During His earthly ministry, Jesus was addressed by His contemporaries as Rabbi.  This was appropriate for three reasons.  (“Rabbi” is a term referring to a leader of a Jewish synagogue, or a scholar of Jewish law able to interpret it, or both.)  The first reason is Jesus’ Jewishness (which was addressed in yesterday’s post).  The second reason is that He was most assuredly a teacher, able to interpret the Law of Moses like no one else (as He was the one who gave it to Moses in the first place!).  Thirdly, He was the leader of a congregation of Jewish followers.

We need to remind ourselves that whatever Jesus was in the flesh during the days of His earthly ministry, He is today in the spirit.  (For more on the distinction between flesh and spirit, see Walking in the Spirit and Not in the Flesh – or you can just know that flesh is that dimension of creation you can see with your physical eyes, while spirit is that which is unseen.)  Jesus is unseen today…but He is doing all of the same things we saw Him doing in the gospels – including teaching.

Jesus is today – and every day – our teacher, our Rabbi.  He was Jewish but He did not come to teach us how to be Jewish.  Rather, He came to teach us how to be righteous, whether we happen to be Jew or Gentile.  He is still teaching righteousness today…to all who will listen.  (By the way, righteousness is seen in the love you saw Him constantly show to others in the days of His flesh; we should do likewise.)

Turn to the Rabbi.  And sit at His feet.  He will teach you how to live today.  The lesson will be about love.  But that love must be founded on the faith you have in the Rabbi.

Are you actually learning from Him how to do right in this life, or are you merely paying Him lip service?

Bible notes on this post.

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