The Teacher

The Lord is our Teacher.  He teaches us about righteousness.  He teaches us about goodness.

If you want to learn how to be more moral, more righteous, more honest and pure and sincere, then the Lord will be your Teacher.

If you want to learn how to make more money, how to be more popular with people, these are not things He wants to teach you.

If He is the Lord, then we are His servants.  If He is the Teacher, we are His disciples.

If we are His disciples, we meditate on what He has said until we understand it enough to do it.  Then we do it.  That’s what true disciples do.

The Teacher is here.  He is here now.  And He is calling for you.  Will you let Him teach you today?  And every day?  He will, if you will keep your heart open to His teaching.

The Teacher is always willing to teach you.  You have no need of any human being to teach you (least of all me).  If anyone is willing to do what is right, the Lord will teach him what is right.

The Lord is your Teacher.  Let Him teach you.  He is all around us.  He is never far away.

When He teaches, He teaches Himself.  For He is goodness personified.

The Teacher is the Lord.  Do what He says.  What He says is always right.  It is always good.

He is the Good Teacher.  Jesus is His name.

What is He teaching you today?

Bible notes on this post.

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