Why Should the Author of Life Be Excluded from Life?

God gave us life.  He gives us the very breath we take to stay alive.  And yet He is so often excluded from our living!  Things ought not to be this way.

God created life that we might share it with Him, not spend it running away from Him.

Why do people so seldom talk about Him?  Are they afraid He will direct their lives?  He will!  And that’s good news.  Very good news.

Did you know that if you keep a quiet heart, that you can hear His voice speaking to you?

How do you arrive at a quiet heart?  Set aside worry, fear, doubt, unforgiveness, and such as that.  Think of the virtues of God.  You will have a calm and peaceful heart.  God knows our needs.  He won’t desert us or forsake us.

God is at most an afterthought in the lives of most people today.  Let us rather give Him our first thoughts – and all our thoughts.

He who created us will repair us…if we but let Him.

Bible notes on this post.

The purpose of this blog is to proclaim Jesus Christ to those who want to hear about Him without having to join a church – or anything else – but Him.

2 Replies to “Why Should the Author of Life Be Excluded from Life?”

  1. Sometimes it seems so useless to try to set aside my fears, worries and doubts because they stick like glue until He takes them away, but then they are gone completely. I’m not quite sure what about thinking all day through ‘of the virtues of God’; I am not able to do this unless He enamored me of Him before – in such a case it’s no problem at all. Then I just can’t get enough from thinking about God.

    Well, if I could make it on my own and say, “Here’s some love, some thoughts of mine, God, which I want to share with you”, I would do it immediately. But, alas, I even need His help to think about Him at least some minutes a day. Admittedly, I am completely dependent on Him in my whole life. Life is a mystery with Him, and I guess I will never get to the bottom of this mysterious spiritual life, at least before I go to Heaven.

    But I hope, as you said above, that He who created me will repair me, although I know that my Swiss-cheese heart is a fearful one, and it’s beating like a hummingbird as soon as I assume the worst just because of having heard about some bad news, concerning me ‘personally’, of course. Hopefully, I’ll be less anxious in the future when He will have changed my heart.

  2. Apropos ‘Let us rather give Him our first thoughts – and all our thoughts.’

    I pray that when I just can’t stop thinking about why I can’t figure out just what to do, “Lord, help me! Please, meet me in my empty and ungodly afflicted condition.” And this is how it works. The evil in my way of thinking I was ‘affected’ by vanishes completely, when the LORD has come I got better and my blue eyes are without pain and tears again.

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