The King of Israel

Israel’s Messiah was to be a king.  He would be a descendant of King David and would rule on David’s throne – which is to say that he would be the king of Israel.

Indeed, Jesus was raised from the dead and made to be King of Israel.  His capital city was to be the Jerusalem in heaven, of which the one on earth – even at its most glorious – was only a foreshadowing.

That this Jerusalem is heavenly indicates that the King of Israel was being made the King of all the earth.

What sort of honor is due this king?  Are we giving Him that honor?

What sort of obedience is due this king?  Are we giving Him that obedience?

Let us be as worthy servants to our King today.  All hail the King of Israel!

(Did you ever think you might one day be able to become the personal servant of a great king?)

Bible notes on this post.

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