The King of the Jews

While the title “King of Israel” (yesterday’s post) would certainly seem to be a title of great honor, it was used in a disparaging way when Jesus was crucified.

Romans soldiers taunted Jesus with the phrase, modifying it a little to “King of the Jews,” thinking about the obscurity of Judea as a remote and unheralded outpost of the mighty Roman Empire.  The words were even put on a sign which was nailed to His cross above His head.  The enormous irony of the situation was missed entirely by those present.  Jesus was indeed the King of the Jews, only the honor that was about to be bestowed on Him in coronation (that is, resurrection to the right hand of God) was utterly unexpected by all who were being abusive to Him with those words.

The Jewish leaders present wanted the sign changed to read “I am King of the Jews,” as if to make clear that He was but a pretender.  Pilate, however, saw no benefit to making the distinction.  The words stuck.

The glorious King of Israel was willing to be mocked as King of the Jews for you and me.

Let us in sincerity and truth bow down to this King.  Let us bear up under suffering persecution just as He did.

The King of the Jews may be a phrase that was spoken in mockery, but it is a name held in great esteem by those who know why He endured the insult.

May we be willing to suffer shame without complaint for Him just as He was willing to suffer shame without complaint for us.

All Hail the King of the Jews…for He is risen!

Bible notes on this post.

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