The Anointed Joshua

If you’ve been reading the posts of the last several days you might have recognized that “The Anointed Joshua” in today’s title is just another of the many ways of saying “Jesus Christ.”

To briefly review:

  • “Jesus” is synonymous with “Joshua.”
  • “Christ” is synonymous with “Messiah” which is synonymous with “Anointed.”
  • The word order doesn’t matter.  “Jesus Christ” is synonymous with “Christ Jesus.”
  • The inclusion of “the” doesn’t matter.  “The Christ” is synonymous with “Christ.”
  • “Anointed” is synonymous with “Anointed One.”

These things being the case, consider then that every expression below is unique but synonymous with the others.  Each can draw out a shade of meaning about our wonderful Lord and Savior.  It’s pleasant and beneficial just to meditate on His name, in all its forms.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Anointed

Jesus the Anointed

Jesus the Anointed One

Joshua Anointed

Joshua the Anointed

Joshua the Anointed One

Jesus Messiah

Jesus the Messiah

Joshua Messiah

Joshua the Messiah

Jesus the Christ

Joshua the Christ

Christ Jesus

Messiah Jesus

The Messiah Jesus

Anointed Jesus

The Anointed Jesus

The Anointed One Jesus

Anointed Joshua

The Anointed Joshua (this is the one you see in the title to today’s post)

The Anointed One Joshua

Messiah Joshua

The Messiah Joshua

All these renditions speak of our God Jesus Christ.

How wonderful that our Lord’s name can be rendered in such a variety of ways that all are rooted in the meanings of Jesus and Christ.  Meditate on His name and let the reality of His presence take root in your mind.

By the way, why do people curse with His name…as if He is not in the room?

Let us rather honor His name, for He is worthy!

Bible notes on this post.

See also the post Call on His Name.

The purpose of this blog is to proclaim Jesus Christ to those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church – or anything else – but Him.

4 Replies to “The Anointed Joshua”

  1. So if you have caught the relationship between names Joshua and Jesus, are you aware of the emphasis the early Christians put on Joshua as a prophecy of Christ? Remember Joshua’s name was originally Oshea. Moses changed it, which the early Christians believed was inspired by God so that Joshua might be a type of Christ and prophesy even his name.

    One of my favorite examples of that is recounted by several early writers. It’s when Israel defeated the Amalekites, but they could only win when Moses had his hands in the air. At the end of the day, Aaron and Hur stood on either side of Moses to keep his hands up, while Joshua led the Israelites in battle. Justin Martyr wrote:

    “For [Moses], stretching out his hands, remained till evening on the hill … and this reveals a type of no other thing than of the cross: and the other, whose name was altered to Jesus (Joshua), led the fight, and Israel conquered. Now this took place … that you may perceive how one of them could not bear up both the mysteries: I mean, the type of the cross and the type of the name.” (Dialogue with Trypho, ch. 111)



      Joshua’s original name Oshea is sometimes rendered as Hoshea or Osee in English translations.  The important thing indeed is that He is a type of our Lord.  For more on other types of Christ, see Types and Shadows.  For more on Joshua as a type of Christ, see the following posts:

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