commander for the peoples” would also be “a witness to the peoples.”

Centuries after that prophecy, Jesus fulfilled them.  Jesus even made explicit reference to His role in this regard when He told Pilate, “I have come into the world to bear witness to the truth.”

All Jesus’ words that we have in the New Testament are His sworn testimony to the truth.  He knows the truth.  He is the truth.  He is certainly a worthy witness to the truth.  Moreover, He testified to the truth with His blood.  We could not possibly have a surer testimony.

Since God has born witness to the truth by His blood as Jesus Christ, let us believe the truth.

Thanks be to God that He has given us a witness to the truth, and that He Himself is that Witness.

Bible notes on this post.

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