Food and Drink for Those Who Hunger and Thirst…for Righteousness

What do you really want out of life?

Do you long for righteousness?  That is, do you long deep down inside to think right, speak right, and do right?  If so, Jesus Christ is the nourishment you need.

Those who long for righteousness (that is, sincere morality) find nothing to satisfy their appetite in television or entertainment.  Neither do they find it in the news or politics or business.  In fact, it is more common that we are oppressed by the conduct of sensual and unprincipled people who seek financial gain, sensual pleasure,  or worldly glory.  This is the rat race.  You cannot pursue rat bait and expect to feel better.

I do not mean that you should neglect working to support those who depend on you.  God wants you to do that.  But there’s a difference between working to earn a living and working to achieve status, power, and enviable wealth.  Be content with what you have and seek His approval instead of more stuff.

God knows our hunger for righteousness, and He has sent Jesus to satisfy that desire.

Partake daily of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Call on His name.  Let Him be to you the nourishment of your soul.  Live for Him.  Live like Him.  He laid down His life in love for those around Him.  As He found satisfaction in His Father, so you can find satisfaction in Him.

Bible notes on this post.

The purpose of this blog is to proclaim Jesus Christ to those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church – or anything else – but Him.

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